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  1. I'm at least going to ask for my money back as I could do with it, they paid it back instantly twice before and the they were told that the £1 should not be used for anything else.
  2. I replied to RW informing that the debt to B/C was now ststute barred they replied that I had made a payment to them in 2012. On checking I found this was when I changed Bank accounts from Barclays. As my income comes from State Pension + topups only, they should not have done this, so will need to get the money back. I've also discovered that they've also received a £1 payment obviously from a request for a copy CCA, using your template. Trouble is I've now thrown away all my paperwork as it was statute barred.
  3. Thankyou, but I still can't find it,the link above takes me to another post not mine. Never have been able to work out how this site works properly. Anyway my BC debt will be Statute Barred in January, so can hopefully hold them off 'til then.
  4. I too have received one of these letter. How should I pay the £10 to Barclaycard, I don't want them being able to use my signature anywhere do I?
  5. I can't find my original posts on here so have begun again.. Still getting monthly letters from CITI, plus phone calls.The latest letter is telling me they're reviewing the next steps available to them. I.e.An alternative debt collection agency being instructed. Instructing a solicitor to determine whether to take legal action A field agent instructed to attend my home address. I think they're getting desperate as this become Statute Barred at the beginnning of December. Citi wrote to me in April 2020 tellling me my account was to be transferred to CCAM and would advise me when this accurred. However I heard nothing from Citi 'til September 2010 when they terminated my agreement and should cut up my card and dispose of it. Enter Cabot some time later, asking for payment regarding an OPUS CARD. I'd never heard of them, so informed them it was not my debt and invited them to prove it was mine. February this year after much wrangling, they sent me the usual Terms and conditions from OPUS, dated November 2010 saying it was a copy agreement and no signature was required and that they would not be entering into any more correspondence re:The Agreement. I received a further letter in March from Cabot, saying because I was resident at this address when the account was opened, I would therefore have received the card, PINand subsequent monthly statements in order to use the card. I've no idea what an OPUS card looks like and most certainly did NOT receive a card or anything else from OPUS. What is my best next move please?
  6. It was originally Citi, I'd never heard of OPUS 'til Cabot wrote to me. I've sent the CCA letter to them years agoand all I've ever got back is T & Cs and now they say they don't need to include signatures according to a court ruling.
  7. It's all in writing, I've never had a conversation with either of the companies involved and they've been told several times to prove it. Thanks, I sent one years ago, but am about to send the updated one. They also say that as I made a payment in 2010 to CITI, that proves that the OPUS account is mine. I'll wait for the next installment with bated breath (I don't think)
  8. I've been holding off Cabot for about 5 years now. They are claiming repayment of a Citi card debt, under the name of OPUS. The latest letter includes a letter from OPUS. it states that they do not need to include a signature box, signature or date of signature in the copy agreements. Cabot further state that I have received the card, PIN and susequent monthly statements. I have never seen an OPUS CARD or PIN and have told Cabot this time and time again.
  9. Just checked and it's owned by MKDP and default 08/10/2010
  10. Yes, they've been sending me monthly letters for ages, saying they couldn't find it.
  11. Last payment was Feb 2010, last usage Jan 2010
  12. Don't know and don't really care, I'm too old to need credit any more, just pay for things with cash or debit card. I had nothing against me when I opened a new bank account 18 months ago.
  13. MKDP informed me in February last year they had "bought the interest in my B/C account, including the outstanding balance". I asked for a copy of the CCA which to date they have been unable to supply. Lo and behold, today I received a letter from B/C enclosing yet another copyof the T and Cs. They say in their letter they have enclosed a "reconstituted copy of your credit agreement", but it just includes Conditions and cancellation form. I've lost count of the number of times this has been passed on from one company to another. Surely B/C now have no right to the money.
  14. Yes I told them several years ago as they'd passed it on to FIRE who are still CABOT I sent them a copy of my previous letter. I was just curious about OPUS as I'd never heard of them. I certainly won't be sending any money to CABOT or FIRE.
  15. I've an ongoing saga with CABOT regarding an OPUS card which they say was my CITI card. Shouldn't I have had some notification of some sort from CITI when this change occurred? I've been waiting years for a CCA for my CITI card, but none has been forthcoming.
  16. Bl***y B/Card have taken money again, even after my Letter of Appropriation. According to them, they can do as they please as I owe them money. And still after 2 years, they tell me Terms & Conditions are a CCA. Words fail me. Jane.
  17. BC have done it again - taken my pension + my winter fuel allowance. Time for the letter me thinks.
  18. dx Yes I still bank with Barclays, as there's no public transport or shop here, I needed a bank access at the post office. I've tried to open an account online at other banks but have not been successful as I need to have one with DD facility and cheque book for some transactions. As soon as I told the woman that they shouldn't take money from my pension, she said she'd arrange for it to be refunded and apparently Westcot are no longer dealing with my account.
  19. B/Card have just taken money from my account - I only have my pension and pension credits. I didn't recognise the payment on my a/c, so queried it and was eventually passed to B/Card. I explained to them that I have never received a CCA and the v nice lady informed me that you don't have one with a credit card. If this is the case, then how can they ever pursue anyone for money owed?
  20. Hi Slick, Roughly £4500, with these charges. I was hoping someome would look at the agreement sent from Westcot, posted above, but no reply from anyone yet. Guess I'd better repost it . Jane.
  21. Hi Slick, I've done the calculation with your spreadsheet, many thanks. The amount of my claim is a mere £130.72, so won't make much difference to the outstanding balance. Nothing extra has been added to my balance since Aug 2010, when it was sent to Calder.
  22. Hi Slick132, I haven't done anything about the interest yet, as I had an exam in June (studying for my BSc Hons) and as a very mature student, this took lots of revision. Not sure exactly how to go about working out interest, do I just add up all they've added since the account was in default? I've looked at the various posts, but am still not sure. However as you will see from my post below, there have been some developments. Jane.
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