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  1. My account was a standard Visa card but then split part of the credit limit to a Platinum card.
  2. Thanks ims21. I am about a third of the way through the MBNA redress thread! I will be interested to see what offer I am made based on nearly £12,000 PPI payments since 1995. Will continue to read the MBNA thread. Thank you for your help.
  3. Cool thank you. Unfortunately I don't have all of my statements dating back to 1995 I only have the information from the SAR.
  4. This forum has been amazingly useful to me in my claim for PPI mis-selling vs MBNA. To cut a long story short; I attempted to claim mis-sold ppi directly with MBNA who rejected the case. I then approached the FOS who (some 12 months later) have upheld my complaint and have informed me that MBNA will be making an offer of compensation. In order to calculate what I may be offered I have used the FosCISheet v101.xls. My concern is that this spreadsheet has calculated a SUBSTANTIAL amount of compound interest based on 2.5292% per month 30.39% APR. The credit card dates back to 1995 and I have (foolishly) always had an outstanding balance. The compound interest calculation is well into six figures! Can this be correct? Help and advice most welcome. Paul
  5. RR Thankyou for your advice, it certainly has provided me with some clarity! Best Regards Paul
  6. Thx for the info RR. The issue had originally been raised approx two years ago. I sent various emails to the Finance company querying the agreement and the issues identified in my first post. The response is received was 'you signed the agreement'. I have to admit, I should have been more thorough. However, if I can prove that I flagged the issue and concerns with them early do you think it would help? My main goal is to exit the agreement if possible and revert back to a company vehicle. Rgds Paul
  7. Hi, this is my first post. I entered into a 5 year Finance agreement with Fortis Lease for a vehicle in 2005. I recently requested a setlement figure and a copy of the loan agreement (moved house couldn't find it). Upon inspection of the finance agreement I noticed the following: A Deposit was showing on the agreement, no deposit was paid by me to the dealer. The agreement states that it should have been signed at the dealers premises. The agreement was sent to me in the post and a no point did I visit the dealers premises. The delivery of the car happened after the first finance payment was due and the dealer recompensed me for this first initial payment. Now I fully understand that this should have been picked up by me initially, however I fell into the trap of 'trusting' someone to work this through on my behalf and I should have checked the main terms of the agreement prior to signing it, however I was under pressure from my then employer to move from a company car to a car allowance. I enquired about this with a friend who mentioned something about antecedent negotiations, however I'm unsure whether this is applicable? My question is, do I have any recourse against the Finance provider at all? The dealer has subsequently gone bankrupt and allegedly left a trail of these such issues behind him. Any advice would be gratefully received. Rgds Paul:o
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