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  1. is 01 the correct contravention code for the offence occurred not 62 ? and they have not put an ammount to be paid on the letter of rejection ?
  2. reverse side of pcn.. File crunch :: Download File :: pcn reverse
  3. This is my first post so be gentle, do you think i can get this PCN over turned by any errors ?? I am afraid i could not upload the pictures , pcn and rejection letters so i have put the links on, sorry its long winded.. File crunch :: Download File :: pcn File crunch :: Download File :: pcn r File crunch :: Download File :: car4 File crunch :: Download File :: car3 File crunch :: Download File :: car2 File crunch :: Download File :: car1 this was my appeal to the pcn.... Ref PCN : xxxxx VRN : xxxxxxx Dear Sir or Madam, I returned to my Vehicle this evening to find that I had a Penalty Charge Notice. I was parked there for 9 hours today and have done so on a regular basis for the last 4 months. I have never had a ticket for parking there before and others park there aswell. I was not parked on the road of Wesley Street as stated but on a tarmac area which is adjoining to McGough Street.There is no sign in McGough Street saying "Restricted Street Parking During Prescribed Hours" only a sign about parking in a loading area on McGough street which was about 10m behind my car.There is no signs to say that my vehicle should not have been parked on that area of land off the road. It is not a pavement for pedestrians . My car was not an obstruction to any vehicles that travel on either of the bordering Streets. There are double yellow lines partly around the area, on the road .(as can be seen in photo 1) I do not think that I was parked illegally and if you disagree could you please provide evidence by means of a copy of the Traffic Regulations Order and the Consolidation Order that goes with it for the position where I was parked. I have taken photos to show where my car was parked. Yours sincerely Mrs xxxxxx
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