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  1. Thanks, Thats good advice, the landlord leaves everything to his agents who are very difficult to deal with. I agree about the commercial debt does not make sense really.
  2. Cut a long story short; she has to pay up. Due to financial constraints she can only afford to pay £50 a month. This offer was rejected after she submitted an N245 requesting she be allowed to pay £50 a month. The reason the District Judge gave for rejecting her offer was because it was a commercial debt. She has now asked for a redetermination hearing . Problem is what ever the debt is she can't afford it all at once (over 3k) Does anybody know what options are open to her? Thanks.
  3. Thanks for that link, It says "Scotland has its own distinct legal system including its own laws and courts." So that answers my question.
  4. I have been made aware of a taxi company in England using a loophole in Scottish law to avoid its responsibilities regarding licensing laws in England. Can they do this? I understood that Scots & English law are two separate entities?
  5. This is the response I received from the BBC; Reference CAS-270**5-QV**0J Thanks for contacting us regarding BBC One’s ‘Parking Mad’ recently. I understand that you felt, in a recent episode, the police and bailiffs who featured were acting ‘illegally’. ‘Parking Mad’ is a documentary series on the world of parking. It gives viewers a behind the scenes look at the work of those involved in the world of parking. We don't have any sort of control over how parking attendants, bailiffs or indeed the police and other contributors carry out their work – if you’ve concerns about the way any officers conducted themselves you may wish to contact the relevant police force directly. Nevertheless, I'd like to assure you that we've registered your comments on our audience log. This is the internal report of audience feedback we compile daily for the programme makers and senior management within the BBC. The audience logs are important documents that can help shape future decisions and they ensure that your points, and all other comments we receive, are made available to BBC staff across the Corporation. Thanks again for contacting us. Kind Regards Stuart Webb BBC Complaints
  6. My initial observations of that letter is how badly it is written. 3rd para, wrong act quoted, grammatically incorrect and why does he keep referring to CEO's, when Whyte & Co's thugs & liars are Enforcement Agents, Bailiffs to the man in the street?
  7. I have had a reply; "Thank you for your comments about our series Parking Mad. At the time of filming, we were not aware of any illegality in the bailiffs and police working alongside each other, and I believe this is a matter still under judicial discussion. We make observational documenataries and are not specialists in investigative or current affairs documentaries...........................
  8. http://www.bbc.co.uk/commissioning/whos-who/tv/knowledge/documentaries-1/maxine-watson.shtml This is the commissioning editor at the Beeb for this program. I can't see how Whyte & Co can get an injucntion against the BBC or Century Films for something they have agreed to do. If the program makers are serious journalist then I would have thought they would want to make a program that millions would want to watch.
  9. I have e mailed Century Films the makers of Parking Mad. I have suggested they do a special one off showing the illegal acts of the bailiffs and MPS.
  10. I have just seen a Parking Charge Notice for a vehicle that was on the top deck of a Car Transporter, it was on the way to be being delivered to someone I know. The driver of the transporter had obviously parked up for a break. The photo's on the PCN clearly show the vehicle on the top deck, yet some idiot at the PPC saw fit to send out an invoice for £100.
  11. This thread is all well and good, we all know on CAG what we are witnessing is just the tip of the iceberg regarding Bailiffs but how do we get the authorities to take notice. I know from one brief experience with 2 Bailiffs what lying B******* they are. Yet here we have them being filmed on national television with the assistance of the Police. They know they are being filmed yet they still lie and cheat. One can only imagine what they do do when they are not being filmed.
  12. I have a feeling from watching this programme bearing in mind it is edited, that the bailiffs are piggy backing on a Police ANPR operation. There are to many police just for the bailiffs and if you look in the back ground you can see police dealing with motorists without any bailiffs present. Either way the Police should not be assisting bailiffs, it was good to hear the Peugeot driver make that point.
  13. I think if you look at the notices they were sticking on clamped cars it was July last year.
  14. Recently my wife gave up the tenancy on a shop, she had overpaid a small amount of business rates which her local council said they would re pay to her by cheque. That was 6 weeks ago. If it was the other way around I am sure it would be different. I was thinking of writing and asking again for the money and adding on a fee for the privilege, or am I just being bloody minded?
  15. Until recently my wife was renting a small lock up shop, the lease was up and due to health problems it was a good time to just hand the keys back. She had always dealt with the agents and not the landlord directly, he owns a LOT of property. She has now received a court claim from the landlord claiming for a quarters rent payment in March 2011 and another from March 2012. Plus interest at 8%. Which incidentally they have calculated incorrectly. The agents have been asking about these alleged missed payments for a while now but they only "came to light" after an internal review. The agents have for the past 9 years been pretty useless for want of a better way of putting it. For example despite a clause in the lease prohibiting a similar business opening up on the parade of shops they let one open right next door. There excuse was they forgot about the clause. I have lots of questions hope this is the right place to ask them ?
  16. The program makers are Century Films Studio 32 Clink Street Studios 1 Clink Street London SE1 9DG [email protected]
  17. Took me 2 hours to watch this last night. I had to keep rewinding because I could not believe what was being said. Then I couldn't hear what was said because I was shouting and swearing at the TV. It is outrageous that the Police are involved in this. That Bailiff couple, words fail me. She sticks her head in the car and says to the 40yr old male driver "are you Hermione" then her husband roots around in the boot "looking for something to seize"
  18. Who does the car belong to? Who was driving? Had you previously received any letters from PE?
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