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  1. To Green and mean. I have been a trade unionist all my life, and in the 1980's/90's have been subject to all th evil legislation that a working man has to put up with. As a local councillor during the Sunday Trading debate I saw big national supermarkets opening on sunday and flouting the law., and getting way with it. If I took industrial action without a ballot, they took the unions funds from us. As the big supermarkets opened on Sundays flouting the law, why did we not take thier funds off them? Answer, one law for supermarkets and another for union members. If parking signs/lines are defective they should be put right, as that is what the law requires. When councils issue penalties for infringments that they know are defective they are breaking the law. If Councils are allowed to ride rough shod over the law and get away with it then it sets a precedent for them to go further, down the slippy road to a dictatorship. In the light of this, I will do every thing in my power to bring these defective signs/lines to the attention of the authorities because in this country, nobody should be above the law. It would appear that you defend the right of councils to act ultra vires , and what may be trivial to you is a major concern to other people. " The law is sacrosant and should be obeyed." A quote from Hansard during the miners strike, from Thatcher. Why dont you think before you post such stuff or is it that you own this forum cos you are a; "Platinum Account Customer." We are all allowed to post in this forum, and if you dont like was written then thats democracy. 68904. RMT/NUR Member 1981 to 2008. BSc. from the OU, from 1995 to 2002. HSWA Representative from 1995 to 2006. 43 years as a tax payer. 27 years service on the big iron road, and an ex laboiur voter.
  2. We have done Florida many times . If you want the Theme Park tickets but them in in Florida. If you stay on International Drive, you are falling over ticket outlets so you only have to walk a 100 yards up or down for tickets. We always stay at the Quality Inn Plaza on I Drive, right opposite the up side down house. 68904
  3. Look at BA, I thought British Rail were bad, but this team seem worse. Thier Staff relations are a shambles and the new terminal is a mess. I'd rather fly with Icarus Airways than go with BA. 68904 Class J50, 0-6-0T from 56B Ardsley Shed 1960.
  4. Send me a PM and see if I can help locally, 68904
  5. At 1235hrs, on Friday,24th April 2008, I took a short walk through the city center of Wakefield, West Yorkshire. I started in Westmorland Street and finished outside the Ridings Centre, visiting 6 streets in between. My aim was to find illegal yellow lines/ parking signs in a 30 minute tour of this City. To my suprise I found and photgraphed 30 illegal yellow lines/parking signs on this trip. When I found an illegal sign/line I took photographs oh thee offending sign/line. On my trip I saw a traffic warden issuing tickets on some of these defective locations. I would guess that anyone could do the same anywhere in England. All you have to do is look at the floor. These defects are like pebbles on a beach, but they have a £40 kick in thier tail. When I got home I spoke to a reporter from the "BBC Look North News Show." Then I sent them pictures to the reporter. In just a couple of weeks, defective signs have been found in Rotherham, Barnsley, Holmfirth, Wakefield and Leeds. Not in bits and bobs but in masive amounts. And its the motorist that is paying the bill in parking fines. See how many illegal signs can be found in a 30 minute walk round you town center, and send them to your local BBC studio and you local councillor. 68904
  6. I recon it was the Caped Crusader who reported Leeds City Council, and about time too. During the 1984 Miner Strike Thatcher said in Parliament; " The law is saccrosant and should be obeyed. " In this case the Police must investigate this horrendous crime, and prosecute anyone who knowingly has had a hand is this crime against the motoring public. I do not accept that Leeds is a big city and it takes time to get all the signs decent and legal. If this is the case the genoside against the motoring public in Leeds should have been stopped till everything was leagal. This matter is arrogance of the highest order, and I expect the Police to leave no stone unturned till this matter is investigated without fear or favour. This forum should now find out how many illegal tickets have been issued, and a class action for damages brought against Leeds City Council to ensure all those innocent motorist have thier money back and damages as well. This compensation should come out of the pockets of those responsible with Leeds City council. This would serve as a wake up call to all other Councils who think that they are above the law. Comments please. 68904
  7. This afternoon, I paid a visit to " Last of The Summer Wine. " country, which lies in the land of Kirklees MBC. As usual I take my parking notes , camera and a tape measure. On walking round, I found an found an on street car parking bay, that was not to the proper design. I then saw a chap emptying a parking place cash machine , and he was wearing a Council badge. I made enquires as to why there was an illegally marked parking bay in the town. He told me that there was no such parking bay within Kirklees. The conversation went on to yellow lines which he said were not laid down to any legal requirement. I asked him would a broken single/double yellow line invalidate a parking ticket. His reply was we would still issue a ticket if the line was faded, or not continous along its length or not finished with a line accross it. I quoted the required regulation to him, and he said thoses regulations were just for guidance only. I am aware of the test case re broken lines and also the regulations regarding how they should appear on the ground. Is he right about these line regulations are just a guide. If they are not what is the current position on broken sngle/double yellow lines for a defence against a parking notice fine. 68904
  8. Today, Sat. 19/04/08, I used the pay and display car park in Barnsley at the lower Court House. I looked on the ticket machine and all it said was new charges apply. On further examination of a large sign it gave the hours of use and cost per hour, and other such stuff. Then it went onto display the following; PENALTY CHARGE NOTICE (BLANK) IMPOSED IF REGULATIONS ARE INFRINGED. I then examined ticket machine, and all it said was "NEW CHARGES APPLY." On a visit to another car park in another area, the ticket machine announced that if you infringe the regulation there will be a PCN of £40, and this info was mirrowed on the big regulation sign. On looking at the Barnsley Town Centre CP I visited 4 more and saw that the PCN charge was missing from machines at these car parks. Does this make those car parks unlawfull if the cost of the PCN is not stated? As a result, I took pics of all the machines at the parks in Barnsley and other car park in another authority. 68904.
  9. When I was young my Dad told me, that you dont trust eatate agents, banks, solicitors, accountants and all the rest of those people who take 15% off you before you get your money. Now 55 years later I see no reason to doubt what my dad told me. As Tonto said to the Lone Ranger. " They Speak with forked tongue.. " 68904
  10. If you do have to go back to the foundry ask management to do a risk assessment for you personally regarding your health problem. I am 6 foot 3 inch, and the company supplied us with new Vauxhall Astra vans. These had a radio and an AC. In 2004 I was off sick with a really bad back for 6 months, part of which I could not walk or dress myself. When I went back to work, I had problems walking over un even ballast on the track, also the Astra van had a cage behid the drivers seat restricting my leg room. As a result, I did my own risk assesement for walking on the track and for not having sufficient leg room in the company van. I would only walk on the track for short periods, as soon as my left leg began to hurt, I walked no more. Management had to provide me a vehicle that had adequate leg room that was suitable for me to drive. When you return to work, your managment will have to do the same. Also if you have an industrial disease sue your company for damages . 68904 27 years on the Iron Road........
  11. I came accross this link whilst surfing the net. Neil Herron: Free Parking in Rotherham ... but if you've had a ticket drop us a line It woud appear the Rotherham Council are ticketin drivers, when the sinage does not conform with the law. Read this link and what are your views and or comments; 68904.
  12. If as you say one of your mates have been paid off, what were the circumstances? Was he of retirement age, did he want to finish as each case is different. If your union are dragging thier feet, get into their ribs to take action. What are the GMBU doing about this company? From my experience sometimes the Unions have to be dragged kicking and screaming to take action for a member. Dont sit back and think that the Union will come rushing to your aide, as the opposite might be the case. I have 27 years as a Union member, and have served at National level and also for my grade for all those years. I will add also that once a Union gets going they will fund legal advice, and take your side. Thats why you pay subs to them every week. What you should do is keep a log of your health problems each day. Record how you feel, if you have a bad day make notes of what happened. do this every day, then if it goes to Court you have a day to day log of your problems. This is very good evidence for a claim against the company. 68904
  13. After 27 years on the iron road, I would have gone into the Chester Station Supervisors Office and demand a taxi to Bangor. We once were delayed on a flight from Dallas, TX to Chicago for a flight to London Stanstead. When we got to the hub at Chicago we had missed our flight to London. We were then put on a flight to Holland then one to London LHR. Our lift was at 1030hrs at Stanstead we got our bags at LHR at 1330 and a taxi back to Lichfield. If the yanks can do that I suspect that the railway company will if you stand upto them.In my experience it has always been a taxi will be provided. 68904
  14. Is the GMB recognised by your employer, if so you should have a HSWA representative, who should carry out 3 monthly inspections. If you have no HSWA Rep. in your workplace, go to your branch meeting, and get proposed and seconded and be the HSWA Rep. They will have to give you time off to go on a TUC approved course, the time off to do 3 monthly inspections. Also as a HSWA Rep, you have a right to see documents which an ordinary worker cannot see. If you be HSWA rep, you can give management a full list of 3 monthly inspections, and also inspect the workplace by giving them reasonable notice in writing of your intention to inspect. Also they have to provide you with an office, with a fling cabinet, office furniture and access to the internet. The list is endless of what you can do, and if management do not play ball, take them to an Industrial Tribunal. Do not be scared of doing this, because they would do it to you without bothering what your name was. 68904
  15. See your safety rep, and have the atmosphere in the workplace tested on a regular basis. Get anf H+S Exec. involved. If the atmosphere reaches un acceptable limits then you should leave the workplace till it is safe to return. I have made safety visits to steel mills as a safety rep. They are all provided with proper risk assessed PPE, which if free of charge, and must be fit for the use it has. The steel workers have rest accomodation on the shop floor which has air conditioning, so they have a place to go away from the atmosphere in the foundry. If there is excessive heat, the employer must have a risk assessment for this heat, and provide a place where you can recover from his heat and supply water/drinks to replace body fluid. On another note, I have found that even when PPE is provided some members did not want to wear it. If there is a health problem from work in this foundry management must have it all properly risk assessed for every action you take on the shop floor. As well as this I would ask to be sent from work to an x ray dept. on a regualar basis to ensure my health and that of the wother workers. Under the DDA, your employer has a duty to give you a job which you can do. If you can do 7/10ths of your work then other people must make up the rest. 68904
  16. As an HSWA Rep for the RMT Union, I started in 1992 till I took the money recently. I have found managers do not have a clue about HSWA problems. What they dont know, they make up to suit the time. They make risk assessments which are like a Tom and Jerry script, methods of working that are by Enid Blyton, and above all lie their heads off. As a rep, you must know how to deal with these people, as if it means spending money to put things right, you have a fight on your hands. I found that senior management tried to bully and harass Safety Reps. so much so that the RMT had to take some managers and companies to IT's just to get time off for visits. Having said that, I have worked with managers who take safety as a priority. Now I have finished work I have a more peacefull life. 68904
  17. This is why people should join an appropriate union, to defend thier rights in situations like this. 68904
  18. Vote with your feet, on principle I would not use a well known cross channel ferry company, who like to sink ships. If this company were the only ferry service to bring me from France to the UK, I would live in France. Do the same to this company as there are other carriers to take you where you want to go. As for your email, change it, or have a special email for use on jobs like this. Try safe-mail you can have an email for free, little sign in fuss and no spam and pop3 access. 68904
  19. The HSWA is quite plain, the employer has to provide you with a safe working environment. If you are claiming against the company do not discuss this claim with anyone other than your legal representative. Let your company dance a jig and mess about, and at the end of the day they will payout, you just advise them that your case is going to court and I will see you there. 15 years HSWA Rep
  20. I worked for a big railway company, and they were bully boys and liars to boot, The TUC guidelines cover how you can be diciplined, and show suggested guidelines for this process. The company had a policy of 3 instances of sickness over rolling 12 month period. If you were off sick, when you resumed your line manager interviewed you on return. If you have too much sickness you can in effect repudiate your contract of employment and get the sack. " In cases like this, never go to any interview without someone with you, as soon as you think the interview is going towards dicipline you ask to be accopanied by a friend or union rep. If they refuse your request, get up and leave." The TUC Guidlines say you can be accompanied by a fellow worker, a Union Rep, or a person passed out in dicplinary proceedures. If they fail the employer can be taken to an industrial tribunal. The TUC Guidlines are accepted as a model for best practise in these cases. The choice of person to accompany you is yours to make. I will research the TUC site and send a link today. I was a Union Rep and Safety Representative for the RMT Union for over 15 years, but now retired. 68904
  21. I am a newcomer to this forum. Some years ago I went ex-directory and under no circumstances what so ever to I give out any personal details to any one who asks. My mobile phone does not transmit my number, my home phone does not leave any number. Where a form asks for any number, I do not give it and if I give a number it is the local phone box some miles from my home. It shocks me why so many people give out such information so that it can fall into enemy hands. If a bank was to talk to me they send a letter, or call the phone box. Since 1995 I have has 2 selling calls, therefore my phone stays silent. My phone belongs to me, and I decide who I ring or give my number to. Always remember that by giving out your details, and you fall foul of the banks etc, you give them the key to your home, and they can ring you anytime to harrass you. If in doubt do not disclose personal information to no one. 68904
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