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  1. Have u seen the reply i got back from Ombudsman does it make any sense to you?



  2. I RECEIVED THIS LETTER FROM THE OMBUDSMAN TODAY I will write its contents down word for word. It makes no sense to me whatsoever? Can anyone make any sense of the contents? As Npower nobbled the Ombudsman? What the F*** is going on? COMPLAINT ABOUT NPOWER Thank you for your correspondence received on 30 April 2008. After carefully reviewing all of your correspondence ( I DONT THINK THEY HAVE ), it seems that your complaint has been constantly ongoing since November/ December 2005. When you intially contacted us it was thought that there was a stage whereby you were sent
  3. So there you have it. Thats my story bang up to date. Npower have NOT responded in letter as they promised and the matter remains in the hands of the ENERGY SERVICES OMBUDSMAN. After watching the tv program about Utlity Companies on ITV last night I realise I am not the only one who has been persecuted and tortured. The facts I have presented are long winded and complicated but I have not presented them to glorify in my misery. I hope that, us all, as consumers will stand firm and fight these bullies all the way, because Bullies are exactly what they are! When you have done NO WRONG
  4. *3 HOURS AFTER MY LETTER WAS POSTED TO THE E.S.O - NPOWER CONTACTED ME VIA TELEPHONE. THE FOLLOWING IS AN ACCOUNT OF THE CONVERSATION. I E-MAILED THE INFORMATION TO THE E.S.O. WITH AN UPDATE OF FACTS.THIS IS THAT E-MAIL :- Energy Services Ombudsman PO Box 966 Warrington Cheshire WA4 9DF. Dear Sirs, RE: COMPLAINT AGAINST NPOWER. Yesterday 28 April 2008 I submitted a comprehensive complaint for your attention and judgement regarding Npower. I felt I had no alternative than to write to you at this stage because 17 days had elapsed since I submitted a written co
  5. * THIS IS AN UPDATE ON THE CONTINUING SAGA. NPOWER DID NOT RESPOND WITHIN 10 DAYS AND 17 DAYS ON I SENT THIS LETTER TO THE E.S.O. :- 28 April 2008 Energy Services Ombudsman PO Box 966 Warrington Cheshire WA4 9DF. Dear Sirs, RE: COMPLAINT AGAINST NPOWER. I contacted your office via telephone 4 weeks ago, after being advised by Energywatch that I do so, and was given the reference number ******. This was following my prolonged and incessant persecution from Npower over a 2 year period due to their incomepetence and intransigence. You also advised me to write to
  6. Here is a final letter of complaint I have just sent to NPOWER after nearly 2 years of persecution and torment from what I consider to be the most inept,disjointed,edited and mismanaged industry in the UK. Applogies for it being the size of " War and Peace " but those who can be bothered to read it in its entirity might have a good laugh or even swoon ? * Note that even though I sent this letter 8 days ago I have had 2 more threatening letters and one full of lies in the last 2 days from NPOWER. Head Of Customer Services NPower Eighth Avenue Team Valley Gateshead
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