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  1. You can tell its election time when an MP gets involved. They know a good [problem] when they see it.
  2. In future do not park in any of the Excel Parks, they are there only to take your brass, and the fillings out of your teeth while you talk to them. This company have no legal powers to fine you, what you have got is a worthless piece of paper, which pretends to be legal. Here is the good news, you owe them Zero, nowt, not a sausage. Do not contact them again, and ignore the letters that come from them. In future park in the Ridings Centre where it is hassle free from the Excel's of this world.
  3. Also you do not have a fine, only the Police and local councils issue fines. What you have is a worthless scrap of paper, pretending to be for Authority. This company has no legal powers to do anything to you. You do not have to contact these people. Would you pay a large sum of money if I wrote you such a letter?
  4. If you dispute this PCN ask to see the CEO's pocket book entry for that ticket.
  5. Why bother, you have a unenforcable invoice from a Private Company. If you ignore it, it will go away by itself. If it were me I would put your pen down and ignore these [problematic].
  6. Just a few snaps around the Marble Arch area of Oxford Street, taken 5 days ago. ImageBam - Fast, Free Image Hosting and Photo Sharing
  7. If TESCO treat you with utter contempt. Vote with your feet and shop else where. The problem with these Supermarkets is they are all the same, they treat customers with contempt. If I could shop elsewhere then I would.
  8. When dealing with liars and cheats then it pays to play these people at the game they play against you. If this enhances his line of work then good luck to him, and where is money comes from is nowt to do with you, if you cant beat him join him, or forever hold your peace.
  9. Mr Herron is far from stupid as he is prepared to put his money where is mouth is. Mr Greeny and meany is at the opposite end of the scale. He talks a good fight, but thats is all.
  10. Why should the DVLA want your phone number? Why should any person in thier right mine want to give thier phone number to the DVLA. I would stand the Drop of York before I would part with my number. If I am asked for my number I give them the call box number in the next village up. My Data Protection Act. If they aint got it they can give it, init?
  11. The tickets are not fines. By saying this, you hint that these Private Parking companies have some standing of legality. They are what they are, and that is private companies, with no legal powers at all. They pretend that they have authority but they have just the same powers as Jo Bloggs Esq, or Tommy Atkins and if we want to go further Tom and Jerry. The best ideas is to boycott these perking places and go sme where else.
  12. Some more articles from the Wakefield Express of today. You can tell there is an election in the wind cos the local MP is now in the fray. You only see these sorts of folk when its an election in the offing , and when its expenses time. Also a lad who stood upto the bullies, but still paid £10, should have saved iz brass, wots tha recon? ImageBam - Fast, Free Image Hosting and Photo Sharing
  13. Park in the Ridings Centre no aggro there. Catch the bus/ train/cycle/walk into Town then you do not have to run the gauntlet of Wakefield Council, and all the rest of the money grabbing toads that are after yer brass.
  14. Beware of Greeks bearing gifts Do not trust nice ladies, head of perking or any other person. Ear all see all and say nowt. Remember the Wath up on Dearne short caution; Thas not got to say owt an if tha dus al tel judge. I think you have done enough phoning Do not contact do not pay and leave well alone You will find the head of perking is in on this big charade, keep away from it now.
  15. Why not save yourself the time, trouble and worry, just ignore Tesco et al and IGNORE THESE COMEDIANS>
  16. Ignore these comics, let them stew in thier own soup.
  17. For Mr 14Services, my advice is 14 have no legal powers to demand anything, information, issue fines. Advice Do not contact do not pay, dont worry cos they are [problem] artists but the rub is, they aint very good at wot they do. Give them the churchill Salute. And ger on wi thilife.
  18. Bobby lady did not know wether she was coming or going, she had her at on back to front.
  19. Bobby lady did not know wether she was coming or going, she had her at on back to front.
  20. Whats hard about maintaining radio silence? All the best advice for nowt.
  21. If you had ignored this invoice, then iy would have gone away.
  22. Why all this speculation on what offence has been committed? We all say that a PPC aint worth the paper its writtten, so if laddo's changed his mind then good for him. I cant see what the problems is. The ball is in the PPC's hands now, so let them get on with it. You win some and loose some. What goods or services had the poster given back word on, nowt. What contract with the PPC as he violated non at all. Therefore nowt +nowt= nowt. I repeat what my dad would have said to this PPC ' tha can en ole. ' = get lost.
  23. Good form but gives away too much personal detail. I think you are better off just saying nowt and do not contact the at all
  24. If you stopped the money, what more do you need. By doing that you have shown your attitude towards the un enforceable invoice. Just let em get on with what they think they can do to you. Thats a big nothing. Keep your cool and "Steady as she goes. " The ball is in thier court. I recon thas dun't reight thing if tha wants me brass tha can en ole as me old dad would say.Hen hole= get lost
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