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  1. Do you have anything whatsoever in writing confirming the booking until 7pm? Thinking practically, is there any possibility that you could book somewhere else? A pub? You'd need to insist that the other place gives you a full refund for messing up the booking. Given there will be a lot of you, then how exactly are they going to get you out of that hall by 7pm?? particularly if you have the booking in writing... just notify all your guests to stand firm and not be moved!
  2. Ask them to give her written confirmation of exactly how much she owes, then she can sort out a payment plan that she can afford, over a reasonable amount of time. She does need to pay it back though.
  3. On the GHD instructions, it quite clearly states: Roseygreek, are you saying your GHDs caught fire after being unplugged from the mains, or did you leave them plugged in? A friend of mine had the same issue (although just a smouldering carpet and no burnt down house - she was downstairs and smelt burning), but didn't receive a penny from the insurance as she'd left them plugged in and unattended! The instructions also say: Had you placed them on a heat mat? Another friend had theirs blow up in their hand whilst using, and got quite a shock from them!!
  4. Can you prove it was working when it reached the buyer? How do you know the package wasn't dropped by the courier? When you sell with ebay, you need to abide by their rules. In this case, you sold something as working, and the buyer is claiming it's not. Ebay will probably side with the buyer, but to be fair, what do they have to gain by lying, as they'll have to return the item tracked delivery at their own cost. You will then have to refund the initial cost and initial postage, but do NOT have to refund the return postage.
  5. Buildings insurance costs very little when paid monthly, and is something they shouldn't over look!! If they're that broke, they should prioritise this over eating meat!! I wasn't aware you had to inform the council to put a fence up, so long as it's on their own property and isn't over 6ft. As soon as they spot ANY building work going on, they should inform the planning department at the council and insist that someone comes round. To put a dormer window in, they would need planning permission... Many people convert the attic without planning permission, but don't count it as an official room.
  6. Andie, people are actually trying to be nice to you here and help! Personally, I have never had (caused) an ACCIDENT, but I have had a CLAIM; last year, like in your case, I was hit from behind. other driver admitted full liability and paid for the damage, but it still counts as a CLAIM, as I made the claim from his insurance. Royal mail would have paid this through their insurance, so it still counts as a claim, and needs to be mentioned to the insurance company, even though it wasn't your fault. Apparently those of us who have been involved (but not at fault) in an accident are apparently a higher risk
  7. Personally I think he IS being cheeky! It's private property, and by straying off the path he chose to take the risk. What's the point of a path if not to be followed?? What if you'd put toxic week killer on the grass? Just because posties use short cuts, doesn't mean they're permitted to! One would presume it's done at ones own risk! In fact, I'm quite sure posties are told to stick to paths, close gates behind them etc...
  8. Photocopied AND scanned This isn't really about money. It's more the principal of a company having no regard for legislations, and being able to treat passengers like cr*p. Ironically I believe Easyjet are suing Luton aiport and Luton council for £1 Million due to them not gritting the roads, and thus the airport being closed, and yet they can't even compensate their own passengers for money they had to spend when they shouldn't have had to: BBC NEWS | England | Beds/Bucks/Herts | Easyjet 'to sue over snow losses' The word hunger didn't come close. My stomach lining was practically eating itself, and if I had more euros, I would have bought more food!!! I've contacted CAA and am sending all the details to them. Many thanks for your help again.
  9. Well, I've just had another pathetic letter from a "customer experience champion" who has yet again missed the points and replied with "no receipts, no money". They didn't even supply me with the address of an ombudsman to write to. What's my next step? Would it be worth emailing the airport and asking them to send me a pile of receipts?
  10. The insurance was taken online... is your mum SURE that she got no email confirmation of the policy? I know many people who get their insurance online, and they always get an email confirmation, then an e-version of the policy. Get her to check her junk mail and spam box! Was your brother driving a tank?? To reverse into a car that then shunts into another - it must've been at quite a speed!! And they require medical examinations from an accident from someone reversing?? Something seems rather odd her if you ask me!
  11. Thanks for the reply! I've had 4 rubbish email replies, and one rubbish letter reply, so I've written once again telling them I'm not accepting their excuses. I know it's not much money, but it's more the principal that they seem to think they can treat their customers like cr*p! I've had quite a few long delays in the last couple of years, many over 8 hours, but I have never been treated so badly by an airline. The air steward on the plane actually told us all to complain, and we were issued with a letter from the airport stating that Easyjet were uncontactable for the duration of the delay!
  12. I took an Easyjet flight to France, and upon arriving at the airport 2.5 hours before our return flight, we were told it was 3 hours late, and given a voucher for a cup of coffee and a croissant. This was 12.30pm on the Saturday afternoon, and our flight eventually took off at 4am on Sunday morning!! We were given no further information, no refreshment vouchers - pretty much just left to stare at walls, as it was a small airport with no entertainment. There was only 1 food outlet selling snacks and sandwiches (no hot food), so we had to spend approx £30 of our own money on food. No receipts were given, and as the snack bar was heaving with huge queues, asking for a receipt was not an option. We spent 9 hours in the airport delayed, then 4 hours sitting on the plane waiting to be de-iced. At least on the plane they gave us some tap water, but wouldn't give us any food until we took off, where we were given crisps. I've tried contacting customer services via email, who won't refund me £30 as I don't have receipts, even after 4 email replies. I also tried writing, but got a rubbish response again saying no receipts, no refund. I tried pointing out that their own website says they give £3 for every 2 hours delay, so in theory we (2 of us) should have had £36!! Their reason for not refunding is we have no proof of purchase, so in reality they're imply we starved ourselves for 13 hours!! Given we're asking for LESS than what they should have given us, and haven't even mentioned loss of our weekend etc..., you'd think they'd realise we're not taking the p*ss!! What is my next step? Is there an ombudsman for airlines? I have written once more to Easyjet, but not convinced they actually employ anyone with a brain that can give an intelligent, logical response. Thanks in advance.
  13. That's a rather confusing T&C. I believe it means if he wants to end it after the initial 12 months, he'd have to give his notice before 11th March 2009 in his case. If he goes over his 12 months, THEN he'd have to give 3 months notice. Just write them a letter stating that as requested in their terms and conditions, he is giving them at least one month's notice to terminate his gym membership, thus ending his gym contract on 10th April 2009. Don't forget to send it recorded delivery (otherwise they will lose it and charge him), or even better, go into the gym, and deliver it by hand and get a receipt for it. That way they can't deny receiving it.
  14. If you paid £900 for an M reg Diesel Corsa, I'm guessing it had quite low milage? You'll need to try and find a few adverts for an identical car with same milage, then send them to the insurance. Try a wider radius if it means you can show it's worth more than £500, although £900 sounds rather steep for a 14 year old car!! A typical M Reg diesel corsa on autotrader with around £100k miles seems to be between £500 and £600
  15. I *think* air bags are activated when certain pressure points are hit in an accident, so they don't always go off. It really depends on the accident in question. Did you buy your car brand new, or second hand? Were you injured in the crash? Would the air bag have prevented some of your injuries?
  16. Which makes it her fault. Any CCTV on the road? Either to show what happened or to find a witness? At 5mph, the damage to the vehicle would be minimum, so no need for a hire car for more than 1 day. How far away did she stop? Normally you just pull up at the side unless it's not safe to do so. Make sure this is emphasised to the insurance. You shouldn't have to pay for anything else, and make sure she provides receipts for all the work done. at 5mph, it's unlikely there is any damage that's not external, so it should have been visible. Not usually practical, as her insurance company would sort out a garage that they use for their insurance. She did give you her insurance details didn't she? I still think you should get her insurance to pay for the damage to your car, even though you say it's only a small dent. It would be nice for her to lose her NCB too, given she caused it! Accidents happen. She may have been hit for more and see it as a way to get insurance money from whiplash!! Very suspicious. Her home address would be where her CAR lives too, which she has to give to her insurance company. If the car is kept at a different address over night, you have to notify the insurance too. Any damage from a 5mph bump would be external and visible, so would just require a part ordering, then a hire car for half or one day whilst they fitted the new part. You said she wasn't going through her insurance but went straight to one of these claims company. Sounds VERY suspicious to me. Are you sure she had insurance? After someone smashed into my car, the first person I phoned was the police to report the accident, and the second call was to my insurance company to arrange my car being towed and a hire car. Why on earth anyone would do anything different if their car was damaged enough to need a hire car, and they got whiplash, I really don't know. Keep us posted on how this goes. If she's lying about whiplash to get some money, that makes me SO mad! Whiplash is really painful, so if she is lying, then I hope one day someone smashes into her car darn hard to show her what it really is like!
  17. True, but this is why you need to use diagrams to show how the damage is as it is. If you were tailgating and hit her, damage on both cars would have been central. Here we have one car with central damage, and the other with side damage, hence you need a diagram to show how the cars collided and whose fault it was. YOU were there at the time, so you know how it happened, but for me and anyone else, it's really difficult to visualise it, so you mustn't forget this when doing the sketch for the insurance. Before sending it, get someone to take a look to see if they can clearly understand it. She'll obviously trying to claim that this is all your fault, so nothing paid by her insurance. As the damage is on the front of your car and the rear of hers, then you'll need to prove that it was her fault you hit her. If she genuinely had whiplash, she would have gone to hospital or at least seen a doctor. My whiplash was agony!!
  18. I think what you're trying to say is that the positioning of the dent means that she must've driven right in front of you across your lane to cause the impact to be at an angle, thus making it her fault and not yours?? You'll need to try and put it on a diagram for your insurance company. Try using google earth to show the lanes, then get some top views of the cars involved and position them at the angle showing her cutting you up.
  19. That should help! You really should fight this, as it seems really unfair to lose your NCB for an incident that wasn't your fault! If the damage is to the side of the bumper, then there is no way you hit her from behind. For my accident, I used google maps and the satelite option to see the road markings and show them in a picture, then I sketched out the incident. Lucky for me it was simple in my case, as I was hit from behind at 40mph on a dual carriageway, and the guy admitted full responsiblity!
  20. You might want to emphasise this point. The damage to the car is often the crucial point in deciphering what happened. If the dent on your car is on the RH side of the bumper, then you can not have hit her from behind. Obviously I don't have the diagram infront of me, so can't really picture it, but could the damage could be consistent with her driving into you potentially?? I would also claim against her insurance company for the dent in your car. If it's her fault, then you really should make the claim, as your car should be returned to as it was BEFORE she caused the accident.
  21. I'd certainly write a letter of complaint! Manners cost nothing, and there is absolutely no excuse for being rude!
  22. Yes, i'm not sure what the problem is with the claim if they're offering you more than you paid for the car and you've had it 3 months!! I would pursue Tesco about losing the No Claims though. Phone them again and tell THEM to phone the police to get the details. I had a crash in April (still got bad whiplash nearly 4 months later!!), and was in such a state of shock I forgot to write the actual car numberplate down, so my insurance just phoned up the police and got it off them, no problems whatsoever. If they don't co-operate, then I would write a letter, recorded delivery, detailing what's happened, and telling them you're not happy.
  23. The rent [problem] using WU is a common one, and if you google it, you'll find 100s of others who have sent money to a friend to "verify that they can pay the rent", and then low and behold the money disappears and someone else has taken it out. Here's a few examples: Netcred Security Centre: Western Union Fraud flat deposit [problem] with western union Flat rent - Western Union possible [problem] in The AnswerBank: Home & Garden Perhaps you should try and get in touch with other victims?
  24. If it's faulty, you're entitled to a replacement, which they are offering you, so you should accept the replacement. DVD burners aren't too hard to fit, so accept their offer, but only on the condition that should you have any issues fitting it, you'll be expecting someone to come round and do it for you!
  25. Could he not take on a lodger for a while and do the repairs? If he rents the entire house out, then the tenants are entitled to quiet enjoyment of the property, and because these aren't essential repairs, they possibly wouldn't have to let him in to do them. He'd have to carefully word it into the contract, and make sure the work was done at times when the landlord was happy with it.
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