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  1. Sorry yes it was a CEO and there is no CCTV in the area.
  2. Hi all, Interesting thing happened this morning. Me and my wife were approaching a zebra crossing and we could clearly see a group of old people showing no signs or interest in crossing it. So we carried on and crossed it, as we crossed onto the black and white lines a traffic warden very quickly stepped onto the crossing as if to walk into the side of my car. My wife was like WTF and was startled by it. I look in my rearview mirror and see that hes taking a photo of my car as we drive on. I now presume i willl get a ticket for failing to stop at zebra crossing. This traffi
  3. Thank you everyone, all your comments are very helpfull. Were are going to write too DLA this week and try and keep the letter nice and short. We would appreciate any advice as too what to say, were thinking something along the lines of: Dear DWP, we kajun and mrs kajun would like to inform you that Mrs kajun has started a partime job, working 16 hours a week doing 4 hour shifts. the place of emplyment allows mrs kajun to take as many breaks as needed, and are very sensitive to helping her do her job in comfort. (give them dates etc. ) Mrs Kajun is still disabled and still on all he
  4. She was claiming the higher rate DLA, she was very ill for a long time. This year her mobility got a little better, had a little more energy and so decided to look for a small job. 16 hours in 4 hour shifts was perfect and allowed us to claim working tax credits. She still recieves the same amount of care from me for sure, no change there. When at home shes either asleep or on the couch resting, shes still suffering the same aches and pains for sure. after work its straight home to bed. I still look after her and the home, no difference in the care i provide for her. M
  5. Hi all, My wife who has suffered 15 years of ME and Fibromyalga, finaly started to feel a little better early this year. We were so happy, she decided to try and get a little part time job with the help of the job centres disability adviser. She got 16 hours part time in a store, it was the max hours she could cope with. It enabled us to claim working tax credits, the Adviser told us to wait before we inform the DLA to see if my wife could cope with the job. (ps: im still her carer, picking her up and dropping her of, and still looking after her at home) Well its been about 9 weeks
  6. Thankyou for your reply, Yes my wife has been on prescription medication for over 10 yaers shes been on some very strong painkillers in the past. Problem is they always give her horrible side effects. So she limits the pain killers to when she really needs them. Cannabis butter is the only pain killer she gets no side effects from. she was jsut really worried that she might be drug tested in the medical. thankyou for clearing that up. Peace
  7. Hi peeps, My wife suffers from ME, Fibromyalgia and IBS. she has been suffering for 10+ years. when the pain is to bad my wife likes to eat a little Cannabutter (cannabis melted in butter). It helps with her pain and also gives her a very good nights sleep. But were very worried about the medical she will have to endure to claim for disability. Do they drug test people? Has anyone been drug tested themselves at this medical ? Any help would be appreciated. PS. my wife is not a druggy. she only eats it once or twice a week, and only when the pain is unbearable. th
  8. Thanks all for the replies. We were just a little worried we would be done for fraud and face the dreaded "interview under caution". Last night he asked us if it was ok to work a full week again in 2 weeks time, we both said yes thank you both for taking time to reassure us. Regards
  9. Me and my Wife receive Income supp/disability and child benefit. My son has a Saturday job in a hair dressers, he is 16 years old and starts an apprenticeship in September with them. He earns £20 for the day. I found out 2 weeks back that my son worked a full week to cover for someone on holiday. He made £90. We didn't know this as he is a typical teenager, always out and never really sits with us to chat . We are worried if this will affect our benefits and get done for benefit fraud for not notifying income support. After chatting to him he apologized and told us he will inform u
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