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  1. Many Thanks CreditCardMug. I appreciate it. They are such a nightmare. I wanted to pay this off but they have made it nothing but difficult and have been continually hostile.
  2. bump! sorry. still need advice as 7 day warning from them is up tomorrow.Thanks.
  3. Just bumping this thread for relevance.....(ps- did not see your post til now Hopeful1 so please accept my apologies for not responding) Shortly after I recieved this CCA, I was advised by Hillesden that the account would now be returned to the handlers and they would be in contact regarding making payments. That was in August 08. Only last week did I get a letter from DLC claiming they were working on behalf of Hillesden Securities and were contacting me regarding the debt account.They asked to contact them immediately at the number they provided and that "failure to respond to t
  4. I have a debt with MBNA/Virgin and my CCA/Application form does not have the credit limit on it and looks very different to that. I have my own questionsin relation to mine but have a look at my thread here and compare it to mine if you want.
  5. Not sure if it makes any difference but I'll mention it anyway... On the first page under the part where it says Representative Use Only it asks if the form has been completed by the customer and it's marked "no".
  6. it doesn't actually state the amount of credit at any point. It just says that from time to time they will choose the credit limit and notify me of it. In relation to payment it just says- By the payment due date shown on the relevant statement you must make at least the minimum payment shown. It says they will choose the first date of the first statement and later statements will fall one month apart As for the APR it says - it depends on limit and transaction and gives examples of credit limits in relation to retail and cash advances. Under the section about loss or misuse of cards it s
  7. No it is a separate sheet you mean just above my sig? It says I have the right to cancel and exact details of how and when will be sent to me by post. Then it says- This is a Credit Agreement regulated by the Credit Consumer Act 1974. Sign only if you want to be legally bound by it's terms. At no point does it say the terms and conditions are over-leaf either before or after my signature. It only says underneath the part entitled Principal Cardholder's request and declaration- Before you sign the agreement you must read condition 11 in the terms and condition
  8. I should add that it seems to be a photocopy and this was also attached to it
  9. Hi All- a while back I posted on here about DLC chasing me for a debt I had with MBNA and how abusive and unprofessional their beahviour. On the advice of some back in May I wrote to them seeking a copy of the original CCA. Finally today I received this- do you think it is enforceable. I don't want to shirk my responsibilities but as I stated before, I was trying to pay this off and they were being so difficult about it at every turn. The debt is a little over £3,000. I still don't know if they have bought the debt or are simply enforcing it. BTW I simply erased my name
  10. interestingly- have just looked at my bank account and they cashed my cheque last week. But still no CCA from them....hmmm
  11. oh really? Fair enough. It's just that they sent me a letter on friday informing me that they did not receive the most recent payment and I had to contact them or further action would be taken. Since they are now in default of my request I though I could throw that back at them. But I guess I'll wait for them to phone. Thanks.
  12. The 12+2 days are up since their last correspondence!!! mwhahahahaha. I'm taking it as a minor victory so far but I know they could still- in theory-produce the original agreement, though it must have been almost 6 /7 years since the agreement was actually created with MBNA, and MBNA are not renowned for digging such stuff out. So now I send DLC that letter advising them they are in default of my CCA request and cannot request payment or threaten legal action correct? Should I also demand the original copy not the true copy as they suggested because only the original copy will stand up i
  13. from what I understand they need to produce a CCA that will stand up in court- without it, a judge will throw out the debt. What constitutes a vaild agreement can be found here-is my agreement enforceable So whilst they can still produce it, until they do they can't hassle you for payment or threaten legal action as they don't have a leg to stand on.
  14. Thanks to all for their input so far. Will keep you updated and perhaps my experience will help someone else too hopefully!!
  15. Thanks for the info. So even though they have said the docs are in order- since i don't have them, the debt is no longer enforceable after 1 more day (making it 12+2 days since I requested the CCA)? Or is it 12+2 days from yesterday when I received this letter? I also asked them to clarify in the letter whether they owned the debt or not. They've not answered that question either.
  16. OK had a response for my CCA request on the final day before the debt became unenforceable.... "1- I acknowledge receipt of your payment of £1 in connection with your data request under the CCA 1974 2-We are awaiting a copy of your original agreement from our client MBNA Europe Bank. When these become available we will forward them to you. 3-If we are unable to forward a copy of the original agreement- we will be able to supply a true copy of the document which will comply with section 77-79 of the CCA 1974. Should you require anything further at this point please contac
  17. Creditlink Account Recovery Solutions Limited. Had the misfortune of dealing with them recently. Bunch of cowboys. I would say the same of Kaupthing Singer & Friedlander. Took out insurance policy with express insurance. Was paying by installments. Cancelled policy as was switching from Commercial Van to Private Car policy and had found a cheaper quote elsewhere. Asked Express if anything was outstanding and when I could get my No Claims Bonus statement. Reply was- we are unsure but if anything is outstanding then your no claims bonus will not be returned before you settle the ac
  18. LMAO. missed that completely!! I'm sure ODC was not insinuating that Angel104 celebrate them defaulting on his/her legal request by going out joyriding for kicks afterwards. Or anything else like that.
  19. exactly. They can't just demand money from you and then try to see if you're the right person. You should be the one to determine that by seeing a copy of the CCA.
  20. My experience with Demon and 1st credit is this...they eventually go away when they know they are in the wrong. I had an account with Demon. After 12 months had expired it entered into a one month rolling contract. But the service stopped working i.e. couldn't get online. Rang their IT crowd who did not have a clue and told me I needed to GO ONLINE to download the new driver. This is despite the fact that I had told him the problem was that I could NOT GO ONLINE in the first place. Got no help so told him Demon could stick their service. I then cancelled my direct debit. Heard nothi
  21. LMAO@ the specimen thing- that's hilarious. As for the demand for it- even more hilarious. If they send anything to the person they are dealing with they send it to their name and address. So I have no idea what that specimen thing is about. Unless they want to forge a signature on a CCA??lol.
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