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  1. Hi, Did anybody get any where with this? I have the same 8 searches from swinton! and I don't give comparisons sites my details. Find the best deal and then go directly to the insurer of choice. Which is not swinton. I used swinton for insurance 2009-10, and they have kept my details and do a credit search every year! Without my permission and consent, and only with the reason of trying to get new custom. Or build a data base to sell! This time they have searched my credit file and found my new address and then searched this address 4 times. I would how long till I start re
  2. Thanks for the reply Was the info i was after, Thanks again
  3. The best way to vet tennents, is to visit they place where the pets live with the pet, to check there standards! People may say there clean and considerate, but only to there standards- some people live worse then wild animals and you would never tell and some are impecible. It a lottery to guess, but there odds are on your side. But if they have lived at the same address for a long period it will give you a good idea how they will treat your place.
  4. Yes had simular letters a few years back and lots more after, I did not go through a debt service. just ignored until they filed a court application, they started to reply with aid from CAG - but as lowell failed to be able to back up there claims for the debt, they could not enforce the debt. Yes they can get copies of your credit files, like any bank/business. They can even add there own enteries! Which is a concern. But stick with debt relief, and check if any debt are over 6 years since acknoledgement, as you may be entitled to have them written off. Good luck
  5. Hi Thanks for the reply, but im still a little confused. If a cliament files a court application at 5 year 364 days after last acknoledgement, can they inforce the debt? as the hearing will proberly be 2 months after the application. This would be the case in other types of law, ie injury claims. But i cannot find for the finance law. ie the date the application is made and the date of injury is the deadline timescale. Thanks
  6. Hope all had good holidays, Just a quick question on SAR. Is the 6 year period from the last date acknoledged to 1) the date the date the court application is issued? 2) the date of the hearing?, or 3) the true 6 years? If 1 is correct then the 6 year period can easly become 6 1/2. Thanks
  7. But i would asume the student loan company would not need the credit agreement just your last deferment doc! But looking on this forum and others, I cannot find anybody who has had a reply to the SAR from the SLC, But all the threads are about exsessive fees and not outright disputes. A few threads are for loans over the 6 year mark that have been passed to debt colectors and there for statue barred! so easy to defend, but shows that the SLC dont do debt collecting and county courts - just threatening letters, and now defaults on credit files.
  8. Since requesting the SAR, and not receiveing a reply, I have not requested anything from HFO or made contact. As the 3 mobile contacted them direct. But as is only a letter, i will send to hfo, request to remove invalid default, as stated from 3 mobile, and the failed to forward the subject access request so can i have my £10 back and cost. That formal compalints have been registered with OFT ICO, should i request damages at this point and notice before action ? Will let you know the reply, or not. Thanks
  9. Well lenders are more fussy than ever! As to subject access request, use there form on the SLC website, as every SAR i have sent, the first reply is to send you an app form, so do it youself to speed up, but never sent one to the slc I have had credit cards written off this way, due to no copy of the credit agreement, but cannot find other case with the slc. Maybe there filling is impecable or lazy! The only way to find out is ask? But if they have it and your currnet address, would they persue? Again i cannot find another case on the internet where they have ever taken anybody to the c
  10. Update, Sent complaint to OFT and IC OFT reply, point noted and enough compaints will take action! So no real help Not received a reply from IC. Would the finacial osbudsman be any good here? Season greatings
  11. Yes would seem post 1998, will always be with you! But pre 1998, I have not heard a sausage for 5 1/2 years, other than a default on credit file, so will wait for the full 6 years before contact will be made about the post 1998 loans. So asking for credit agreements before the 6 year mark, i would not advise, but not my choice. But it would look like you not statue barred until end 2011! Which credit file do they show on? Mine call credit and exprian Seasons greatings
  12. So you either wait for the council to apply to the court, in my case they did write to me and ask for my side! then after you can go to the TPT Or you go to the TPT, would proberly not give an increase in penalty if you are not sucessful, but may be the last chance, but not sure on this! As mine was canceled here. Or take GnM advise and send the money in a chritmas card.
  13. Yes, but do you want to change the system, lots of time, or just clean you credit file and get on with life, as i said broken, please fix it But in this issue the chap who told the paper is a bank or other reconised institue! Not a man in a van, so they dont check - until you ask them to check
  14. Well i guess GnM is atraffic warden, you should of stayed on at school a litle longer, and got aproper job
  15. Just to add If the coucil did not follow procedure, you will win. ie not there zone, not the right picture, they lost the cat
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