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  1. Is it possible to request that any refund of charges is applied to the account retrospectively so that interest charged by the bank is refunded and interest earned is added back? This would put you back to where you would have been had the charges not been applied originally and would therefore be a true reflection of the true cost of the charges.



  2. Hi again,


    Just worked through all my wife's account statements going back to when it opened and found a bigger total than first expected - £1500. As I have all the data this one is going straight to the Prelim letter - recorded delivery tomorrow.



  3. Hi,


    Starting on the DPA stage today. Estimate so far on joint account is £3K not including interest that would have been charged with 11 statements missing, and a few hundred on the wife's account as well. Will keep you informed as it goes. Preliminary letter sent before I found this site still hasn't been answered after 7 working days - not unusual. I intend to go back more than 6 years as I've found some anomalies in 1999 where an unauthorised OD charge was taken in several months, but the account balance on the statement never exceeded the OD limit on any day in the month.



  4. As far as I understand things you'll have to claim against the credit card company for their penalty charges. You won't be able to get the bank to refund those, though you will be able to get from the bank their own applied charges. It will take time to go through the process of claiming from each company, but if you persist it should all come back in time.


    I don't know much about the credit rating question, but I'm sure people here have been getting the banks to set that right. But that may very well depend on individual situations?


    Keep going...






    Thanks to everyone so far for the speedy information and encouragement! I suspected this would be the case.




  5. Hi all,


    Just found this site today and it looks like just what I need. :)


    I'm in the process of reading the FAQs and going through some threads relating to the history of other claims against my bank. I found the Govan letters last week and I had already written to my bank asking for details of all charges on my account over the last 6 years before I found this site.


    In my situation the charges taken from my account in a month have topped £600, and eat into the money I have left to pay my bills, making it more likely to happen again the following month, and so on... When I don't have enough to pay an installment on a credit card or loan, I get charged late payment fees and extra interest by those companies. Is the bank responsible for refunding those costs which are directly caused by their removal of money from my account? Delayed and missed payments are also affecting my credit rating, so can I ask that the bank puts a statement into my credit files to say that they were to blame for the situation?


    I could pursue all of the lenders individually, but I think that the bank should not only repay what was taken and lost interest on the account itself, but also compensate for consequential losses and the distress and hassle caused by worrying about missing payments (especially the mortgage) and being phoned several times a week by companies chasing their overdue payments. What is the legal situation?


    As I said - I am reading the FAQs, but the point of this post is to get a feel for what the position is in an area that I haven't seen mentioned in the threads I've read so far. I will subsequently be posting a thread to chart the progress of my claim against Halifax.


    One more thing - does anyone have any recommendations for a 'fair' bank that does not have a policy of screwing their customers for every penny? I will probably need one before long! ;)



    Jeep (The Wife & I)

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