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  1. Questioner - Your doing well m8, just keep prodding and your get there
  2. Heathside Ive had dealings with BMS regarding a Barclays loan, the situation was slightly different to yours though. I complained to the OFT, the ICO and the FOS. At this moment in time, the FOS have upheld my complaint and awarded compensation, the ICO have just reported back to me and stated they believe BMS breached the DPA. The complaint upheld with the FOS is now on its way to the Ombudsman for a review, the ICO report as been sent over to the FOS. Im now waiting for the Ombudsman assessment, and if Im happy ill accept it, if not Im going to look at legal action thro
  3. Scan up the other letters you received from BMS, because the letter(Photocopy/letter from Barclaycard) as not come direct from Barclaycard. Its looks as though BMS have typed their details onto a Barclaycard letter head? Im interested to see how times BMS have used the Barclaycard letter head with and with out their own details inserted. Cheers Spark
  4. Questioner - Just keep plugging away, because these bottom feeders rely on people fearing them But once you know your rights and their responbilities, all they really are, is clowns Spark1
  5. Money is the name of the game m8 I aint read through all your posts because I aint got time, are you just wanting the relevant agreements/documentations ?
  6. These are just some of the terms and conditions their clients sign up to, in others words any action taken against Experian will be passed down the line You will protect us, and keep us fully protected, against any claims or actions made or brought against us as a result of: you making the Information inaccurate or incomplete (whether by something you do or something you don't do); or you using the Services. This protection will include all losses, damages, costs and other expenses (including any payments we make to settle any claims or actions on the advice of ou
  7. Does 1st Credit adhere to the OFT’s Debt Collection Guidance? Yes, we are fully compliant. Since the OFT renewed our licence in February, another of our subsidiary companies, Connaught, was licensed in June, demonstrating that regulatory compliance is of paramount importance to the way we operate on a day-to-day basis. Just got off the phone to the OFT, the 27th was the day in Feb, when the conclusion was made. In other words 1st Credit must be playing by the rules? Thats funny, because how does the OFT know what their up to? I recieved a letter in February with the "Legal ac
  8. Heres the thread http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/204296-aktiv-kapital-successfully-sued.html Heres the link to the story http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/moneybox/8098674.stm You don't need a large sum of money. If you find a no win no fee solicitor who will take it on, also see below. NewsDesk-UK: THIS IS LIBEL
  9. Ronmay Either research "Defamation" and also search this forum for information. There was a case not long ago, can't remember where I see it, but someone got a out of court settlement in the region of £6,000 regarding a situation similar to yours. If not find a no win no fee solicitors. Questioner The Adjudicator at the FOS believed the actions of 1st credit (and its mates) warranted a payment of x amount of pounds for the great deal of distress and inconvenience caused by the threat of legal action, bankruptcy proceedings and doorstep visits, because the debts were disputed
  10. Ronmay Simple answer to your question: Defamation A libel claimant does not have to prove that the words are false or to prove that he or she has in fact suffered any loss. Damage is presumed. Making a defamatory allegation in writing, even to one individual other than the claimant is sufficient to give rise to a claim. County Courts can award up to £10,000 in a Defamation claim. My wife has just been awarded compensation by the FOS, with regards to 1st Credit. Will not elaborate to much, because I have asked for the file to reviewed by the Ombudsman, but basically what happened
  11. Lenny Unless you can quantify the alleged damage your claiming (in other words prove it) then they won't offer you a penny and I can tell you from 1st hand experience with the FOS, they will go down the route of "compensation for the distress and inconvenience they caused you" The threat of court action, unless your prepared to carry it through with substance and strong evidence to back your claims, then to me, I would not bother. Don't get wrong, I am not a supporter of DCA's far from it, but things are not as simple as one might believe. My two cases with the FOS have both be
  12. You need to get a decent copy posted up Spark
  13. Sparkie Phone him then its good to talk Spark
  14. Good luck to UK26, hope he got what he wanted, no doubt he will pop in when hes ready. But I won't be donating anymore of my money to individual cases. The man should of been on this forum first thing, saying a big thanks to the people who donated their hard earned cash, because without the donations he might not have got as far as he did. Spark
  15. If it was me, I would ask for compensation. Fact: You disputed debt (account with capital one). Not your problem whether or not capital informed lowell of your dispute. Fact: Lowell wrote to you twice, even though the account was in dispute. Breach of OFT, Example, unfair practices 'not ceasing collection activity whilst investigating a reasonably queried or disputed debt' Fact: Lowell apologised for any inconvenience they caused you as a result of their error. I would ask them for compensation for the distress and inconvenience they caused you, they pursed you, when they
  16. The Debt Collection guidance issued by the Office of Fair Trading gives an example of unfair practice as 'not ceasing collection activity whilst investigating a reasonably queried or disputed debt'. It would appear you was querying the alleged debt in requesting the relevant agreement. Just send them a letter using the above statement. Spark
  17. Pack of jokers mate, can't understand why they are trying to put things right after all this time Spark
  18. People donated money towards this case, so I hope so
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