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  1. Dotgirl The letter you received from 1st credit is an acknowledgement that they are looking into your complaint. Do not reply to it, give them the 8 weeks they are entilted to reply with a full explanation. In the meantime report them to the Office of Fair Trading. Then once and if you receive a full explanaton from 1st credit and you are not happy, report them to the Financial Ombudsman Service. Spark
  2. Uk26 Any reason why my access to the other thread as been removed. Also Am I going to be removed from this thread aswell, even though I have a genuine interest with Experian. Cheers Spark1
  3. When anyone makes a complaint to the Office of Fair Trading about 1st Credit and Chums, you will get a consent form sent back to you, asking if the Office of Fair trading can use your details etc. Please sign it and post it back. The more people that do this, the better. Dont Forget to complain to as many Regulation Bodies as possible Things are warming up all over the place, so it shouldnt be long before Spark
  4. I have filed 3 compaints about 1st credit one to the Office of Trading and gave consent for them to use my personal details if need be. I have complained to the ICO and the Financial Ombudsman Service. If you think they have made up documentation to deceive you into paying them moneys, you could go to the police and let them have a look, ask them about the: Theft Act 1978 17.-- False accounting (1) Where a person dishonestly with a view to gain for himself or another or with intent to cause loss to another-- (b) in furnishing information for any purpose produces or makes use
  5. spark1

    Hsbc Debts

    Report them to the police, if the telephone calls are Alarming you Spark
  6. Complain to the Financial Ombudsmen Service, the Office of Fair Trading and the ICO. Get in touch with WatchDog as well, but only if this is not a wind-up Spark
  7. Office of Fair Trading warns debt agencies - Telegraph A group of 13 debt collection agencies and financial institutions have been told by the Office of Fair Trading to end practices that include harassing consumers or face the loss of their operating licence. The consumer watchdog has intervened following a big increase in complaints from consumers about debt collection practices. The increased pressure is seen as another indication of the credit crunch and the build-up in consumer debt. Some of the companies have been accused of chasing customers who did not owe them anything. Other
  8. Good Job, what goes round comes round, hope they all suffer, after all the upset they caused my wife and me 1st Credit "means" all the associated companies. I think there is four 1st Credit names and theres Connaught Collections and one external solicitor that wrote to us. They still have to resolve my complaints that I have filed with the following Financial Ombudsman Services & Information Commissoners Office and the best bit is, Barclays name is associated with them all in my cases Heres the letter we sent the Office of Fair Trading and gave authorisation to use p
  9. Gather all your information and give the ICO a ring, see what they say. Explain the problem as been resolved, but tell them you would still like to know as to whether a Breach of the DPA as occured. They might say file a complaint with them. If it can be proved that a company as Breached the DPA by confirmation of the ICO, then your in a stronger position to claim compensation through the courts imo. Spark
  10. Silver You already have another thread on this: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/credit-reference-agencies/172948-help-credit-ref-agencies.html You aint gonna get anywhere going over the same stuff, get stuck into them Spark
  11. Send a letter of complaint to the Office of Fair Trading. Although they do not take on individual cases, they do keep a record of all the complaints they receive. They may ask for your consent to use your details. The more people that do this the better. Then hopefully the Office of Fair Trading will remove Trading Licenses from 1st Credit and any other MUPPET that Breaches every rule in the book Spark
  12. hi Bob Dont believe Equifax if they tell you that the searches are not visible to credit grantors they are well aware they are and try to pull the wool over your eyes. How can this be proved? thats the biggest problem. How did you get them to remove the search? Disputed the three searches as being 'unlawful'. One company agreed to remove their search, but the other company decided not to remove their two searches. So I had a choice to write to the company and request they remove the 'unauthorised searches' or file a complaint with the Information Commissioners Office, in that
  13. What are the words being displayed, you believe are detrimental, and are the searches on display when your file is searched? The reason I ask is, Ive had one removed by equifax, but two are still there, and by all accounts are not on display to companies searching the file, but stay on record for six years. They dont state debt searches, but six years is a give away. 'Bring about court action: Usually within one year of the date of publication of the material containing the defamatory allegations complained. When an individual or company brings a libel action, they must show
  14. (Dave) UK26, plenty of people behind you, now its your turn Spark
  15. someone needs to put the "Paypal Donation Link" somewhere it can been seen by everyone
  16. £10 Done Lets get as much as poss, so this guy can, WIN Spark
  17. Sparkie I fully agree with you a judge is needed to help change the way credit reference agencies and the Information Commissioners Office interpretate the Data Protection Act If that ever happens, the flood gates will open Spark
  18. Experian - will use the argument they are only processing data and : all of our clients are required to sign up to strict terms and conditions within their contract to ensure all their data is accurate and compliant prior to providing it to us. Our regulator, the Information Commissioner, considers that this is having taken 'reasonable steps' to ensure that the information we hold is correct and processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998
  19. They searched my wifes equifax credit file without her consent back in 2006, just waiting on an updated credit file and if there still on there, all hells gonna break loose against them and equifax I never knew that Debt Traces / Searches are Damaging to ones reputation:) :: Regal Credit Consultants :: Spark1
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