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  1. thanks guys just spoke to alan stewart and hes told me to send statute barred letter recorded to both mackenzie hall and merit force and if they continue to hassel me phone him back,thanks again joanne
  2. hi all,i last wrote a message here in 2008 needing help whith bcw trying to get me to pay a statute barred debt(i will copy message at bottom of page for you to read). i have heard nothing for 2 years the started getting letters from mackenzie hall(they would very kindly send me 5 letters at one time)but i thought it was for something else (£50.00 n power debt)so ignored letters,then last week(after another 5 letters dropped through my letterbox)phoned them to pay the £50.00 but it turns out they are trying to get me to pay the same debt that bcw was trying to get me to pay.told guy on the p
  3. hi guys thanks for your help,this is the letter i sent, I am writing in reply to your letter dated 13/11/08. I am writing to ask if it would be possable to start up repayments again at a lower rate of £20.00 a month until jan 2009?I have had some money coming off my wages now for a few months/years, one was a wages advancement when my work changed their pay cycle and gave us a month wages in advance but i have had to pay it back at £46.00 an month which i think will be finished in December and two was a wages arrestment at £15.00 which i think i have finished paying ba
  4. hi all,thanks for the advise,my brain has frozen though anyone got any ideas what to write.iv got as far as i am writing in response to your letter,lol.help.
  5. hi all,not sure if iv posted in right forum so if not i do apologise,i could do with some advice please.on sat i recieved a letter from scott and co about my council tax debt saying, despite our previous reminder your repayment arrangement with us remains in arrears.you repayment programme has now been cancelled and we are instucted to commence enforcement action by way of arrestment and/or attachment of your effects.where appropriate our solicitors may be instucted to raise a petition for your sequestration.this could result in the disposal of personal assets to meet the debt and impact
  6. hi all,i wrote a post a few months ago http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/144417-help-cebt-managers-ltd-new-post.html and need some further help please. my mum received a letter from russel+aitken solicitors on sat(7/6/08)saying, We have received instructions from debt managers ltd to proceed with immediate court action ion respect of your account.an application is shortly to be made to the court for a warrent to serve proceedings on you and in terms of which the court will be asked to make award of expenses and intrest against you in addition to the bal
  7. hi there,my mum needs some help. in july last year my mum received a letter from 1st credit saying that she had an outstanding balance from jd williams of £250(there was some confusion about what this was but turned out my mum had opened an account for my sister,my sister had to move house as she was flooded and forgot to inform jd williams)anyway,my mum went to the bank and paid in £250 and the next day phoned 1st credit and paid bill over the phone with her debit card. in feb this year my mum got a letter from debt managers ltd asking for £449.37,when she phoned to ask what this mo
  8. got a letter today from bcw,have posted on forum

  9. hi there,iv just got in from work to find a letter from bcw saying, i herby confrirm your query has been duly recorded on our system file,however we now have a response from our client and would request that you contact us to discuss the matter further. your account has been delayed for ten days to enable you to respond to this letter. i will send the statute barred letter tomorrow recorded delivery.the amount has now changed to £950.59.
  10. hi all,thanks for your help and advise,i received a letter from bcw this morning dated 24/4/08 saying, we refer to your recent letter and to the information supplied by you. the account at this office has been placed on hold while we refer back to our client for further instuctions.we will advise you further in due course. please do not hesitate to contact us on blah blah.you can also email us on blah blah. and that was from someone in the admin dept.
  11. hi there,im new here and found your forum by accident and wish i found it sooner and hope someone can help me. 10 years ago(nov 97 to be exact)i held an account with the halifax and had an overdraft of £1oo,in nov 97 i lost my job and informed the halifax that id lost my job so no money would be going into my account but as soon as i got a new job i would start to pay back the overdraft,in dec 97 me and my partner split up and i had to move out and in the jan 98 i found out i was pregnant so as im sure you will understand this debt went compleatly out of my head. fast forward now to
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