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  1. right then im going to go to court on wednesday morning, and send a statute barred letter to crapquest tomorrow, can someone help me with these forms and explain what im gonna have to do?
  2. ive read it, and yes in theory it should be quick, but what if i get asked questions like did u get the money, why did you stop paying, why did you not respond etc? i cant lie, its a court room. so best course of action, statute barred letter to capquest, set aside stuff to court? im really not comfortable with appearing before a judge.
  3. i will have to go to a hearing? what the hell do i say to a judge?! this is for want of a better expression, balls. is it even a stat demand? it doesnt look very official? there is no court date on there. it was sent by normal post. How can they serve something like that by that method?
  4. i have saved the two forms, thankyou. i just dont have time to go to a court, i work full time, im a manager so i cant just swan off to a court, i dont understand how they can even send this for a debt which is statute barred? i wont get any costs or anything out of them and no court would see anything through on a SB debt surely? i dont understand any of the loegal stuff that you're meant to write in these forms and im sick of them hounding me. im all in all just pretty fed up with it now, sorry if i seem ungrateful im not, i just dont see why it should be upto me to run around sorting i
  5. the only issue is that i work full time, i just dont have time to get to a bloody court and im a manager so i cant just swan off on a long lunch. im beginning to get racked off with them tbh, isnt it against the law to persue any debt that is statute barred?
  6. Hello all not getting a response from my old thread so had to start this one had a stat demand from capquest, futile as i dont own a property or car. Also futile as debt is statute barred, last paid in march 2004, and only contact was a CCA clearly labelled i do not acknowledge debt etc. The agreement itself is unenforcable as it doesnt have the total amount charged for credit on it. i really havent got the time to go to a court and dont want to appear before a judge anyway so i cant see myself jumping through hoops to have set aside unless its 100% got to be done.
  7. hello again all! i have now recieved a stat demand from crapquest for this debt which is now WAY over the 6 years. last paymnt march 04 and no ackowledgement or payment made. it states the court is Leicester which is a bit of pain in a backside as im no where near leicester? what do i now need to do to get them to naff off once and for all? i dont own my own house and my car is in my name however its on finance in my mums name not mine. its really to be honest a bit inconvenient for me to have to keep dealing with this bunch of morons now. Its statute barred for crying
  8. sounds similar to the crap they tried to pull on me a while back, im guessing your debt is almost statute barred (over 6 yrs since you admitted to or paid tiward the debt) ignore it.
  9. Hi all Ive recieved a letter from these people stating they would like to invite me to an appointment as a last chance to sort out the debt to Natwest bank of ALOT of money. Can i please telephone them to confirm. YEH like im stupid enough to ring them. this has been 6 years easily if not now, by april this year for certain, ive checked my credit expert thing and no searches recorded, nothing on there whatsoever. Are they fishing because of the date? this is the first thing ive heard of from them, and i reckon just ignore this letter as its probably a fishing attempt
  10. Santander dont know their @rse from their elbow (hubby used to work for Abbey) it took them 3 months to close down a current account he wanted to close. he had to sign a request 5 times and call numerous times. They kept reissuing debit cards. Muppets! sorry its not much help but good luck x
  11. fabulous Lilly thankyou. Does the wording there still enable me not to accept liability for the debt? i am very conscious that is almost 6 years since last payment was made. PGH- i have written a quick letter to crapquest stating in dispute, SAR sent to Egg, unlawful to persue when in dispute and that i shall write to them when Egg respond to me. Is that all it needs? meanwhile, i shall bank that letter lilly as my trump card i just want to be 100% sure it applies to online stuff to x
  12. and thankyou both, PGH - what about the total charge for credit? anyone know if it applies to egg online agreements from 2003?
  13. okay so how do i make capquest eff off in the meantime while i do that? cc them in?
  14. do i need to SAR to Capquest? i think they have added the amjority of charges on after Egg sold it on?
  15. i cant see any total charge for credit... only an APR and a total amount borrowed (ie the £2000 loan + PPI) but no total including total interest repayments? is that required under the act?
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