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  1. See if the Examiner will do a story on your unenforceable invoice. Do not communicate with these people. They have no powers at all, and they will not do court.
  2. I was in Pompy some time ago out and about. I noticed that nearly all the parking bays in the town centre near the railway station/dock had double end markings . This was right from the Railway Station upto the Hover Craft landing place
  3. Same old crap from all 3 of these comedians. From the DVLA it seem they are in bed with the BPA. At the end of the day do not contact them , do not appeal, do not pay. These tickets are just as we have said before unenforceable invoices from private cowboy companies. Just ignore these invoices as before.
  4. Here is a scan of the type of ticket which comes out of the machine that is in use in and around Brighouse. http://www.imagebam.com/image/414313119393805 This link show the front of a ticket that is in use, and the back showing the magnetic strip with all the transaction information onit. In answer to another post in this thread, I have a BR Free travel pass, which I validate to travel, so I never stand in line for a ticket or go to the booking office. I would look forward to getting a bill from the railway company for not having a ticket.
  5. Brighouse Railway Station is an open station with no ticketing staff at all. All tickets are issued from the guard of the train you travel on. Tickets are issued from an electronic ticket machine by the guard. When a ticket is issued, it has a serial number written on it and a magnetic strip which will identify the transaction of the tickets it issued. As you have a return ticket, it will be linked to the other ticket by the serial number, which will be common to the two sections of the ticket. In large type, the ticket will have a large statement saying; " 2-PART RETURN Printed at 10:27 on 04/JNR.11 If you go to court, you ask for the guard to attend as your witness of havning bought a ticket from him on that particular train. I know that the Railway company will know who the train crew were on that particular journey. The magnetic strip will have all these details on it, as the guard has to sign into the ticket machine with his individual log on.
  6. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/search.html?searchPhrase=CAR+CLAMPING Some tales from the Daily Mail of clamping episodes. A good read.
  7. I hope the cameras ae duds, but when I was in the RAF I was told to treat all guns as loaded until you satisfy yourself that they have nowt up the spout. Treat all cameras as loaded then you cant go wrong.
  8. Why then was the ticket issued on a free bay?
  9. If they are using the Permit Holders Only sign , then this is an NP434 sign which has to have the authority of the D for T to be used. Part of the permission is the use of Permit Holders Only signs, to support support the use of the NP434 sign. The Permit Holders Only sign must be placed at regular intervals on the effected road. This will allow the council to do away with parking bays along the length of the effected road. It will not follow that your parking place will have to have the same stipulations from the D for T as another such location where I live. Each location has different permissions. Thats why you need the permission from the D for T for the location where you got the ticket. That is if there is a NP434 sign on the road where the foul deed happened. Have a look at the pics I have posted.
  10. I would still make a Freedom of Information Act request to the Dept for Transport, as then you will have in writing what the Council can do and above all can not do.
  11. These are the signs you need to look for, with multiple Permit Holder signs along the length of the restriction http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/JN3n2860xkKn10dvU5dCaO3QsLWUQoICQHY2MkKftPg?feat=directlink
  12. This sign is an NP434, which needs the authorisation of the D for T. We have seen these signs before on this site. you need a copy of the aithorisation as each of these areas are different from each other. The Dept for Transport is the quickest way to get this file.
  13. If clamping was carried out by striking yorkshire miner, would the Police still call it a civil matter. Its about time the Clown Hall Parking Department were visited by our Suburu Impretza driving bully boys in blue and meat out some justice for joe bloggs in his Morris minor.
  14. Next time perhaps you will keep your feet on the floor not on a seat, where other folk have to sit. That where your size nines belong.
  15. Why would you want to park there again, if someone treat me like that, then I would rather vote con/lib than spend my money at a store which treats folk with contempt.
  16. There has been a lower limit on the railways for quite some time , you can be randomly breath tested at any time whilst on duty performing safety critical duties. I have been so tested when signing on at 03:15hrs . I was required to supply a sample of urine, and this was a random test. My view is you can come for me at any time of the day or night and I will be clear of any alcohol or drug of misuse. My job and a conviction in law is too large a price to pay. If a lower level of blood/alcohol came in for drivers, it is ok by me. The less hazards I have to face of the roads suits me fine.
  17. I repeat what I said before about G and M. Empty Vessels make the most noise.
  18. My medical records are mine and as such confidential. If it were me, I would refuse them access to your Medical Records.
  19. As for G+M, my mam always said that empty vessels always make the most noise.
  20. The only people who win in this case are the Establishment and the men in wigs. Justice in this country is a rare commodity for those without money. I admire Mr Herron for what he does its a shame that we do not all follow his lead.
  21. Wakefield is full of these parking places apart from 1. Why not park in the Ridings Centre where you are free from hassle, with no tickets and clamping, smack dab in the middle of town.
  22. Park in the Ridings Centre no clamps no toy town parkin fines no aggro.
  23. Me thinks, that all they will do is nothing. While ever folk use these dumps, then they will just call them punters and use them as cash cows. This company seems to hold its customers(mugs) in utter contempt. Vote with your feet, and have a nice fresh teacake, butter and nice strawberry jam, buy a flask, and bingo jobs a gooden. I took jam and bread everyday for my snap on the big iron road for 27 years, and not an unenforceable invoice in sight.
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