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  1. Ah Boba I see now. I just didn't realise it's 8%/365, and I was getting confused that 0.00022 is 0.022%, I feel like a bit of an idiot now. Thanks very much, if my bank asks me for a justification of the amount of interest I have calculated, then I can now do that. Thanks again Gary
  2. Help please... I have read all FAQ's, and looked through plenty of this forum, but.... Why is the daily rate of interest calculated specifically @ 0.00022%, why this figure (it details this figure in the FAQ's but no reason why 0.00022 is used specifically). Moneyclaim online details the following : A. If you are claiming interest under section 69 of the county courts act 1984 you must multiply the amount you are claiming by 8% and then divide this by 365. This gives you the daily rate of interest. You must then work out how many days have passed since the date the invoi
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