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  1. basic letter stating my reasons why i believe it was missold and a arequest to have it refunded within 8 weeks. then the same letter with a covering letter saying they had another two weeks then another letter this morning.
  2. Hiya wondering what to do next.... had a Citifinancial loan, all paid off this year, never late, no issues etc etc but i had their PPI product, was bamboozled into it, had a courier arrive at my door with the paperwork who sat in my kitchen impatiently while i signed and took the forms away with him, plus i'm self employed etc etc anyway, i wrote to them on november requesting a refund, didnt get a reply, wrote to them again in early january, again no reply. wondering if anyone else has had the same issue and if so what my next steps are as i am hitting a brick wall.
  3. i dont have any statements i'm afraid. basis of my defence - great question, thats what i need help with. i'm looking at the "agreement" and thinking that this isnt enforceable in court but i'm far from an expert.
  4. how peculiar, cant seem to find out why they are so small or what to do about it! here they are larger; http://i45.tinypic.com/2aan769.jpg - agreement front http://i46.tinypic.com/2q3xky9.jpg - agreement back http://i47.tinypic.com/2f064n7.jpg - deed of assignment http://i49.tinypic.com/ifo11z.jpg - CC claim form hope this is better!
  5. Hi There yesterday morning i received a court claim form from 1st credit, i am literally bricking it. i CCA'd halifax a long time ago who took forever to supply a copy of the agreement then it moved to iqor, then connaught, then 1st credit the last three letters i've written to 1st credit i've asked them to negotiate a settlement or a monthly payment, they've completely ignored me on all three occasions writing back with "pay up in full or else" i earn 950 a month net, do not own a house, a car, or anything of value and have no savings but i do have a relative who would hel
  6. Hi there! I took out a loan with citifinancial some time ago, the details of which are; Date of advance : 2/11/2007 Amount : 8218.00 Term : 60 months Interest Rate : 25.66% (interest calculated on a daily basis) I want to settle the loan and the settlement figure i've received is; Date : 14th November 2011 Balance of interest and principal : 2932.68 Interest rebate : 245.55 Balance less interest : 2687.13 now by a coincidence i received an annual statement on the 12th which stated; Opening Balance : 4572.21 Credits : 2954.68 Interest Paid : 943.52
  7. hi, thanks for the reply, thats why i'm questioning it because all of a sudden there's a status of 1 and now a status of 2 because the account went 7 pence overdrawn, even though i immediately brought the account into line once i saw the status of 1 on the file. i'll close the account but i'd like the data removed as well. was thinking that if they didnt have my permission to share the data that would be good enough ammo to get it removed. my credit file is tip top and this is the only blemish.
  8. hi the thread title says it all really. i have a dormant account with St James Place Bank (basically halifax) which i opened in 2001. SJP bank have in the last 10 months started sending my monthly account status info to experian. given i opened the account ten years ago would they have my permission? assuming they dont, can i force the CRF to remove the data?
  9. hi the title says "he owes" because this isnt me personally, but a relative of mine. long story short, he's self employed and VAT registered, and has always been straight down the line with his VAT, as he should be of course. out of the blue he got a letter from HM customs saying he owes 450 on a quarter from over a year ago, pay up or it goes to court. he doesnt have a copy of that vat return, typically, but has redone that VAT quarter to prove his figures and the VAT due was 50 quid which he paid way back when it was originally due. its our guess that his handwriting o
  10. Hi there very quick question for you - if i send back an acknowledgement of service to a CCJ claim form i've just received do i HAVE to defend the claim or can i simply change my mind during this time and pay it all and therefore not have the CCJ registered?
  11. hi i got an email this morning from a company and without mentioning any names they say; --------------- We enable our clients to free themselves from their unsecured liabilities by selling their debts. Debts are purchased directly from consumers and companies. For a single payment all rights, benefits and liabilities associated with the debt are transferred to the purchaser. In excess of £20 million of debt has been purchased using this method in the last 12 months. If a lender can sell a debt so can the borrower Under Contract Law if you own it you can sell it
  12. Hi I CCA'd halifax for my credit card back in January 2009, it was ignored. I sent them a reminder letter once the 12+2 expired, they sent me a letter saying it was an oversight and would respond in due course. I had to send them another letter once the 30 days had passed and they sent me a copy of current terms and conditions. I sent another letter - ignored, sent a SAR - ignored, then sent a CPR13 (or whatever its called!) which was, suprise suprise - ignored. I then get a letter from Iqor demaning the full amount outstanding in 30 days I sent them a CCA and to my a
  13. i got caught because the wife, who deals with all the bills etc, called me to ask if i could come home and sit with our 3 year old son who had fallen asleep while she nipped out. i came home, she left, two minutes later theres a knock at the door. i genuinely had no clue as to whether we had one or not, i answered his questions, (with hindsight) stupidly signed his piece of paper (in which he completely glossed over the seriousness of and didnt mention the caution until after he'd filled it in) then he left. i wasnt even watching it, our 3 year old was - i was on my computer working.
  14. hi i've found no concrete answer for this question! if you are stupid enough to get caught with no tv licence (and yes, i was, today) then does the resulting fine leave you with a criminal record? i travel to the USA quite a lot and i read on the web that it means i can no longer travel on a visa waiver for example! i'm kicking myself!!!!!
  15. hi! way too small - i've added links to the files on photobucket - thanks!
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