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  1. Yes exactly, the only thing that could help me is the recording of the conversation. But of course they won't have it...
  2. No unfortunately. The contract they sent me does not specify anything. I should have had a closer look at it in the first place... I think I will just pay, I guess it's just too much hassle if I don't...
  3. Hi there, Two months ago I contacted Virgin Media to open a broadband account. The installation was a real ordeal (it took a month) and to compensate me one of their salesmen offered me the first two months completely free. To my surprise I received today my first bill for the first 2 months (£50). I contacted them to tell them I was supposed to get the first 2 months free. They replied that they never do this kind of thing and that it was not mentionned in the system anywhere (I am just entitled to discounts for the first 3 months that everybody gets). I called them three times
  4. Hi there, We had a lot of unconvenience at our place due to a very bad management of the letting agency (weeks without a shower, no electricity and so on...). We've asked for compensation and the agency is offering a very small one regarding all the issues we faced. We therefore decided to go to the small claim court. We put the letting agency as the defendant but we received a letter from their solicitor claiming that the Short Tenancy Agreement is signed with the landlord and not them. If we don't drop the claim they would attack us in return. Are they right ? To me all the pr
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