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  1. Have u seen the reply i got back from Ombudsman does it make any sense to you?



  2. I RECEIVED THIS LETTER FROM THE OMBUDSMAN TODAY I will write its contents down word for word. It makes no sense to me whatsoever? Can anyone make any sense of the contents? As Npower nobbled the Ombudsman? What the F*** is going on? COMPLAINT ABOUT NPOWER Thank you for your correspondence received on 30 April 2008. After carefully reviewing all of your correspondence ( I DONT THINK THEY HAVE ), it seems that your complaint has been constantly ongoing since November/ December 2005. When you intially contacted us it was thought that there was a stage whereby you were sent a cheque and thought the complaint had been resolved. On reviewing the details of your complaint, I found that after the cheque was sent to you, npower continued to send you letters advising they were still investigating. Therefore the complaint was ongoing. The deadline for bringing it to our attention is nine months from the date you first told the company about the problem. As you first raised your complaint with nopwer over 9 months ago we are unable to help. yours sincerely Angela Robinson Enquiry Officer. Now call me thick BUT THAT MAKES NO SENSE WHATSOVER? HAS ANBODY UNDERSTOOD HER POINT? So in effect:- 1) If you accept a £20 compensation cheque from Npower who continue to threaten and harass you for 18 months thereafter the E.S.O. thinks thats ok? 2) If Npower say they are investigating they can take 10 years to find the answer to a problem? During which time they can continue to threaten you and the E.S.O. will say " its ok , they are still investigating" ? 3) When you have been tortured for over 2 years and Energywatch tell you to contact the Ombudsman because they cannot help anymore ..... DONT BOTHER ITS A WASTE OF TIME? 4) Even if you have been tormented for 30 years ...ITS YOUR FAULT FOR NOT TELLING THE OMBUDMAN WITHIN 9 MONTHS OF THE COMPLAINT? 5) If your intial complaint appears to be resolved BUT IT WASNT and you continue to suffer, then the Ombudsman doesnt care how long its gone on for ? 6) As long as Npower send you letters to say they are " still investigating" the Ombudsman doesnt care that in paralell they send you threatening letters at the same time? As long as Npower imply that they are " still investigating" they can carry on doing what they want to us even when they ARE NOT INVESTIGATING AT ALL BUT REALLY BLAMING US AND HIDING BEHIND A CLAIM FULLY SUPPORTED BY THE OMBUDSMAN. I am totally lost here and do not think the Ombudsman as grasped the nettle? DOES ANYONE AGREE?
  3. So there you have it. Thats my story bang up to date. Npower have NOT responded in letter as they promised and the matter remains in the hands of the ENERGY SERVICES OMBUDSMAN. After watching the tv program about Utlity Companies on ITV last night I realise I am not the only one who has been persecuted and tortured. The facts I have presented are long winded and complicated but I have not presented them to glorify in my misery. I hope that, us all, as consumers will stand firm and fight these bullies all the way, because Bullies are exactly what they are! When you have done NO WRONG why capitulate and give in to their demands? They may push you to despair and insanity but isnt it a case of " RIGHT WILL OUT IN THE END "? Maybe some people who have been persecuted over missing prepayment meter payments may now take some comfort in what has happened to me? If you know you have done no wrong NEVER be persuaded that you just might have used the wrong key. NEVER feel intimidated and made to feel like your a criminal. Nopower will try and blame you for THEIR ERRORS and torment you in their efforts to make you pay a debt which was never there in the first place! They are skilled at tormenting the consumer. They are dab hands at NEVER admitting fault. I despair for older people who do not understand their bills etc. and who will readily hand over money because they trust and assume Npower are ALWAYS right. No wonder Npower and other utility companies make millions in profits when they go so far as to try and grap money with menace and threat. Npower think that sending bailiffs letters and letters threatening court action " is not a threat. " I think that statement says everything about them! They think they are untouchable and sacrasanct and can do what ever they want. Well lets hope the tide is changing and the consumers' are fighting back. Lets hope now that not only are we been listened to but heard ! Thousands of complaints about them must show something is badly wrong and that the balance of power they hold needs to be redressed. I will post the outcome of the ombudsman's decision, when i get it. In the meantime I would love to hear any comments anyone has? REMEMBER NEVER GIVE UP, NO MATTER WHAT, WHEN YOU HAVE DONE NO WRONG. YOU MAY AT TIME FEEL LIKE GIVING UP BUT THATS WHAT NPOWER WANT YOU TO DO.ULTIMATELY YOU SHOULD RECEIVE YOUR ABSOLUTION. WITH A BIT OF LUCK, ALSO, COMPENSATION WHICH REFLECTS THE SERIOUSNESS OF THE THREATS MADE TO YOU AND THE LENGTH OF TIME THIS WAS UNDURED.
  4. *3 HOURS AFTER MY LETTER WAS POSTED TO THE E.S.O - NPOWER CONTACTED ME VIA TELEPHONE. THE FOLLOWING IS AN ACCOUNT OF THE CONVERSATION. I E-MAILED THE INFORMATION TO THE E.S.O. WITH AN UPDATE OF FACTS.THIS IS THAT E-MAIL :- Energy Services Ombudsman PO Box 966 Warrington Cheshire WA4 9DF. Dear Sirs, RE: COMPLAINT AGAINST NPOWER. Yesterday 28 April 2008 I submitted a comprehensive complaint for your attention and judgement regarding Npower. I felt I had no alternative than to write to you at this stage because 17 days had elapsed since I submitted a written complaint to Npower and I had heard nothing from them in reply? I think 17 days was ample time to give me the courtesy of a reply. Your office had instructed me, via a telephone converstation in late March, to write to Npower at Gateshead and give them 10 days to respond. At this stage you gave me a reference number :- *****. The reason for this e-mail is to bring to your attention further information and developments, which I was not made privy to, prior to sending my written complaint to you. Just after I had given my home help the letter to post to you I received a phone call from RICHARD S***** - SNR. CUSTOMER RELATIONS ADVISOR NPOWER at approx 11 am ( 28 April 2008 ) I assumed he was phoning me to address the issues in my complaint letter of 10 April 2008, but after 20 minutes of dialogue had elapsed, I realised, and he confirmed, he had no knowledge of my letters existence at all? He told me he had contacted me because of Energywatch intervention and NOT because of my letter? I stressed and insisted that the issues raised in my letter should be addressed and that the demands contained therein should be considered. He accessed a computer, after I gave him the complaint reference number I had been issued with 11 days earlier ( ***** ) and acknowledged the existence of my written complaint. I suggested that he carefully read and scrutinised ALL my letter because I did not think he was fully aware and briefed on what had actually transpired over 2 years. I told him, because Npower had taken far too long to respond, that I had already submitted a full complaint to the ESO. I did, however, give him the opportunity to go away and then come back with a mutually acceptable resolution, providing my demands were considered. He said he would do that and come back to me via the telephone, he gave me this reference number :- ******. During this conversation which lasted approximately 30 minutes Richard Sawyer we had the following dialogue:- 1) (HIM) - " THE COMPLAINT IS NOW CLOSED " (ME) - " NO ITS NOT BECAUSE YOU HAVE NOT ADDRESSED ANY PARTS OF MY COMPLAINT IN MY LETTER DATED 10 APRIL 2008" 2) ( HIM ) " WE HAVE DISCOVERED WHERE THE MISSING PAYMENTS HAVE GONE TO " ( ME ) " THATS GREAT SO WHY HAS IT TAKEN OVER 2 YEARS TO FIND OUT, YOU HAVE PERSECUTED ME FOR ALL THAT PERIOD OF TIME " ? 3) ( HIM ) " THE PAYMENTS WENT TO BRITISH GAS AND THEY ORIGINALLY TOLD US THAT THEY DID'NT HAVE THEM " ( ME ) " SO WHY HAVE YOU TORTURED ME FOR OVER 2 YEARS, WHEN I TOLD YOU COUNTLESS TIMES I HAD DONE NO WRONG" ? 4) ( HIM ) " WE HAD TO USE A METHOD WHICH ISNT STRICTLY WITHIN OFGEM GUIDELINES TO DISCOVER WHERE THE MONEY WENT " ( ME ) " SO WHY DIDNT YOU USE THAT METHOD 2 YEARS AGO? THE MATTER WOULD HAVE BEEN CONCLUDED AND I WOULDNT HAVE BEEN TREAT LIKE A CRIMINAL AND HAD TO SUFFER 2 YEARS OF TORTURE" ? 5) ( HIM ) " BECAUSE WE WERNT REALLY ALLOWED TO DO WHAT WE DID " WE HAD TO GO THROUGH OTHER PROCEDURES FIRST " (ME ) " THATS RUBBISH - SO BASICALLY IVE BEEN UNDER SUSPICION, HARRASSED AND THREATENED FOR OVER 2 YEARS AND YOU COULD HAVE REALLY FOUND THE ANSWER AT THE START BUT NOBODY HAD THE COMMON SENSE TO LOOK ? " 6) ( HIM ) " ITS NOT REALLY OUR FAULT WE FOLLOWED OFGEM GUIDELINES" ( ME ) " SO ITS MY FAULT THE PAYMENTS WENT MISSING? LOOK I USED AN NPOWER KEY SUPPLIED BY NPOWER. IF PAYMENTS WENT TO BRITISH GAS THEN EITHER THERE ARE FAIRIES TAMPERING WITH METERS IN LINGDALE OR SOMEONE HAS COCKED UP ". IT ALL SOUNDS PATHETIC AND IM STILL LIVID. ANYWAY, WHY, KNOWING WHAT WE KNOW NOW HAVE YOU BEEN THREATENING ME FOR OVER 2 YEARS "? 7) ( HIM ) " BUT WE HAVE NEVER THREATENED YOU ". (ME ) " SO COUNTLESS LETTERS CONTAINING THREATS OF COURT ACTION AND BAILIFF THREATS ARN'T THREATS ? " IF YOU DONT THINK RECEIVING LOTS OF THEM OVER 2 YEARS DOESNT CONSTITUTE A THREAT , THEN WHAT DOES " ? ( HIM ) " BUT EVERY LETTER WE HAVE EVER SENT HAS BEEN WITHIN THE GUIDELINES OF OFGEM " ( ME) " I'M SORRY BUT I DONT AGREE WITH THAT. I THINK YOUR JUST SAYING ANYTHING NOW. AND ANYWAY WHY DID YOU SEND ME A THREATENING TELEMESSAGE ON 15 APRIL 2008 WHEN, AS YOU SAY MY COMPLAINT WAS STILL LIVE AND BEEN INVESTIGATED FOLLOWING ENERGYWATCH INTERVENTION AND MY COMPLAINT LETTER WAS ALSO PENDING AND SENT 5 DAYS BEFORE. I BELIEVE ITS POLICY NOT TO HARRASS CUSTOMERS DURING PENDING COMPLAINTS, SO WHY DO IT ? LOOK GO AWAY AND READ MY LETTER I DONT THINK YOU REALLY HAVE ANY IDEA OF WHATS HAPPENED AND HOW LONG THIS HAS GONE ON. COME BACK TO ME AFTER YOUVE CONSIDERED ALL MY REQUESTS AND I WILL CONSIDER YOUR PROPOSALS. He agreed to do that and said he would phone me back. About an hour later he did just that. He said he could'nt and would'nt allow Npower to accept total blame for everything because there were 3rd parties involved.Neither did he absolve me from ANY blame or acknowledge that I HAD used ONLY an Npower prepayment key and NO OTHER. He went on to say " as a GOODWILL GESTURE we will..................... " I stopped him saying anything else and make no appologies for doing that.I told him " if you use those 2 words again, ill end this conversation now ". " I find their use insulting and after everything you have done to me you want to give goodwill"? To my way of thinking " goodwill " implies:- i) ' we havent really done anything wrong' ii) ' we are not really admitting to culcability and blame on our part' iii) ' we dont really think this matter is serious ' iii) ' we are going to fob you off with a token gesture ' At that point I felt so angry, deflated and insulted that I politely ended the call and suggested that he put the proposals in writing, but regardless the matter was in the hands of the ESO, because of Npower failure to really investigate fully and vigorously. I felt as though Richard S*****, pleasant as though he was, had not fully briefed himself on ALL matters and barely knew ALL the facts. On that basis how could he be in a position to give a fair, unbiased and fully considered solution? I do not think anybody could become fully conversant with a 5 page letter of complaint, containing 23 attachments, covering a period over 2 years, then deliver a considered appraisal within 1 hour of reading it. I do not think he has taken into consideration the full scale, implication and nature of my complaint. To my mind I had just been involved in a half hearted fob off on Npowers' part and that they were trying to placate and silence me with unconsidered platitudes and penurious gestures. I think I deserved better after DOING NO WRONG WHATSOEVER AND FIGHTING FOR OVER 2 YEARS TO CONCLUDE THIS MATTER. That brings you up to date with matters and I place the complaint in your hands for consideration, rather than go to Court at this stage. If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you. yours faithfully ******* ******l * I telephoned your office today at 9.30 am and spoke to Carol. She has made a note of matters from yesterday etc. COULD YOU PLEASE CONFIRM RECEIPT OF THIS EMAIL.
  5. * THIS IS AN UPDATE ON THE CONTINUING SAGA. NPOWER DID NOT RESPOND WITHIN 10 DAYS AND 17 DAYS ON I SENT THIS LETTER TO THE E.S.O. :- 28 April 2008 Energy Services Ombudsman PO Box 966 Warrington Cheshire WA4 9DF. Dear Sirs, RE: COMPLAINT AGAINST NPOWER. I contacted your office via telephone 4 weeks ago, after being advised by Energywatch that I do so, and was given the reference number ******. This was following my prolonged and incessant persecution from Npower over a 2 year period due to their incomepetence and intransigence. You also advised me to write to Npower spelling out my grievances and what actions I wanted, giving them 10 days to respond. I did send a letter, which included 22 separate attachments of evidence, by registered post on 11 April 2008, dated 10 April 2008. 17 days has elapsed since contacting Npower and I have received no reply to my complaint. In fact after spending 2 days putting together a professional and well structured complaint Npower have not even had the decency to acknowledge its receipt or even confirm that they were addressing the issues contained within it. I think that sums up the attitudeof Npower. I think the best way for you to address matters is to have sight of the letter of complaint and all the attachments. You will find exactly what I sent to Npower enclosed with this letter I'm writing to you. This information contains everything you need to know ( apart from what I mention later in this letter ) to give you a total insight into the problem.It will also reveal to you what action and settlement/compensation I asked for, based on my expenses, time and suffering over 2 years. You will notice that I have had several dealings with Energywatch, who I first approached in July 2006, and who have tried to resolve matters on 3 seperate occasions. I have found Martin xxxxx, who has been my allocated caseworker, to be less than helpful and even curt. On 2 occasions his attitude has been " well what do you want us to do, Npower have written to say the matter is concluded, theres nothing more we can do "? Energywatch have told me this twice over the telephone but have never sent me anything in writing to confirm this. Also the threats and demands from Npower still continued, long after Energywatch assurances that they would cease and are STILL continuing despite Energywatch STILL affirming that the matter should be concluded? I feel Npower were telling Energywatch the matter was concluded whilst knowingly and deliberately continuing to harrass and persecute me. Since writing to Npower with my complaint on 11 April I have received the following letters from them and had the following discussions and would like to pass comment on them for your benefit :- 1) LETTER FROM CHRIS C**** - CUSTOMER RELATIONS NPOWER - 10 APRIL 2008 - ATTATCHMENT 1. Addressed to Mr. Ncneil - THEY CANT EVEN GET MY NAME RIGHT! Paragraph one states " further to our conversation ...................................................... " I can confirm that the last time I had any conversation with the writer of this letter was in December 2007 and NOTHING was discussed regarding payments going to British Gas or missing payments? All she did was blame the Midlands ....AGAIN! Nor did she ever say she was going to contact me again in the future, let alone 5 months later? I have never had any discussions about missing payments with ANYONE since November 2006 when I spoke to Steve S****- Gained Prepayments Manager - Npower. Paragraph two states " we placed a request with British Gas for any payments sent in error " and " they confirm they have no payments belonging to us ". Well they WOULDNT WOULD THEY - I USED A BLUE NPOWER PREPAYMENT KEY and have told Npower this countless times over the last 2 years ! Paragraph three states " In order to move this enquiry forward a letter was sent to you on 4th April 2008 " ? No such letter has EVER been received by me? A letter was sent dated 5th April 2008 from Kevin H********* - Accounts Collection Manager - ( see attachment P ) but NOTHING mentioning the subject matter Chris C**** makes reference too? I think this letter is a fabrication because Npower are trying to cover their tracks and try to appear as though they had been doing something to resolve the problem other than threatening me. Paragraph three - asks for reciepts to prove I used an Npower key. I find this request ludicrous for anyone to ask for a receipts from 2 years ago! Ive asked 7 of my friends and aquaintances if they keep their prepayment key receipts- NOBODY DOES! We all agreed that putting the key in the meter and getting what we payed for was our receipt. I don't keep my shopping, petrol receipts etc., whats the point ? And I certainly think to be asked to produce them from 2 years ago is a farsical and desperate request from Npower to try and admonish themselves from blame. 2) TELEMESSAGE - FROM NPOWER - DATED 15 APRIL 2008 - ATTACHMENT 2. The contents of this are self explanatory. ANOTHER THREAT AIMED AT ME FROM NPOWER. All told over 2 years i've had about 30 of these letters or similar, threatening me for non payment. Despite all the assurances, all the appologies, energywatch intervention and letters of complaint its still continous, ceaseless and relentless harrassment and torment.They even had the audacity to send this despite my written complaint sent 5 days earlier ! 3) LETTER FROM JULIE J******** - NPOWER - " WEVE CLOSED YOUR COMPLAINT ABOUT YOUR NPOWER ACCOUNT " - DATED 16 APRIL 2008 - ATTACHMENT 3. Upon reading this my immediate reaction was that Npower had become alarmed by my letter of complaint and were trying to conclude matters without admitting fault, abiding by ALL my requests in my complaint letter, or even ACKNOWLEDGING its existence. Was this damage limitation on their part, were they now running scared because of the threat of an Ombudsman Investigation? I think they were closing the stable door after the horse has bolted and I am absolutely certain they are trying to cover their tracks by saying " weve closed your complaint " and hoping at this point I would be satisfied, shut up and go away. Well I WONT shut up and I WONT go away because I AM FAR FROM SATISFIED.They have given me and Energywatch the same assurances on countless previous occasions and STILL they carry on torturing me, after their promises and assurances.If I DO NOT get total absolution and written clarification enforced by you, then what assurances do I have, that in a few weeks time Npower will not start persecuting me again , exactly has they have done before? Regardless I telephoned Npower the same day I received this letter and spoke to Mark W**** ( Julie J******* was unavailable.) I found him to be evasive and curt with his manner. I told him that my complaint WAS NOT CLOSED because I DEMANDED a reply to ALL the contents of my letter of 10 April 2008 and the issues contained therin. I stressed I wanted ALL my issues addressing and my demands considered. I told him " I want a full investigation now and that I WON'T be fobbed off. He said " we have being trying to contact you ". I told him " no you havent, how and when your LYING "? " I have an answer machine and despite promises somebody from your complaints team would TELEPHONE me, nobody has" ? I am registered disabled and I am in my home 95% of the time. Is trying to contact me threatening me ( the letter dated one day earlier was a threat ?) Is trying to contact me sending me letters which have no bearing on my complaint and the reasons for it? When pushed he confirmed the receipt of my complaint letter and all its enclosures and promised that I would receive a reply within the 10 day period I had stipulated and gave me this reference number ****** - my complaint reference. So its been 18 days since my written complaint and no reply from Npower? Am I surprised,NO ! I would be grateful if you could investigate matters and let me know of your findings and judgement within a reasonable period of time and bearing in mind and accepting that I have suffered for 2 years and done everything and more to get Npower to leave me alone. My health as suffered as a consequence and vast amounts of my time and money has been taken up trying to get Npower to refrain from persecuting me, WHEN I HAVE DONE NO WRONG WHATSOEVER ! They have hounded, tortured and tormented me for 2 years and I do not say that lightly. I insist that NPOWER should be FORCED to reply and answer ALL aspects of my letter of 10th April 2008, which I took up a vast amount of my time, effort and expense to construct. Although given ample time to do so, they have not had the decency or courtesy to either acknowledge receipt of and or address/respond to the issues contained within. I am approaching you first rather than go to Court at this stage, although I have threatened Npower with that course of action on 3 occasions over the telephone. If you cannot resolve this matter to my full satisfaction I WILL take matters to Court and I have full backing of my solicitor who will support me down that route if need be. Do not hesitate to contact me if you require any other information that may help. Thank you for your help and assistance. yours faithfully
  6. Here is a final letter of complaint I have just sent to NPOWER after nearly 2 years of persecution and torment from what I consider to be the most inept,disjointed,edited and mismanaged industry in the UK. Applogies for it being the size of " War and Peace " but those who can be bothered to read it in its entirity might have a good laugh or even swoon ? * Note that even though I sent this letter 8 days ago I have had 2 more threatening letters and one full of lies in the last 2 days from NPOWER. Head Of Customer Services NPower Eighth Avenue Team Valley Gateshead NE11 OSX . Dear Sirs, COMPLAINT - PERSISTENT AND GRATUITOUS BILLING - ELECTRICITY - NPOWER. I am writing to you directly following instructions from both " Energywatch" and the " Energy Services Ombudsman that I do so. I make no appologies for the tone of this letter because you have relentlesly and remorselessly persecuted me for nearly 2 years for varying and inconsistent amounts of money for electricity which I NEVER used or was EVER supplied to me by NPOWER.Your organisation is ineptly disorganised and in total disarray and as a consequence I am sick, I am tired, I am bewildered, I am totally frustrated but above all I am furious at the manner in which you have treat me.Had I not been a person of strong mind and body you may well have pushed me to the point of oblivion. I dread to think what you have done and do to the old and frail because of your pathetic and perverse actions and structure. Very strong statements and accusations you may think, well here are the facts:- I moved into xx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx, a TWO BEDROOM FLAT( still my current address) on 1st.November 2005. I have ALWAYS lived solely on my own. Both the electricity and gas were supplied by British Gas, BOTH on PREPAY Meters. As NPower had been my supplier at my previous address I cancelled supply from British Gas and opened accounts with Npower, CONTRACT NUMBER 451103131342 ( see attachment A and A1) on 1st November 2005, to be supplied from 9th December 2005 ( see attachment B ). As the problem is just connected with Electricity I will make limited further references to Gas Supply. Attachment B, an undated welcoming letter from NPower ( received November 2005 ) was misleading and contained innacurasies of fact so I telephoned Npower with this information:- i) THE METER AT xx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx WAS (AND STILL IS ) A PREPAY-KEY METER AND NOT A CREDIT METER. ii) THERE WAS NO VISIBLE SERIAL NUMBER ON THE METER, SO Npower QUOTING- F00L08684 MADE NO SENSE TO ME - " F00L " says it all and I wonder if thats what you think I am? Because of these innacuracies I telephoned NPOWER sometime late November early December 2005. I recall speaking to Richard Mathews - Customer Services Advisor ext. 28235 about several problems at the time.I was promised that the matter would be resolved and not to worry. Everything seemed to be going fine as I used the PREPAYMENT KEY supplied by NPOWER from December 2005 until 26 April 2006 when I received confusing bills / letter from NPOWER ( see attachments C , C2 and C3 ). When I read these it appeared I was being billed for a CREDIT meter as itemised figures on useage are printed? A total figure of £76.54 is requested ? The covering letter states " the bill has been estimated " and " please supply us with your own meter reading " Now I found this bewildering and amusing as I had been using a PREPAYMENT KEY FOR 5 MONTHS SUPPLIED BY NPOWER. I contacted NPOWER via a lengthy telephone call and remember being passed from pillar to post on a perpetual merry-go-round of excuses, appologies and blame. Eventually I was given the excuse that for some reason my account was dealt with in the Midlands and that this had caused the problems? Apparently one department had not liaised with another ? I stated " but isn't NPOWER, NPOWER is NPOWER".? I'm not interested about your staff not talking to each other and you blaming other departments, its an NPOWER problem, sort it out and stop passing the buck". I received profuse appologies and was told I would NEVER be billed again. Also an NPOWER representative was going out to check if there really was a PREPAY meter at my address? On 1st June 2006 I received ATTACHMENT D - FINAL REMINDER which is self explanatory. Obviously this letter caused me a great deal of heartache and consternation after the assurances and promises NPOWER had given me. I recall, yet again, phoning NPOWER and having a lengthy discussion about this mess... the name " Naomi " is written on this letter so I assume it was her who I spoke too? On 21st June 2006 I received ATTACTMENT E - again self explanatory. This time I am being threatened with disconnection and at this time I feel I have been banging my head against a brick wall!. Now I have had enough.For the umpteenth time I telephone NPOWER and are given further assurances and appologies and all the same stories as before about my account being in the Midlands and departments not talking to each other? On 24 July 2006 I received the letter ( ATTACHMENT F). This is a letter from Mrs. Carol Drysdale,from Customer relations. The contents acknowledge " Energywatch " intervention ( I had complained to them just days before) and quotes ref no:- EW: 1174040. Can I particuarly draw your attention to paragraph 2 which states " You will be pleased to know that a site visit has confirmed that you have a PREPAYMENT meter in your home and you will be RE-BILLED to reflect this". I telephoned Mrs. Drysdale, as her letter requested and had a lengthy discussion about my persecution and the ineptness of NPOWER. I was at pains to stress that I had felt persecuted and despite doing NO wrong and doing EVERYTHING I was asked, that I felt I had been painted in a very bad light and that trying to sort matters out over a 7 month period had tormented and tortured me as a person. " What if you were doing this to an old frail person, you would kill them". I stressed I had been disgusted with the whole scenario and DEMANDED assurances that my persecution should cease forthwith. Mrs. Drysdale became the umpteenth NPOWER member of staff to be profusely appologetic. Yet again I was told about the Midlands holding my bill and departments NOT communicating! I was also told that it had been determined months back that the representative who clarified , after a site visit, that I did have a PREPAYMENT meter had neglected to tell the RIGHT or ANY NPOWER department of his findings!!!!!! YOU COULD'NT MAKE THIS UP !!!! I told Mrs. Drysdale that I had had a bellyfull of NPOWER and that I was sick and tired of everything, especially faceless staff on telephones who make idle promises. As a consequence I was taking my business to British Gas. Electricity services commenced with them on 26th August 2006. You will note in Mrs. Drysdale's letter that there is an obvious admittance of guilt and responsibility for errors on NPOWER'S part. This is confirmed by paragraph 4 which states " Due to the lack of service you have received and to show our appreciation for your patience with the matter I will send you a cheque for £20-00". INCIDENTLY A CHEQUE I NEVER RECEIVED - AND WHY DOES THAT NOT SURPRIZE ME ? Now you would think that was the end of matters, but NO!!!!! On 26th July 2006 I received another bill for £162.16!?- ( ATTACHMENT G ). Then ANOTHER bill dated 28 July 2006 for £172.43 - ( ATTACHMENT H AND H1 ). Again I phoned NPOWER and the same appologies and the same stories are foisted upon me again!!!!??? I'm told to ignore the bills. From 26 August 2006 British Gas supply my electricity and I swap to THEIR PREPAYMENT KEY. All is quiet until 23 November 2006 when I receive a bill for £480.51 and an undated letter from Steve Scott - Gained Prepayment Accounts Manager, NPOWER- ( ATTACHMENTS I AND I1) . I phoned Mr. Scott and stressed that I thought the contents of his letter was " bull**** " and I make no appologies for stating that. His letter implies that " you MAY have been using your previous suppliers card and that your account shows a balance to pay " BULL****!!!! TOTAL AND UTTER BULL****. Firstly I am not stupid and I very well educated with an abundance of common sense. Secondly I'm not somebody who is disorganised or frivalous in their actions and thirdly I ALWAYS DID WHAT I WAS TOLD TO DO AND WHEN BY MY SUPPLIER. I ACTED UPON THEIR INSTRUCTIONS AND USED THEIR PREPAYMENT KEYS NOT CARD ( As stated in the letter) WHEN THEY INFORMED ME TO DO SO. By implication I feel as though NPOWER are trying to blame me for their failure to deliver a service bereft of organisation, coordination and proffesionalism. I stressed that it was perverse ANY blame should be aimed towards me and that if NPOWER had ANY problems with British Gas that it was up to them to sort it out and DON'T EVER try and pass the blame onto me. All was quiet and I assumed that was the end of the matter until May 2007. An NPOWER representative, I believe called " Malcolm " from Boosbeck ( 400 yards from my home address) knocked on my door canvassing. Although I now totally regret doing this I listened to him and I told him about the problems I had had with NPOWER. He told me that he was a "troubleshooter" allocated to give a personal service because NPOWER had learnt that problems were very difficult to sort out over the telephone.After telling him that was my main gripe and that I had made about 15 phone calls to faceless NPOWER staff who pass you all over the place and are NEVER responsible, constantly blaming others, he gave me a promise. " Come back to NPOWER and I will give you the best personal service imaginable". " Here's my card, with mobile and home numbers, any problems, however trivial, call me and I will sort it out". In a way thats the type of customer service we all crave and demand, so against my better judgement I swapped both my electric and gas accounts back to NPOWER from British Gas- BIG MISTAKE!!!! Although I don't have the letters and bills ( I gave them to Malcolm) everything which I had assumed had been sorted out 9 months previously all started again. Bills for £480.51 and threatening letters were received from NPOWER. I gave Malcolm, one chance to sort it out after I telephoned him in a manic state. He seemed that irrate himself that he returned quickly from a business meeting in Manchester to meet with me in person. He assured me that all was eventually finanalised after his intervention and his personal demands that NPOWER left me alone would be honoured. Again he was told all the same BULL**** about Midlands accounts as to the reasoning for my continued and habitual persecution. Shortly after his intervention it all happened again. Threatening letters and bills for £ 480.51 - SWEET JESUS PLEASE HELP ME I'M GOING INSANE!!!! The name NPOWER was beginning to make me ill. Malcolm became history as he had used up his one chance and NPOWER became a figure of total hatred in my mind.In August 2007 I swapped to EDF and they eventually became my supplier of electricity when a PREPAYMENT KEY was eventually received on 12th October 2007. For the next 3 months I was repeatedly sent demands for £480.51 from NPOWER all threatening me with legal action if I did not pay. I made several phone calls to NPOWER demanding my persecution stopped and if I did not I would take legal action against them for harrassment. In December 2007 I contacted " Energywatch " for the second time in 6 months. Luckily Energywatch had kept my complaint details on file and the same reference number EW 1174040 was still being used ( SEE ATACHMENTS J and J1 ). Energywatch gave me a direct telephone number to contact NPOWER - 0800 107 0394 which I duly telephoned. I had a lengthy and amicable conversation with Chris Clarke ( Ext. 83802 ) REF 9511 - 2146 , in which I vented my anger and alarm at my persecution. She told me EVERYTHING would end there and then and promised to send me the £20-00 compensation I NEVER received as mentioned in the previous letter of Carol Drysdale ( ATTACHMENT F ) plus a further cheque for £21.16 which was a refund on my NPOWER gas bill from 3 months previously which had never been sent to me ( SEE ATTACHMENTS K and L. ) After Mrs. Clarkes assurances, appologies and the receipt of the £20-00 compensation I assumed that would be the end of matters. Strangely for the next 3 months I received 3 or 4 letters from NPOWER exactly the same as ( ATTACHMENT M ) implying that my complaint was still being investigated even though I made it 3 months previously through Energywatch and that Engergywatch had told me NPOWER had written to them to say the matter had been concluded? On the same day as I received ATTACHMENT M, 28 March 2008, I also recieved, in a seperate envelope ( ATTACHMENT N ) a bill for, youve guessed it...... £480.51 !!!!!!!! FOR THE LOVE OF JESUS WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME!?????? I telephone Energywatch for the 3rd time and spoke to Martin Jinks who was dealing with my complaint and knew all about it. He told me he was dumbfounded at what NPOWER were doing to me as they had already contacted him to say the matter had been resolved? He told me to contact the Energy Services Ombudsman's Office which I did on 29th March 2008 ( ref no: 348552) and that Energywatch would contact NPOWER once again on my behalf, which they duly did on 3 April 2008, ( ATTACHMENT O. ) On 5th April 2008 I received a FINAL REMINDER from NPOWER for that infamous sum of £480.51, threatening me with court action, bailiffs and Credit Agency referalls ( ATTACHMENT P ). I immediately telephoned NPOWER and spoke to ' Sarah '. She asked for my home phone number and asked that somebody from the complaints team would phone me back, 4 days on, I'M STILL AWAITING THE DECENCY OF THAT PROMISED CALL ? I asked for ' Sarah's surname, but she refused. I also asked for a reference number to prove my phonecall. She put me on hold for 9 minutes and then when somebody answered it was ' Martin Jinks ' from Energywatch ? The pair of us did'nt know whether to laugh or cry? WHAT THE HELL IS NPOWER ? ARE YOU HAVING A LAUGH AT MY EXPENSE? NPOWER THE PERSONIFICATION OF INCOMPETENCE! So there you have the facts behind my complaint. In order for NPOWER to investigate and respond I would be grateful if you consider the following:- i) NPOWER HAVE PERSECUTED, TORTURED, TORMENTED AND EVEN THREATENED ME FOR NEARLY 2 YEARS. ii ) NPOWER HAVE MADE SEVERAL PERSONAL ASSURANCES TO ME AND ENERGYWATCH THAT THIS MATTER HAD BEEN CONCLUDED. iii )NPOWER HAVE ADMITTED FAULT IN CORRESPONDENCE, EVEN SENDING COMPENSATION ( ALTHOUGH A DERISORY AMOUNT OF £20-00 ) ON TWO SEPERATE OCCASIONS ( ONLY ONE CHEQUE EVER RECEIVED). iv) I HAVE SUBMITTED A SUBSTANCIAL AMOUNT OF EVIDENCE OF CORRESPONDENCE TO PROVE QUITE CATAGORICALLY I HAVE DONE NO WRONG AND THAT NPOWER ARE DISORGANISED AND PURPORT TO BLAME OTHERS FOR THEIR FAILINGS. v) I HAVE MADE BETWEEN 20 - 30 LENGHTY AND PROLONGED TELEPHONE CONVERSATIONS TO NPOWER, IF NEED BE I WILL SUBMIT MY TELEPHONE BILLS IN EVIDENCE. vi) READING BETWEEN THE LINES AND BECAUSE OF YOUR THREATS TOWARDS ME THAT I MAY HAVE DONE SOMETHING ILLEGAL , I AM SERIOUSLY CONSIDERING TAKING LEGAL ADVICE REGARDING HARRASSMENT AND/OR REPORT NPOWER TO THE POLICE. vii) I THINK I HAVE SHOWN MYSELF TO BE AN ORGANISED AND DILIGENT PERSON WITH THE SUBMISSION OF THIS COMPLAINT AND THE 18 ATTACHMENTS CONTAINED. HAD I KEPT EVERYTHING, I PROBABLY COULD HAVE SUBMITTED 30+ ATTACHMENTS. I MAKE NO APPOLOGIES FOR NOT BEING ABLE TO DO SO, NOR FOR BEEN UNABLE TO REMEMBER THE NAME OF EVERY NPOWER REPRESENTATIVE I HAVE SPOKEN TO OVER 2 YEARS. WHEN YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD THE MATTER HAD BEEN CONCLUDED, NOT EVERYBODY FEELS THE NEED TO KEEP EVERY SCRAP OF EVIDENCE, DO THEY? viii) JUST BECAUSE I USED A FEW MILD EXPLETIVES IN THIS LETTER DOES NOT MEAN I ALWAYS CONDUCT MYSELF IN THIS WAY. MY CONTACT WITH NPOWER HAS ALWAYS BEEN ARTICULATE, BUSINESSLIKE AND ON OCCASIONS POLITELY FORCEFUL. I HOWEVER MAKE NO APPOLOGIES FOR THE TONE OF THIS LETTER, AFTER WHAT YOU HAVE SUBMITTED ME TO. ix) IN ORDER TO SHOW HOW DISORGANISED, DISJOINTED AND CONFUSED NPOWER ARE AS AN ORGANISATION I HAVE ATTACHED A LETTER DATED 5 OCTOBER 2007 ( ATTACHMENT Q ). ITS ADDRESSED TO MISS L CARTER AT MY ADDRESS? IT ALSO QUOTES A TOTALLY DIFFERENT ACCOUNT NUMBER THAN MINE? WHAT A TOTALLY INCOMPETENT LOT NPOWER ARE !!!!!!!! WHO THE HELL IS MISS CARTER ? This is what I demand you do in order to finally conclude this matter :- i) ADMIT NPOWER IS TOTALLY AND UNQUESTIONALLY TO BLAME FOR THIS WHOLE FIASCO AND MESS. ii) ADMONISH ME FROM ANY BLAME WHATSOEVER, EVEN BY SLIGHT IMPLICATION. iii) ADMIT AND ACKNOWLEDGE THAT I HAVE ONLY EVER DONE WHAT HAS BEEN ASKED OF ME AND USED PREPAYMENT KEYS AT THE CORRECT TIME, FROM THE CORRECT COMPANY WHEN TOLD TO DO SO. iv) STOP AND TOTALLY REFRAIN FROM INVOLVING ME IN ANY DISPUTES NPOWER MAY HAVE WITH BRITISH GAS OR ANY OTHER BODY. v) STOP AND TOTALLY REFRAIN FROM TORTURING, TORMENTING AND THREATENING ME WITH BILLS AND LETTERS. vi) FOR NPOWER TO STOP AND REFRAIN FOR EVER CONTACTING ME AGAIN, BOTH IN WRITING OR VERBALLY, AFTER THE CONCLUSION OF THIS MATTER TO MY FULL SATISFACTION. viii) ADMIT AND ACCEPT THAT IF NPOWER DOES MAKE ANY FORM OF CONTACT WITH ME, AFTER THE CONCLUSION OF THIS MATTER TO MY FULL SATISFACTION, THAT THIS WILL BE CONSTRUED AS HARRASSMENT AND I WILL TAKE LEGAL/COURT ACTION. ix) REFRAIN FROM TELLING ME ABOUT MIDLANDS ACCOUNTS AND NPOWER STAFF NOT TALKING TO EACH OTHER. I DO NOT WANT ANY REFERENCE MADE TO THAT RUBBISH IN YOUR REPLY - I'M NOT INTERESTED IN YOUR MISMANAGEMENT ISSUES. x) SUBMIT AND CONFIRM NPOWER AGGREEMENT AND ACCEPTANCE OF ALL THE ABOVE DEMANDS IN A LETTER - SENT REGISTERED POST AND SIGNED IN INK ( NOT A PHOTOCOPY) BY A SENIOR MANAGEMENT MEMBER OF NPOWER.I WANT THE CONTENTS TO BE SINCERE AND APPOLOGETIC, WITHOUT ANY REFERENCE TO WHY THIS HAPPENED - I'M NOT INTERESTED! ALSO IT MUST NOT CONTAIN EVEN THE SLIGHTEST HINTS THAT I AM TO BLAME FOR ANYTHING, IN ANY SHAPE OR FORM. xi) I WANT COMPENSATION FOR THE FOLLOWING:- a) TELEPHONE CALLS TO NPOWER, ENERGYWATCH AND RELATED BODIES OVER A 2 YEAR PERIOD......................................................£75 - 00. b) PHOTOCOPYING, POSTAL COSTS AND RUNNING COSTS OF COMPUTER WHILST COMPILING THIS LETTER........................................£ 5 - 00. c) REIMBURSEMENT FOR THE TIME/LOSS OF EARNINGS WRITING LETTERS HAS TAKEN PLUS THE COUNTLESS HOURS OF MY TIME MAKING PHONE CALLS ETC. TO NPOWER AND OTHER CONNECTED BODIES .......£500 - 00. d) FOR MY CONTINUED HARRASSMENT, PAIN AND SUFFERING .£2000 -00. TOTAL = £2,575. To show that my complaint is not really about compensation and the desire to make money, you can alternatively submit a cheque for £3,000 to Guisborough "HELP THE AGED " which must be publisised as to why your doing it and following instructions from me. Under these circumstances I will not receive ANY monies and just the letter I demand at point ( x ) . If NPOWER cannot and will not agree to my demands I will have no alternative than to put the matter into the hands of the Energy Services Ombudsman and also pass EVERYTHING on to " BBC Watchdog " and every other consumer related complaints organisation I can find. I'm sure the whole of the Country would be intrested in my story and the contempt with which NPOWER treats their present and former customers. You have 10 days to respond before I take matters further. I look forward to your reply. yours faithfully
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