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  1. Thanks for the link.... I have just had a scan through & this seems to relate to claiming Bank Charges....... Would it be ok to just leave out the entire section 4 in the particulars of claim section??
  2. I am probably being really stupid but can someone please post a copy of what I need to fill in on the N1 form for claiming charges & interest from a Store Card. I cant find a standard template anywhere I dont understand which bits to put in, I have had a look at a number of people that have already been sucessful but they all seems to have very specific details that in....... any help would be appreciated
  3. Both my accounts I am claiming for have a CCJ, can I still contact the collection people & advise that I am now disputing the amount, even though a CCJ has been entered against them??
  4. Have already sent the non compliance letter so will send an edited version of the LBA. Also both of these cards were sent to a Debt Collection Agency in 2005. I have been paying them off since then, do I have any grounds to phone the company & explain that I am in dispute with GE Money about the amount owed & will stop payments until the issue is resolved??
  5. I have received a reply to my SAR letter to GE Money, 3 weeks after the 40 day deadline may I add! Instead of sending me a copy of my statements, as requested, they have just sent a standard reply with a list of my charges at the end of the letter. My question is, do I trust them that this is a full list (LOL!) or do I persue for my actual statements ???
  6. I have just recieved a follow up letter from GE Money All they have sent me is a list of Charges with the amounts & dates in the letter!..... should I just trust them that this is the full list or should I persue for the actual statements??
  7. I sent the letter in my above post on 28th Jan, it was signed for on 31st Jan & I gave them a further 7 days to comply with my SAR. As of today I have still not received any further letters or contact from GE. I am looking at going down to get an N1 form to fill a non compliance claim with the court. Just want a bit of advice about what everyone thinks would be a realistic amount of 'damages' to claim. If anyone has already done this & been successful please let me know what the particulars of their claim were. Also I am debating whether to phone them or not??? Please help any advise would be appreciated, thanks
  8. I am not sure what the point 2) relates too as it was on the template I got from the library. Do you think I should remove it??
  9. As an update I got a letter from them on 23rd Jan furthering on from a letter they allegedly sent me on 5th Jan, never received that letter! They say they "... are not in a position to resolve your complaint at this time. This is due to ongoing investigations.... contact you agin withing four weeks..." I am going ahead with the Data Protection act non-compliance letter with a little bit added, can I have opinions on the content as I am a little nervous with adding my one stuff onto these templates! ******************************************************** 29 January 2008 LETTER BEFORE ACTION Section 7 – Data Protection Act 1998 Dear Sir/Madam Account: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx & Account: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Firstly I would like to thank for your response dated 23rd January 2008, however it refers to a letter dated 5th January 2008, I would like it noted that I have not received the letter you are referring too. I would respectfully ask that a copy of this letter please be sent along with the data I have requested in my previous Subject Access Request. I would also like to draw your attention to the incomplete information contained in your letter dated 23rd January 2008. My original letter requesting information held by yourselves, relating to transactions & charges, was for TWO accounts I previously held with you (Account No’s – xxxxxxxxxxxxxx & xxxxxxxxxxxx). As such you have failed to comply with my Data Protection Act Subject Access Request dated 11th December 2007 1) You have failed to provide a complete list of transactions and charges. 2) You have provided no notes, or documents relating to any legal action between you and myself. 3) You have provided no notes, or documents relating to instances of manual intervention. This is not an exhaustive list by any means, it is just an example of some of the information I am missing. Accordingly, I have to tell you that you have not complied with your obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998. You have a further 7 days to comply. If you do not comply within this time I shall seek a Court order to enforce compliance together with damages at the discretion of the Court and without any further notice. Yours faithfully ********************************************************* Any comments would be appreciated, thanks & wish me luck
  10. I am just a bit concerned that they havent cashed my cheque, do you still think I should go ahead with the Non compliance letter?
  11. Has anyone else not had any response from GE Capital/Money AT ALL after recent SAR letter? I am not sure what to do, I sent SAR for 2 store cards with GE Capital, I know they received it on 24th Dec '07 as I have the recorded delivery proof of delivery thingy! My issue is they have not yet cashed my cheque to cover the maximum fee & the 40 days are up on 28th January '08 Any advise on how to proceed would be great, Halifax werent this difficult this early on, LOL!
  12. Good Morning everyone Just need a bit of advise about claim. Currently have a court date of 6th June and am in the process of putting the finishing touches to my court bundle. In the defence that Barclays entered it says that I cannot claim back past 6 years, now my problem is when I started the claim back in November (yes I did say October - LOL!) all the charges claimed for were within the 6 year time scale. As Barclays have stalled so badly thorough out this whole process by the time I filed my MCOL on 18th January one of the charges fell outside the 6 years by 2 weeks! My question is can I still send the updated schedule of charges with this charge on or do I have to remove this, even though the claim amount has been calculated using all the original charges????? Please, please help as I dont want to give them any reason to pick holes in my claim, I have been waiting so patiently for this money and will cry if I dont get it all!!!!! :grin:
  13. Good Morning Muggles Try this link http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/33060-basic-court-bundle.html It takes you to the Court Bundle section of this site and the link is included in this to OFT summary, you will need to make sure you have a PDF viewer on your PC or you wont be able to read it as it is in the form of a PDF document.
  14. Hi Muggles I am just printing out my Court Bundle too! Here is the link for the Early day motion http://edmi.parliament.uk/EDMi/EDMDetails.aspx?EDMID=30753&SESSION=875 and the one for the Oft Summary http://www.oft.gov.uk/NR/rdonlyres/DF19FDA9-1D31-4B18-B251-9BF5AF6A29D4/0/oft842a.pdf You can print both of these straight off the websites to put in your bundle. Good luck!
  15. Hi I claimed my bank charges with little amount of stress from Halifax. I am now nearing the finishing post for claiming back my boyfriends charges from Barclays, even though Halifax was infinately less stressful and time consuming it will be worth it in the end.... My advise is go for it but make sure your friend gives you some compensation for all the extra stages you will need to go through with Barclays compared to Halifax!!!
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