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  1. There's two distinct lots of interest applicable here and you need to get them straight in your mind first. When you had a charge deducted from your account this lowered your bank balance. Over time the accumulated total of these charges may have driven your account into overdraft, and maybe past your limit. The bank usually charges you interest on the overdraft balance. Some of the interest paid could be due to genuine use of your overdraft, but over time the accumulation of charges will mean that the proportion that is due to charges will be greater, even up to the whole amount. There
  2. Use the same templates, but read carefully and change the wording appropriately to make sure that it doesn't contain references to banks, bank accounts, etc. Post it in a new thread in the Other Institutions forum (without any personal info) for comments and post a link in this thread to show where it is/what it's called. It looks like others have been posting about them in the other forum, so have a read of their claim histories.
  3. Firstly, write and tell them that all future communications MUST be in writing otherwise you will take action against them for harrassment. There's a good letter available (read that thread for more info) that you can adapt to suit. Also write separately that the balance of the account is in dispute due to the unlawful excessive bank charges, and that they are to take no further action until the dispute is resolved.
  4. It's unlikely but it could happen, so you have to be prepared.
  5. If they are penalties for late payment, etc., then they are reclaimable. You need to find out what each type of charge was for.
  6. These charges are reclaimable because they are excessive - it doesn't cost them that much.
  7. Well done for getting started. Create a new thread of your own in the Halifax or BoS forum and log your progress in it. Also put in any questions that arise for the best advice and support.
  8. There's definitely a lack of clarity as what they think they are paying and how it is made up. They need to explain how they arrive at the interest figure so that we can judge whether it meets our claim or not.
  9. All of them, but not overdraft arrangement fees, ATM charges, currency charges, etc. Start your own thread in the Lloyds forum for the best advice and support.
  10. It's more an admission that they haven't got a clue what they're doing! :o
  11. Date of receipt (as long as you provided the fee).
  12. And they've sent you a letter about credit cards!
  13. The amount it comes to depends on the spread of the charges - if they were mainly in the early years the interest is higher than if they were mainly in the later years.
  14. You are entitled to start the forty days from two working days after the date of posting, as long as you have provided them with the DPA fee in that letter. Has the fee been cashed yet? If it has then they've had the letter. Was it recorded, and is it showing as signed for? (Not always a guarantee becuase it often doesn't get updated). You can phone and check if the fee hasn't been cashed within a week of the letter. If it's getting towards the 40 days, call them and point out that they are running out of time and the target date they should be aiming for.
  15. OK - just checked and it doesn't, so here's what to do: - Enter 8% into F5 Copy this formula into the cell at F9 - =(C9*(F5/365))*E9 Copy the forumla down to to cells F10 - F116 Now you can change the value of F5 to be whatever you require.
  16. You should still be able to set the rate as mentioned above in the simple sheet (I think - I've not used it). I'll see if it's still available for download and have a look.
  17. You are better off asking them to reduce the balance you owe - it will go away sooner if you do and then you can get clear of them. For Monument, advise them in writing that the balance of the account is in dispute due to penalty charges, and that they should not take any further action until this is resolved.
  18. They've still scheduled it to come out, and Halifax have 28 days (if they file to defend, which they will) before they have to pay up to avoid court. I asked for my new charges back when I phoned them about my settlement offer and they refused, so I've had to start a new claim.
  19. Which version of the sheet are you using (Excel/Woks/OpenOffice), (Bank/Credit Card), (Simple/Complex), (Scotland/the rest)? In the Complex Bank sheet for Excel for England, on the third sheet enter the rate into the top orange box.
  20. They seem to be taking a new tack on the settlement - it looks like they might be refunding interest on charges and then crediting lost interest on top. If this is the case then they should make it clear to avoid confusion. Is the interest they are refunding higher than the amount you claimed? If so it may be a valid reason for not paying out the 8%. It might be worth calling them to ask for a breakdown of the interest amount.
  21. This echoes what happened to my claim. If, as it seems, Halifax are paying out some form of compensatory interest, why can't they inform us how this amount is made up and avoid all the confusion?
  22. Sounds good - you could also point out that the bank is already compensated for you exceeding your overdraft limit by the higher interest rate that is applied.
  23. As they've promised that they will be taking the charge, and it will come out before they pay up, there's no reason not to include it in an updated schedule with your LBA - that's what I did, charges and interest as notified in advance.
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