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  1. When in Wakefield and you want to park your car, go to The Ridings Centre to park. It costs 1.50p per hour with no wardens fixed penalties just pay what you owe. As for your pretend ticket do not pay it and ignore.
  2. just noticed this location Any views ore comments http://www.nationaltraffic.co.uk/parkingZone/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=402
  3. Just back from St Ives, went by bus, and used my bus pass to go around and used the train more than the bus.
  4. We used this airport recently, and it was tight as a drum. This will put me off using this spot again. Anyway, the tickets are just junk mail, and can be ignored, as they have no meaning.
  5. I have just spent a good hour reading the links in the above post. The Author of this report must have spent many hours writing it. I would like to compliment the author in a job well done.
  6. The authority is as follows in this link. http://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080108140818AAH7uNr
  7. Recently I found out that Super Market car parks are subject to the RTA, and you can be prosecuted for driving without due care and other offences. What authority do green traffic signs , double yellow markings, yellow box junctions that are all over these car parks?
  8. This little episode has taught me that anywhere the public goes is a road/another place. That would make your drive at home a road, where anything could happen. Get a digi camera and a pen and paper when you are on the roads in a vehicle. The Feds waste their time with summat and nowt while the country goes to pot. Its easy to fill the courts with drivers, but we will leave all the hard cases alone cos we might have to work to get convictions, and motorists are like fish in a barrel. I have just charged my two digi cameras to be part of the equipment in my car, just in case.
  9. Today, I got a call from GIB(girl in blue) to tell me they were not going to proceed with the accident on the roof of a Shopping Center All the damage they say came from my door was a minute scratch. This could have been done when the vehicle was made/serviced/ driven. It was a total waste of Police time and mytime cos no part of my vehicle touched the op. FROM THE JUNGEL CAME A MIGHTY ROAR, AND ALL THAT WAS BORN WAS A LITTLE MOUSE.
  10. When my drivers door touched the other drivers passenger door both cars were shut down eg without the engines running and parked next to each other. Therefore no one in the car next to mine could have suffered any sort of injury due to my door touching the car or any damage caused to the other vehicle other than a small transfer of paint from one vehicle to another. I have 28 days to respond to the Section 172 request for who was driving my car. Any evidence of paint scraping will be well worn away , and the rest would just be guessing.
  11. Is a multi storey car park a road or private property? Another point is that I did not run away from a reportable accident as no one was hurt no damage was done.
  12. There is CCTV in this llocation. Here is the NIP after some messing about. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/849/nip2008.jpg/
  13. Just as a precaution, I took 9 photos of my vehicle on the drivers side, and a full set of pics of the exact location where this incident happened. I also contacted the Insurance company of this incident as I thought it may be a [problem] on the part of the other people to make such a fuss over a microscopic spec of transfered paint if any.
  14. It gives the location as The Ridings Car Park, Wakefield.
  15. I am at present awaiting the scan for this NIP. The only thing that fits the bill on the NIP is B: Without due care and attention, or without reasonable consideration for other persons using the road or place. At the time of this so called incident, the vehicle was stood with the engine stopped, so to move it would have meant crashing through a wall into the street 50 foot below. I will post the NIP ASP, when I workout how to send the scan. 68904 I stopped at the location and remained there for a reasonable period of time. I gave my vehicle registration number,my name, address and that I was the vehicle owner and driver. This was done by word of mouth twice
  16. On Monday, 23/04/12 I parked my car in a multi story car park in a local shopping centre. At this time, my wife was with me and I was driving the vehicle. When I park in these sort of places, we always check to see that we are parked properly within the marked parking bays. I parked my car correctly in the bay. As we were waiting to vacate the car, another vehicle parked at the drivers side parking bay. As a result, I opened my drivers door and it touched the car in the next, bay, and it made gentle contact with this cars door. When I managed to get out of my car, I looked at the location which came in contact with the other car. When I looked at the other vehicle I saw no damage I checked to see if there was any damage to my door and looked at the other vehicle to see if I had damaged that car. As a result, there was no damage to my drivers door and non to the door of the other vehicle. The passenger in the other vehicle jumped out of his door, and started to shout and become agitated regarding my door touching the car he was riding in as a passenger. The driver, a female said I had bumped her car making a dent in the body work what was I going to do about it. I again looked at my door and her car and could not find a recent damage, which my door could have done. As a result my opening the door caused no damage to my door, or the body work to the other vehicle. By this time the male passenger was acting in a nasty manner so I left the scene , and left him to it. Today, Through the post, I was served with and NIP for the following offences. Driving Dangerously, Without due care and attention Speeding in a dangerous postion Failing to comply with a traffic sign or signal. At the time of this incident, my vehicle was shut down, in gear with the hand brake on and not moving. Could anyone advise me on what t do next.
  17. West Yorkshire Trading Standards are just one more waste of time. They are hidden away at Morley, just another government agency that hide behind a premium telephone that never get answered. Do as you are advised, just ignore.
  18. Perhaps your sign maybe like this, which was obtained from the Dfor T FOI some time ago. http://webarchive.nationalarchives.gov.uk/+/http://www.dft.gov.uk/foi/responses/2009/jan/foi4677/annex.pdf
  19. I see the word fined in quite a few of these posts. As we all know, private companies cannot issue fines, so called tickets have no legal power at all. Vote with your feet and go elsewhere for your eats and PC's.
  20. If I were you, I would never again shop at ASDA, I would starve before set foot in one of thier stores. Vote with your feet.
  21. Aintree tried Court some time ago and lost as the judge said it was a penalty, and private tickets cannot issue penaties
  22. [ I have a friend who is in his 80’s, who has both legs amputated, has very limited mobility. As a result some 6 months ago, he bought a battery powered motability vehicle for cash so he could get about. A couple of weeks ago, whilst going down a steep hill, the brakes on this vehicle failed and the vehicle ran away. He managed to stop it by applying the hand brake. As a result he contacted the supplier and he came out to mend this vehicle, but the fault still remains, with the brakes. To cut it short, the supplier will not mend the vehicle and seems to have blotted out the fact that the scooter is dangerous. The friend has contacted consumer Direct with his problem, but they seem to have shunted him into a corner and advised him the take the dealer to the Small Claims Court. The cost was around £2000 for the vehicle. Anyone any advice for my mate in recovering the money he paid for this defective new vehicle?
  23. Here I am again, just ignore these people they have no power to do owt or anything. When and if they post again just put the letter behind the mantle piece clock and ignore it. Just bin to Wakey parked in the Riding Centre, did the rounds of the Poundland Shops then went home cost for parking £1, with no cowboys looking on. In fact boycott all the PPC and Council as thery are all tarred with the same brush. Have nice day.
  24. I think that if this team were going to take you to court it would have done so months ago.. This seems to be a case of final final final demands before court. This company are like a spoilt child trying to wind the mother up so it can have its own way. They are coming to the end of the tantrum. Hold firm.
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