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  1. The pregnancy bit was last year, and my baby is now nearly 8 months old!! (and adorable, even if he did come along at a lousy time!). I have got a lot of fight in me, but I am hoping that it can be resolved without having to resort to legal stuff. I think I'll send another email to HR saying that I'm disappointed at the lack of interest my department are taking to resolve the issue, given it's clearly sexual discrimination. I guess that's just the private sector for you! The work itself is really interesting and enjoyable, but the management are incompetent. I didn't take a copy of the wage slip. I didn't dare touch it, as I felt guilty and shocked just looking what it said on it! I think the guy in question had some sordid information on the boss (the one who left), hence the pay rises! Thanks for the help.
  2. It is a HUGE difference (around 35% more), but what can I do?! It's against company rules to discuss salaries, and I only know what this guy earns as he's untidy, and left his pay slip open on his desk! Annoyingly, I did get offered another job last year, then the next day I found out I was pregnant (very unexpected, given I was on the pill!), so pulled out. I did point out in my appraisal that I felt under-paid, but it got ignored. I didn't get an appraisal this year, even though I was supposed to. They forgot. I've checked the house insurance, and I can't see anything about legal cover unfortunately. I think my OH opted out of this.
  3. Thanks for the reply. What I want is the lead position (or a fair chance at it!), but obviously that is not possible now they've given it to someone else. I would accept an apology and a pay rise! (I am paid £10k less than a male counterpart who has identical qualifications and experience...) As I want (need) to work 3 days a week, I'm aware I have very few options. Saying that, there seems to be a shortage of people in my field in the area, as the company have a high turn over of staff (due to treating them badly would you believe?!?) and are still struggling to recruit, so unless they start being nice to me, I will do my best to get a job elsewhere. What makes me laugh is that it's supposed to be a family orientated company!
  4. Me again. It's now been almost 6 weeks since I contacted work to ask why my application for a promotion position was overlooked. Can anyone tell me what I should be expecting?!?! I would have thought that someone from the relevant department would have contacted me by now and at least offered an apology as a starting point, but not even that! I have an old email from my boss (who has since left, but HR were CC'd on this email) from when the positions came available that stating: I was also told in my return to work interview that I would be interviewed shortly for the position. I contacted ACAS, and they told me to contact Community Legal Aid as it's a legal issue and comes under Sexual Discrimination. I contact them, who spent ages asking questions, then just gave me a link to their website and told me to find a solicitor that would give a free half hour, all of which are at least 2 hours drive away! They were of no help whatsoever. All I want to know is what can I expect as an outcome on this situation, is an apology really not too much to ask from my employer, and is it really OK in this day and age to treat staff with so little respect?!
  5. Hello again! I emailed HR politely requesting reasoning why my application for promotion was ignored. After 1 week, I sent a follow up email, and got a grovelling phone call from HR saying they're going to look into it.(they'd forgotten...) Another 2 weeks since the phone call have now passed, and I sent another email saying have they got any further with the investigation, to which the only response was that they've got a manager looking into it, and the director has been informed. How long is a reasonable amount of time to wait for a response? They are no doubt either trying to think up an excuse, or will do their best to brush it under the carpet, which is obviously not acceptable. Thanks
  6. I'm currently on maternity leave, and applied for a promotion (one of 3 jobs) that was advertised at work. I am very much a suitable applicant for the job, and would be good at it. HR were CC'd on the emails, and it was stated that my application would be treated fairly alongside all other applicants. I spent an hour going through the job descriptions with my boss, applied, and told that I'd be interviewed. A couple of months later, they announce that the position has been taken, having interviewed all other applicants. They appear to have completely ignored my application. I also believe that I was the only applicant for this particular position, and it's been given to someone who didn't even apply. I've had no pay rise for 3 years, despite working on their top priority project and even having my holiday requests held to ransom (I'm also paid over £10k less than a male counterpart with identical qualifications doing the same job!), so felt that this promotion was my only chance of finally getting a pay rises. What next??? Obviously I'm really angry about this. I spent a lot of time and effort over my application. The snag is that I intend to return 3 days a week instead of 5. They do not offer flexi hours, so an 8am start and 5.30pm finish means I can't put my child in a nursery for any more than 3 days, as this would be SO cruel!! I feel they completely have me over a barrel regarding promotions and pay rises due to my need to work only 3 days a week, and that I'm now going to be stuck on a low salary until I'm willing to return full time. There are plenty of jobs in this field (they are struggling to recruit), but all are full time. (It is perfectly feasible to do my job in 3 days, and I've already said that I will be contactable by phone on the other two days to deal with any urgent issues. The promotion would have been even better to do over 3 days!) Any advice most gratefully received! I'm really at a loss of what to do now
  7. You have 45 days to open a dispute on ebay. I'd just open an "item not described" dispute in Ebay. Although you will have to pay the return postage, you will be refunded the initial cost and initial postage (so £440 and £29.99). Ebay will refund you this automatically once you have tracked delivery showing that it's been returned. I would also put in the dispute that you would like to be refunded for the return postage. Sometimes ebay will give you a "voucher" to the value of the return postage. If you haven't already done so, then leave the seller a negative feedback and low star ratings if he doesn't refund return postage. (Although don't use this as a threat to get the postage paid, or he'll be able to have the neg removed).
  8. I think you just put 1 and 1 together and got 7!! Blonde moment huh?? I am gadgetgirl79, and an occasional poster on CAG! Not my ebay account either! Kenethj, have you opened a dispute yet? You only have 45 days to do this...
  9. But why does an injury require financial compensation if there are no financial losses? i.e. I had a car crash a couple of years ago and had to take 2 days off after crash (couldn't move!) time off work for physio etc..., and was compensated to cover these costs because financially I lost out due to something that wasn't my fault. If it was just bruises and no financial loss, then surely an apology and a bunch of flowers would suffice??? How on earth does money make a black eye better?? (sorry, I'm not stupid, I just really don't get it!)
  10. I'm perhaps out of touch with the real world, but how does a black eye and bruising require financial compensation? Did she have to miss a day of work and end up out of pocket? (your post doesn't actually say)
  11. Would £200 be suitable compensation for staying in a lower standard accommodation? (i.e. what is the price drop?) Thanks to the recession, there are still many last minute vacancies, so if a full refund is on offer, perhaps you should look round to see if you could book something even better for the same money?
  12. What did the ebay auction say about delivery? If it mentions that the tickets would be delivered before the concert date, then she'll need to open an "item not as described" dispute. She needs to use the wording on the advert carefully to find a reason why they weren't as described. A non delivery dispute is a no go area, as they did arrive, and all paypal or ebay will want is a delivery tracking number.
  13. I think the OP was scared away by the bickering. The answer is simple: if you sell on ebay, you have to abide by ebay rules. If it's unopened, then you can't prove it works. Presuming they paid by paypal, the buyer would then have to open a dispute, then return the router at their own cost via tracked delivery. Paypal would then automatically give a refund. A good seller would then test the router, and if it was genuinely faulty, would refund the buyer's return postage too. If the router wasn't faulty, then just re-list it and put it down to experience.
  14. Webmonkie, have you actually received anything in the post yet?? Have they actually even sent you a letter before action? I'd say this seller is probably all talk and no action, just trying to bully you into handing over some money. I'd say have no more contact until you actually receive a letter before action in the post, which should be sent via recorded or signed for delivery. I'd also go with weelergeezer's advice in general, given they have such a successful record of taking things to court or defending them! (ps - I didn't bother reading all the bickering posts. TBH, it got a bit boring)
  15. I think you have a good case here, as the image clearly shows it pushed directly against the wall, so if that's not physically possible, then they should have stated this in the blurb, as toilets are designed to fit against the wall!! Definitely give consumer direct a call, and your next step would be a strongly worded letter to the people you bought it from saying it's not fit for purpose due to being wrongly described. I'd say their T&C is utter rubbish, as sticking out 4 to 5 inches is far from standard, therefore should definitely be mentioned!
  16. Were dimensions advertised when you bought it? Did it say anything about its fit?
  17. You need to put together evidence you have stating that the horse box was in good condition i.e. the advert, emails where you asked about the floor, and perhaps even note down that you verbally asked her when viewing, and seller's response. Put all this in a letter to the seller, along with a copy of the report showing that it's little more than a heap of rust, and unsafe. I would perhaps also get a quote to repair it, or is it beyond repair?? Send the letter recorded delivery, and state that the seller has 14 days to refund the money, and could she contact you on XXXX (telephone number) or via email to arrange when you can return the horse box. If she doesn't reply, write again (recorded delivery) entitling it "Letter Before Action", and give her another 14 days to return the money and arrange a suitable date for horse box return, otherwise you will take her to the small claims court. Most people will pay up at this stage... (and if not, small claims court is done online and relatively simple! A colleague of mine used it for a car not as described on ebay, and won!)
  18. What has she been paying per week up to now? Can she prove this i.e. bank transfers, cheques, as this would be proof that the arrears don't have to be paid. I wouldn't do anything over the phone, as that means no proof!! I would phone back, notify them that they're being recorded, and get them to re-iterate what they've said.
  19. Which is not going to happen as it's against ebay rules, and therefore is NOT a reasonable request. There was no initial trust element involved, as if they'd sold to someone else, they would have been given a strike for a non performing seller. If you're not willing to return them and wait for a cash refund, then I guess you'd better sell them on. It may seem unfair to you, but these are the ebay rules.
  20. I would just write back, sending it recorded delivery, stating that as she test drove the vehicle twice, examined the vehicle twice (and state dates), and turned down your offer for you to get your own mechanic to examine it (state date and time of off), and went ahead with work without even consulting you, then you are unable to offer any refund.
  21. Have you got an old bank statement showing the transaction for the carpets? If the carpets are 6 years old, I presume they might try going for a partial refund, suggesting you've already had 6 years of use...
  22. He refused, because he doesn't have to. According to Ebay/paypal rules, you will get your refund (initial cost and postage) when they get their item back, so it's up to YOU to return the item first. Unfortunately for you, if your friend drops it off, then you'll have no proof of delivery, as paypal requires a tracking number. You are both in the wrong; him for the description, and you for not checking item when picking it up. (Hence it's never a good idea to send a friend...) You could always be exceptionally cheeky and open an "item not received" dispute, because the seller won't be able to prove delivery, and you'll get your refund. You could then get your friend to return them. The other alternative is getting your friend to return them, and him giving your friend the refund in CASH. Tricky situation... (and I'm surprised he accepted paypal with a collection).
  23. I've been following this too! I have no helpful advice, but hope it all works out really well for you in the company. I work for a company who condone bullying, and side with managers even during grievances, so I wish you all the best in getting justice!
  24. Is there any way for the OP to prove that if the driver was driving at the correct speed limit, there would have been no need to swerve, and the only reason for the damage to their car was due to excessive speed?
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