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  1. Bazza, TY for your advice, you've reiterated what I initially thought.
  2. Hi all, 2004, I received a community service order for a criminal offence, at the time of issue, I had a pre booked holiday to the USA. Following my punishment, I applied and attended the US Embassy in London and was granted a 10 year visa. Last time I visited the US was 2010 when my visa was still active, I've renewed my passport since then, so, do I have to reapply for another visa? I'd like to revisit the US, however, given how strict immigration are on arrival, would I need to reapply for another visa, or would I be OK on my current one? From previous experien
  3. I initially had an alleged debt with Halifax, I requested a CCA which Halifax were unable to produce. The alleged debt was then passed around 6 DCA's, I sent the original CCA letter off, the alleged debt then moved onto next DCA down the line. After 6 DCAs the alleged debt ended of the doorstep of Lowell's. I wrote to Lowell's giving the name and of the previous 6 DCAs and with the correspondence I issued to each. Lowell's wrote back stating the a/c was "on hold" I've now received a letter from Lowell's stating: "I received a final reply from Halifax
  4. hi Following numerous failed appeals, we now have a court date set for NR to be awarded a CO against our property, the creditor was initially awarded a forthwith judgement, I've read and read details about Mercantile V Ellis, but cannot find any relevant information regarding a CO, it's all so confusing, can anyone help please, is there anything within the Mercantile V Ellis that stopped the creditor being awarded a CO? TIA
  5. Hi Can you explain the below a bit more please, I've read it, and read it but it's not sinking in. In our situation, they have a forthwith judgement, I’ve appealed against the original DJ ruling and lost that appeal, so, it’s all down to them being awarded the CO next month, if I can prevent them I will.
  6. I've not been around for a while due to my mental health issues, however, we now have a hearing date of next month for our Interim Charging Order to be made final, I’m facing a DJ who sees debtor written across their head, I doubt there’s anything further I can do to prevent the Interim Charging Order being made final. Couple of points: It was an initial forthwith judgement. Pro rota payments via PP have been made for 18 months Debt is in individual name Joint mortgage Mortgage has always been paid from OH bank a/c. OH submitted objection to CO at my set as
  7. Moorcroft gave an undertaking to my local TS they would no longer pursue me for an alledged debt.
  8. In replying to any of there correspondence, one should always insert at the top of your letter “Pre OFT / TS / FSA / MP / Division”
  9. Sorry to hear of your loss PF, you've meore pressing issues to deal with than those slimeballs, hang on in there PF, were here for you.
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