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    HC5(T) Questions.

    I have mental and physical health problems which exclude the use of public transport, and I am reliant on a voluntary car service to get me to and from hospital and clinic appointments. The HC5(T) form states that the form be either submitted to the NHS hospital in question, or, in the case of referral a private hospital, submitted to your local trust. I have to attend both private and NHS hospitals - do I need to submit two separate forms (one to my local trust, one to the NHS hospital), or submit one form to my local trust? Also, will I have to provide proof that I cannot use publi
  2. Fair enough, but the first time I was rejected and only won eventually because of a second submission by someone from the mental health team. It doesn't seem possible to win it on my own. I'll need to think about it. Not sure I can cope with the stress. Could you shed any light on what you originally said about the disability premium?
  3. Okay that makes sense, what's confusing me now is this: Does this mean that when I stop claiming DLA I'm going to lose the 28.85 disability premium on my IS? I was getting the disability premium prior to my DLA claim, so why would that premium stop? I don't understand? All this is rather worrying now. Would be grateful if someone could clarify whether this would stop or not. I'm not reclaiming IS, just being reviewed. I thought the disability premium was paid if you are out of work due to disability for more than 52 weeks, which would seem to have nothing to do with DLA?
  4. Hi, So the A2 form has to be returned by the 10th August, but my DLA ends on the 8th August. I am not reclaiming DLA for the time being due to a lack of available supporting evidence. Do I need to mention my DLA as a 'current' benefit, seeing as the deadline for form A2 ends 2 days after my current DLA claim? Many Thanks.
  5. Thanks. So what I really need to do is to ask them for a copy of the letter sent to me confirming the overdraft and its original terms and conditions. If they can't provide that then it's covered by the CCA as running account credit? What about Santander's original non-compliance to my SAR? Was about 18 months ago. I received acknowledgement of the request, but never got the information requested. I know I should have pursued it, but I was ill. Should I re-request or complain?
  6. Okay, I was under the impression overdrafts were covered by sec.78, but thanks for clearing that up. In terms of charges, the balance has not changed much since the account was passed onto the intial DCA, who were DML who I offered a small settlement figure to. They confirmed they had passed the account back to Santander. Santander did not inform me of their decision to pass the account to Moorcroft. I did make a subject access request which yielded no response from Santander, and I gave up because of the ruling on bank charges/failure to claim them back from Natwest, but that's another
  7. Moorcroft are pursuing me for an alleged overdraft debt owed to Santander. When asked to provide proof, they sent what looked like mini-statements with an account number on, but nothing relating to me by name or address. I made a CCA request at the end of January and received Moorcroft's standard 'McGuffick' letter back a week later claiming that the balance of the account remains payable and that demands for payment do not amount to enforcement etc. I decided to ignore this letter, but was then sent a 'litigation warning' from midas legal services who gave me a date to contact them
  8. Hmmm, looks like it might be a little more complicatted than I first thought... Which makes it sound as if you have to start pathways then elect not to continue. Seems to be confirmed here: What's the bloody point in calling out people who can barely drag themselves in for an initial WFI when they are already exempt from having to go to a medical because they're that unwell?
  9. Thanks Erika, looks like I get a free pass and the 2003 regs still apply, hopefully.
  10. I'm on income support with incapacity and have been called in by the local jobcentre to do one of these Work focused Interviews Having sent the the letter to the wrong address (my previous address of 3 years ago!) I only received notification that the interview is tomorrow yesterday. The advisor was on leave, so a message had to be left to confirm there was little chance of me attending the interview due to the severity of my condition. Earlier today I read this: http://www.disabilityalliance.org/f10.htm This aftenoon I phoned my local BDC who confirmed I was not require
  11. Fair enough, although you did open by inferring 'people' were too bothered by their credit reference. I realise I'm flushed too far down the credit pan to bother about that. For me it's staying a step ahead of an order and all that entails. I'm beginning to think bankrupcy may be a good option for me as this is only one of many debts, and I'm unlikely to return to full-time work due to illness. Like you say though, bugger credit. I've had my fill, not that I'll be likely to run up that sort of debt again anyway. It just frustrates me that they'd rather accept £2 a month on a geo
  12. I'm sorry jimbo, but I don't want a judgement against my name. I'd prefer to be paying token payments via an arrangement with a DCA, than at he behest of a county court with the risk of losing some of my treasured possessions if I fail to pay. I totally agree that these people are ****, but not paying token payments and waiting for papers doesn't seem all that sensible to me.
  13. They've offered me a f&f for the incredible bargain of 100% of the balance, or to continue paying at £2 per month - that's compassion for you. So a debt which they bought for peanuts years ago, which they know pertains to someone with provable serious health issues who has no chance of paying it, gets a 100% settlement offer. I wonder if their 'agents' also like to pop ants with a magnifying glass, pull the legs of spiders or laugh and leave old ladies struggling with their shopping in the street. It seems the only satisfaction I'm likely to get now is if I top myself and se
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