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  1. The problem is that because of the fraudulent computer system that tells lies and it has been discovered the value of the car is basically sh1t. However it gets worse, we bought a Peugeot car in 2014 and it is worth a lot more than 1000 quid!! I also have a vintage diesel land rover worth about £6000 are they seriously thinking that I would take the rover in. or the Peugot. Perhaps they will give impoverished people that are not expected to drive and there are no public transport more than a thousand...or just starve as they cannot get to the shops.. It gets even better, the silly speed limits mean that the engine does not get properly hot, therefore more carbon is produced and blocks the FAP so the answer is to use 2nd in towns and drive hard on the limit heating up the FAP and the carbon is then emitted into the town! Now, you need to drive at about 3000 rpm for about 10-20 minutes but not on english motorways at the requisite 3000 RPM so you have no choice, you HAVE to drive at 1st in 20MPH zones, 2nd in 30MPH and 3rd anywhere up to about 50MPH and if you get the chance, at 70 MPH be in 5th for at least 10 -15 minutes. We have confirmed this as our Expert has had >.5 opacity for 14 years and just recently for less than 6 weeks just around town now 1.35 opacity. I now have to give it a good hot thrash in 3rd in a 60 zone for about 20 minutes or in 4th on the motorway for the same and both on a hot day.
  2. I reiterate and as we used to live in the UK we know the UK situation, put mail that is junk back in the post box after having destroyed your address. If the royal mail were serious about the problem then as per other countries you would not get it. However, if everybody just stuck the junk mail back in the post box, believe me the Royal mail would "get it". They are making loads of money from you and others getting junk mail, there is no incentive to stop, just one to carry on. They can sendit back or just stick it in the bag of rubbish and inform the sending country that they no longer accept junk mail that is actually REFUSED in their country. Give the Royal Mail the incentive, send it back. There is no cost to the Royal Mail to return to sender if in another country, the cost is incurred by the country who gives it back to the original sender. However, as it is illegal to do this in some countries sending junk mail to the UK then the sender may well incur a little option to subscribe to the States financial pot. A FINE! In fact you can write across the top "Junk Mail not accepted by recipient" Scrub out address and repost it in the mail box. There is no obligation for you to accept etc.
  3. One knows if it is by the post office, it has an address, the occupier or name appears, and it is delivered normally by the postman. If these are not provable then it is unlikely to be by the post, which I believed we were discussing! Now if the above is fulfilled in one way or another and the post office does not want the junk mail then they should not dispense it. I now live in France and if you put a sign on the box that you do not want junk mail NO person is allowed to put it in. If they do then it is supposed to be put in the mail box and then the system will "cure" the sender with a bill. If junk mail comes in from abroad, as much does, then the post office should just send it back to the sending country. If it is being put out "locally" viz UK then they have a choice, either refuse the stuff or accept the fall out. Do not blame the person who sticks it back in the mail box with their address erased, nor say "poor Royal Mail having to deal with it" They are as culpable as the sender. Profiting by doing bad deeds is a bad thing so do not sympathise with those that do bad things.
  4. Frankly if it is junk mail the organisation that is propagating it is the agency that needs the agro, scribble out your address, and do it well so there is no way it can be read on the envelope and write on the envelope "return to sender, address unknown, no such number" and at the end of the road is a nice red box, pop it in there. If the Royal Mail are making money from it let them have the problem! Enjoy!
  5. Well here is how I would call you just so you all know. I get a skype account with dial out but no dial in, I get a number from say Malaysia, or anywhere else that suits my fancy and change it regularly, then have call europe for the dial out. Hey presto I can call you from my UK call centre and you and the telephone system have my number and the fine.. oh yes how the "^%$&*)_)(&% are they going to send a fine to there. They are not! I keep on cold calling, you keep on moaning, and the number is not blocked! luvverly wot!
  6. Each case is different and without reading all of the case one cannot give an idea of probable adjudication on anything. For example, if the new debt collector took over from another by means of taking all the business and the original was acting as an agent yes they can pursue the debt, but if the original purchased the debt then they cannot. It is very complex and I suggest that one must research each case and go to a specialist, and believe me I am not. In fact if the debt had been purchased, then the purchaser could in all probability not show all relevant papers. For example the total of the credit card transactions as that would be illegal under information act. How about the original credit card slip, or the original contract. NOT a photo copy! As I stated, it is not straightforward for a buyer of a debt and they frequently are sailing a flyer, getting the punter to accept the debt then allows futher legal proceedings however should you say I know nought then the buyer of the debt has to prove the debt and if he bought it he frequently cannot! Well only with difficulty. Believe me I know that of old, get the punter to accept the debt and you have cracked it, if they tell you words to the effect "what are you on about, **** off" then that is that, get them to county court you cannot prove your debt the sale of the debt to you is not proof of the debt. Frankly if someone comes up to you and says you owe money to XYZ and you say Ok then you have accepted their inference and your liability, but if not then they have no legal proof for the above reason. If they are though, an agent, then that is a different matter, or if there is a court order. I can find no case whereby a person not admitting a debt to a debt collecter that has bought a debt having been held to pay. I would be very interested if you can show me one along with all the details! I have chased people around the UK for my debts and others, some going as far as to "moving" several times, I always got my clients to sign to say I was working for them and that I had not "bought the debt" as I was not allowed to submit others documentation, only mine or that of clients. One rarely "won", as the costs rack up, but nor did the debtor. Only the legal things won, being told after a case I had just "won" his name being Crook (really, no lie) "Fcuk off you will not get a penny from me" I never did but I certainly screwed him and his wife up financially. (do remember, a CCJ, well no rental property, no mortgage, possibly no job, no legal assets.) So to all those who try to infer the above is wrong, I suggest that those that ARE in the manure do go and see someone legal, never admit liability, keep all letters, never talk on the phone, try to arrange an amicable settlement BEFORE the **** hits the proverbial. What ever any other person tells you, you read etc. always but always do remember every situation is different. The part supposedly relevant is :- "A holder (whether for value or not), who derives his title to a bill through a holder in due course, and who is not himself a party to any fraud or illegality affecting it, has all the rights of that holder in due course as regards the acceptor and all parties to the bill prior to that holder." However he cannot but must produce all original documents, hence the reason to get the debtor to admit the liability. Incidentally a certain large agency was "chasing a debt" but no one had contacted the person for over 6 years therefore it had gone, I actually got 2 fairly big ones back that were strictly "dead" so do not tell me that its not a gamble by "flying a kite" by the buyers of debt! I just had a bit of paper saying XXYZ owed £x,000 to Access, a copy of the card number and the original address. They had married, got divorced, married again. She then admitted it. Yippee. What is a freeman friend, is it like a fishermans friend!!! me, I was a bailiff and a licensed debt collector, what were you, just in debt!
  7. I had the Eastern Electricity some 20 years ago, their meter was incorrectly connected, and the voltage went down to 196V. They installed a Squirrel a recording voltmeter. It verified that which I had said. I refused to pay a 1/3 of the bill and they kept on harrasing me. I went to the weights and measures, the FSO, and the Fair trading standards. I then offered the Eastern Electricity to go to county court, I filled in and completed on their behalf a CC complaint form, actually a demand for county court action, gave a cheque made out to the court, asked for the witnesses quoted to also come and sent copies ( I got a bollocking from the court for that!). However, should the court find (have found) against the then Eastern Electricity, Bury St. Edmunds, then they would have had to stop trading due to harassment etc. and been investigated. Unfortunately we got the cheque back some time later in the post in an electricity bill where the monies owed had been deleted. No letter, no confirmation, nothing. Just the debt had vanished, so there was in fact no proof that either they had cancelled the debt, that the debt was non existant or even the possibility that I had paid it. Their legal people had been VERY clever. I will therefore repeat again, always seek professional legal help, CAB or solicitor specializing in debt. Former Bailiff, debt collector etc. See my November 2012 note above as this is the total on the EEB and the reasons. Many many years ago I worked for the Southern Electricity Board. We had a very good local section at Uxbridge. Now one day I was lumped with cahsing some bad debts. We went to a ladys house, she was Polish (as was my then G/F). We went in with a disconnection warrant for non payment! She offerred us tea, strange thought I and she spoke no English! I got her to ring her son and he told her to get the electricity bill and cheque book out. Poor woman, she could not write 1/2d on the cheque so she was down as a debtor---- for 1/2d. I rang the accounts debt (Uxbridge 36395) and quoted the info.
  8. Hi, the thing is that a debt can be assigned, that is true, however, the debt then cannot be claimed by way of court action. It is the same with a gambling debt(I was once told that actually a bought debt was in fact a gamble and treated as such, how true I do not know) . The original person can get a CCJ and then sell it on, that is fair enough, however many agencies and companies do not realise that, cannot be bothered as the debt is too small, or they realise that chasing someone in debt like that is a waste of time, they can also PAY for an agency to chase it (most of which I did although I worked for Moorcroft for a very short while and Crilleys who ran very close to the wire) I used to charge a percentage of that which I recovered, thereby giving the original person legal title to the debt. Now some of the debt collecting agencies, pay nickels for a debt so anything they get is a bonus (often as little as £100 for £100,000 of debts), as the client often does not know the law. One has to be very exact on what the debt is for, who the debt is against etc. However, I maintain that which I have said, unless of course you are trying to tell me that the documents that I had to read, sign, etc both as a bailiff and as a licensed debt collecter, and someone who has had to take several people to court to bankrupt them in allegiance with the then Inland Revenue were totally incorrect. The biggest case I was involved with was a Crown court case of £13,000 with a Vietnamese "builder" I expect that was wrong also! For other info for example, I have had a police escort into a property to take goods. It may also be of interest that a business does not need any licence to chase its own debts, but must still comply with the law, that most do not understand and therefore erroneously sell the debt before any enforceable legal proceedings! Certainly the then Eastern Electricity found out the hard way, they came within an inch of being suspended from Trading in the mid '90's. So sure I shall not bother with your site again, I am guessing but you did not ascertain your facts about absolute assignments etc. I would therefore suggest that people in serious debt arrange to see either the CAB or a solicitor, to fail to do so can seriously damage your wealth. You can also get a copy of the licence for debt collecting from the various agencies. Former Bailiff, Debt collector, small business owner taking several to CC and also (erroneously) had the other end as well!!!
  9. Hi, OK IF you get demands over 3 times then with the proof go to the Financial Services Ombudsman with it. The law is that if the person is serious about you owing the debt then they HAVE to take legal action depending on how much is involved, not harass you. Now the bit about the debt being sold, well you still owe the monies, however, you can still pay it to the original person or organisation to whom the debt was owed. So say you owed Barclaycard £500 and they sold it to Moorcroft, then you can still send the monies to Barclaycard irrespective of what any person says. Now as far as I am aware though, the debt purchaser cannot get a CCJ against you, only the person to whom the debt is owed can do that. So if you are cute you COULD if the debt were sold, force the issue. To wit, go to the Financial Ombudsman Service Tel 020 7964 1148 with the fact that you are being harassed, give them all the info. Now as I have said, as the debt purchaser cannot go to the County Court he will possibly forced to shut up. The object of the debt collecting agencies is to get some monies from you, the agencies like Moorcroft take the pxxs out of the collectors as well, the agent finds and gets the client to pay and collects, after 2 or three collects the agency then writes to the debtor saying pay in direct to Moorcroft and then the agent gets spit. So he has found the debtor, got them to pay, and accept the debt and then he gets sweet fanny Adams. So do realise that they are taking the wee wee out of him as well. Arrange ONLY to pay the agent if you are going to pay, tell the agent that when he calls, refuse any further comms with the agency except the agent, and do remember that the agency cannot contact you repeatedly. I have been there, done that. Now should you happen to live in a council house or rented then go bankrupt, thats if the amount is worth it. Sure you will not be able to purchase a house for example, nor have loads of assets, still you cannot if you have CCJ's anyway. However do contact the people to whom you owe monies to BEFORE the sh1t hits the fan.( I was seriously injured, certain agencies did not want to talk to my wife, so she said OK then I will contact the FOS as you have deemed that the debt does not need to be paid. THAT brings them around. B/C were magic and helped, another was bloody minded, so were we. SO B/C got its monies asap, the other as we felt! It was pointless for them to get a CCJ as we would have just got B/C to write about the account with them, scratch one CCJ possibility!) All debts are cancelled from the time of bankruptcy, any further communication with you by any agency reference the aforesaid debt is now illegal! (Remember to pay your rent up to date (and ONLY the RENT) BEFORE the bankruptcy hearing!) It is actually imprisonable to contact a bankrupt about a debt as the court has to receive all monies. So remember, the agency involved MUST comply with the terms of their licence, he is obligated to send you a copy if you ask for it. The FSO will adjudicate if you get harassed, that is illegal. do not speak on the phone, only by letter and or emails. Never admit a debt to a collection agency, only to the original organisation. So if a company rings up and says that they are calling about your debt with XYZ, say what debt, and how much do "they" owe you. That puts them on the back foot and then put the phone down!
  10. I know this is slightly humorous however, some 40 odd years ago I worked for the SEB and had the job of going around doing non payment disconnections. Now 2 things had recently happened, all bills went out on a "computer", and the halfpenny was scrapped. I went to a ladies house, a nice one in Long Lane Hillingdon. The lady was Polish. She sort of enquired would I like a cup of tea and I thought this is a bit strange so got her to ring her son. She did, and I explained to him, he explained to her and she went and got both the stamped bill paid at Uxbridge S/R and the cheque stub and it showed she had paid one half penny short as the S/R refused to take a cheque for the bit with the hapenny on it. So any way, I spent the next hour learning some Polish, if the board could waste my time then the least I could do was be sociable on theirs.
  11. If you have proof then they cannot come back to you. In fact I would write to them and say something like" I am writing to thank you for your continued gift of free electricity. However, can you now inform me as to when you are going to start charging me. My current reading is xxxxxx." This effectively draws a line in the sand, anything of which before they cannot charge you for. The letter is detailing how you percieve the situation and also that you are wishing to pay from NOW.
  12. Someone replied with a confused sign, are they not aware of the UK "County court" system. Its a system where you can claim back monies, harrasment is classified as a reason to spend momey. Letters to the EDF take paper, envolopes and time let alone stamps and going to the mailbox. The costs soon rack up! Phone calls can be proved by recording them, looking at your phone bills and the like. Again that soon rack up. Who ever was confused, are you still? martin3030
  13. OK firstly they can only under law only hastle you 3 times on this. It then becomes illegal! They will lose there financial services licence if they do send more than that so photocopy all bills, letters and anything else. Send the copies to the Financial services people, and also to the OFFER. You should also send copies to the Fair trading standards officer and also take them to county court for harrasement. (List time, phone calls, letters and so on. £10 is a reasonable amount for time so even £100 will give them a bad hair day! We had all this with the then Eastern Electric (they did not like me). They shut up then and when I had the final demand done got the meter reader to watch the different tarriffs. They were attempting to charge them the wrong way around. Add to that the voltage went down to under 200V at night and they had to put a recording thing in. Oh were they pleased!!! NO not really!
  14. Oh do come on this is France Telecom all over. They have been fined many times for naughty things, the biggest €60 million by the EU for something yet it was not allowed to published here in France as it partly government and you cannot complain about the government... apparently.
  15. Hi, do use Open DNS as this means that Orange, or here its France Telecom only can guess at what you are doing. see the website .opendns.com/ All computers and most modems can be configured. (I have to write it that way as this site blocks links.) What this does is bypass the ISP's own monitored DNS in what I can only describe as a pipe. They cannot "see" what is going down the pipe, only know that its possibly music, live TV or whatever. They cannot therefore block, limit or otherwise tamper or add adverts. All they can do is suffer you contention, ie limiting your total throughput, or switch you off. After I did some work for a "large modem constructor" FT or Orange spent months trying to "see" what I was doing, right up to a flood attack and attempting to "get into" my computer. If you have orange and use a live box then they know exactly what you are doing, you have even popped a little proggy on your machine that says "Orange please come and see what I am doing". All their staff have access to your emails if you use Orange or wanadoo etc. they even have the access codes to get a wifi link to your modem.
  16. I do wonder about these so called twits that say block the sites, I do believe that the only way to do it is to totally shut down the UK internet, all mobile phone access, all radio amateurs to name a few. This judge has obviously a degree in opening mouth and shoving a size ten boot into his size eight mouth. He is obviously not aware of things like openDNS, smart hide, to name a few. Judge Prat go and do something you know about like having a brandy, and driving home ****ed!!!
  17. Hi, me being a big headed conceited barlamb wanted to stop. Reasons were that I then realised that it was doing me no good, that I could no longer afford it and that I did not like the brands that were now available to me. So I decided to give up., I told everybody the day I was giving up, went out on a binge with my brother in law and had a stinking hangover so bad it lasted several days. I did not want to look at a cigarette let alone smoke one. Hung a no smoking notice on my door and that was it. Well I went on holiday and had a cigar and I realised that if I were not careful it would start again so I threw them out and have not smoked since... 35 years ago. I now detest the smell of cigarettes, have to wash my clothes if I go too near a smoker as the stench lasts for days and days. My daughters other half thought I was being an arsxxole but he gave up the same way and after a few weeks started to realise what I meant, now, several years later he is as bad as I am. Health, at 30 started to realise I had climbed some stairs, gave up. At 34 felt loads better no wheezing and could run again, no signs in chest, 55 raced cadets down the ranges and beat most of them, 65 still absolutely clear and no heart problems, however, my cousin (younger), my friend (same age) and several others I knew have saluted the weed and gone to feeding it. Other people smoking killed my dad at 89 he died of smoke related lung cancer. Knowing that you will die young is a great assistance in giving up, write yourself out a card with I dont want to die written on it and put it in your cigarette packet, and anywhere else that you go to smoke. Eventually you will get the point. Incidentally, think, painful to breathe, suffocating slowly, severe pains in your chest, coughing up blood, not being able to walk without sitting down and trying to breathe, knowing that you are putting love ones thru unneccessary pain. wanna fag....
  18. For a start whilst a charging order may be requested it is more likely that a "lean" is taken out against your property. In effect what this means is that in the event of the house being sold, repossesed, part of an inheritance that the person with the lean comes first. :xNow the nasty bit, it MAY be that your mortgage company is not too happy about that and MAY stop the mortgage. However, getting a lean for a paltry sum (compared to the house value) is not often accepted by courts. They dont like debt collectors too much either. The address is The Omnibus Building, Lesbourne Road, Reigate, Surrey, RH2 7JP, United Kingdom. their email address is either [email protected] or [email protected] The normal telephone is Switch Board: 01737 228 555 Your "admission" means nought and further the threats made towards you are illegal and so is the other wording. To deliberately try and evade payment is also not a good idea, either pay up, or go bankrupt, or prove the debt is not yours of course. Just offer and send monies to the address with and intent to pay so much per month without any signature on the letter and send either a money order, or a bank cheque, and they can write all they want, you can just ignore that, and send them a letter about harrassment as above. If then they do not stop contact the financial ombudsman. You might like to go and see the Citizens advice before you do ought, some debts are not payeable.
  19. Creditcardmug well I think you ought to change your name, gosh it yonks since I saw that bit of paper. However you are spot on. As I said before this company is flying a kite, frankly we have gotten a complaint going to the ombudsman about them and I suggest that others do the same. As for bank details, well it can be done, for instance the simplest way is to ring them up and ask them. Failure, or rather refusing to give info to facilitate payment for a debt CAN be construed as wilfull refusal to increase the debt, more than one bailiff company got shot up the you know where on that. As for the age, it is six years from the date of debt to be written off. Now the question on this is is it from the date of the debt, or from when say the card company realised it was not getting its monies. It apparently has already been established in court that it is the date of indebtedness to the company ie when say you bought the product, not when the bill was presented.
  20. Hi reference the paying by postal order, again you can pay by transcash you do not need any account you do not even have to declare who you are. It works out cheaper, no postage, more secure 'cos you know its in the right account and stands up in court. (postal orders and cheques dont as the recipient does not have to have paid it in.) Just pay the monies in and keep the receipts. As for signing things, no dont, not ever. If worst comes to worse, put an x and say you cannot read there is no law that says you have to be able to read.
  21. Hi well you are theoretically correct, however, should the case come to court then it is accepted that to repeatedly contact someone about a debt that is in contention, or otherwise being dealt with is harrassement, fancy trying it, well dont. The then Eastern Electricity board spoke to the then financial ombudsman and they were informed of that AND they lost the claim. (Pity really 'cos the reason we stopped the monies was due to the electricity supply being below 200volt. Meters are only calibrated to +/- 10% we had loads of backers, weights and measures, OFFER and gawd knows who else) According to the info given to us by the financial ombudsman at that time the correct procedure is to (not including original invoice and reminder) contact by letter stating the facts, then a follow up letter, possibly a phone call and then court action. In excess of £5000 then, meant crown court. If any body is interested then 1st. credits actual ordinary phone number is 01737 228 555 (switchboard) and their email address is [email protected] In respect of people worried about their house, all that can happen is a lean taken against the property. So if the property is joint then the lean would come out of the debtors half in the event the house is sold. Interestingly enough I cannot find any reference to interest in the event of a lean. Possibly is but once there is a lean then that is it just a lean for the amount. Interesting (debt collectors joke). Also if you are paying them monies they can do no more so for example £5 a week will be paying of a debt, and for say £3000 then the company stand little chance of getting more. In the instance of the volunteer to pay and it being refused on that amount start sending it anyway, if you can discover a transcash account for them use that it forces the monies into their account and they cannot stop it. If it goes to court then the judge may say thats ok keep paying it and in any case will not uphold any other means. As an aside, should the collection company threaten you with various things then that can constitute an illegal act. As for at work, well as far as we were told it was illegal to contact someone at work with out the prior consent of the company. Even police cannot just go on to a property to arrest someone at work without first asking permission (or an entry warrant issued by a judge) unless following actively a felon. I gather that the former is something to do with unlawfully stopping someone from working (also theft of phone service) the proprietor can sue and will possibly get monies for loss of workers time and if the worker is upset at work all the ramifications of that. Dont ring employees of people who know me at work like that bills soon follow along with above mentioned court actions... :grin:
  22. Hi, I am new to this site but not this sort of thing. Years ago I worked for similar companies, was a licensed debt collector and a bailiff. So, all these companies do what used to be called "flying a kite". You basically sail extremely close to the wind and probably break the law. The object is twofold, firstly get monies out of the debtor and secondly increase his debt. Do not respond to any letter(s). Contact the original organisation to whom you are indicated you owe the debt to, and if you are either not aware of the alleged debt or it was so long ago then maybe email the company asking for more info and in the case of the above to [email protected] . If they ring you at work that can be construed as illegal, if they contact you more than 3 times then that is harrassement. This company is into kites, they are chasing for example a debt 5.8 years old that was on a credit card that was stolen and subject to police action and the person is mentally unstable and further totally peniless. So to sum up only email them, do not ring their premium rate number, do not admit the debt, (having done so whilst being harassed on the phone does not count) and finally if you get a court summons for phux sake GO. The reason is if they get a judgement due to silly prats not defending themeselves then tough, YOU HAVE THEN TO PAY. Even if the debt was not yours. Note however the court MUST be your local court, so in the event that they want to do it in outer mongolia and you live on the moon then ask the court AT THE TIME OF THE RESPONSE TO THE COURT to transfer it to your local court. Take everything you can to the court, DO NOT ADMIT THE DEBT. Its then for the company to prove everything. The case I have an interest in? Well if they DO proceed then they are real idiots, a million from nothing is still nothing, and thats after proving the debt, difficult on a 5.8 year old stolen credit card.
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