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  1. I had a Credit Card with Vanquis (Credit Limit £500), which was closed (according to Vanquis) and passed to Moorcroft on 23/03/2013 with an outstanding balance of £703.51 (mainly due to added interest, charges and ROP) I spoke with Moorcroft and informed them that I would be able to clear the balance 'in full' on 30/04/2013 (which I subsequently did). In the interim period I received a bill in April from Vanquis with another ROP premium added increasing the outstanding amount to £739.93 However, when I spoke to Vanquis they informed me (again) that my account had been passed to
  2. GE Money were granted possession of our property for Tuesday 14th May whereby they could then apply for a warrant to have us evicted. However, yesterday (30th April) we were able to settle our account with them 'in full' including all the oustanding charges and court costs. Will we still need to complete the N244 to suspend the Possession Order and if so what is the Court Fee? The paperwork we have refers to a booklet EX50 (Page 7) but this page doesn't relate to repossessions. Please advise
  3. First off, to cut a long story short, we have been issued with a Final Charging Order for a sum of less than £5000 and the claimant is FV-1 Incorporated who were acting on behalf of HSBC Visacard. We attended the court hearing and agreed with the courts and FV-1's solicitors (Young & Pearce) to pay by monthly instalments of £60 as this is all we can afford. The first payment was made to Young & Pearce on 20th March and at the same time they took my Visa Debit Card details in order to take further payments on the 22nd of each month. Today (22/04) I discovered that the 2nd
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