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  1. I telephoned the Halifax prior to sending my letter on 2nd June to ask if there were a fee. The girl checked with her supervisor before confirming that no fee was payable.


    Needless to say, having sent the first letter with no fee I have received a reply informing me that they cannot proceed without a £10 fee..........:evil:


    Anyone know how we can access recordings of our phone calls?

    There is a maximum amount that they are entitled to charge for a DPA SAR of £10. It will speed up your application if you send or authorise that amount. Whether they choose to take the payment or not is up to them, and in many cases it is charged at £5 or waived by HFX. Not sending the payment delays things, and also allows them to provide the information outside of the DPA and makes it harder to force compliance (in my opinion).

  2. i sent off mt request for a list of charges and a cheque for £10

    I recieved a letter back today saying they are not obliged to record manual intervention and so they are simply sending me statements for the past six years.

    i have had the cheque returned as i forgot to date it snd they say in the interest of customer service they are providing my statements free!!




    dont date your cheques to the halifax!!!


    spead the word

    I wouldn't advise that as a standard action. If everyone does this they will use it as a delaying tactic and await a valid payment before sending out the information, holding everything up for another week. I authorised a £10 deduction from my account in my DPA letter and they decided not to take it anyway.
  3. I think Mr Defend-The-Bank's-Position was trying to put across the implication that the actions required for these "service charges" (ahem) should not be solely considered in terms of calculating the cost, and rather that the bank's overall running costs should be the mitigating factor in calculating whether the charges were 'fair' or not. Which is, of course, complete and utter bull****.


    That's an interesting tack to take! What that says to me is that the Banks are making £33Bn profit, so THEY should be paying US for going over our limits! After all their overall running costs are a massive profit.:D:D:D

  4. I advised them to deduct the £10 charge from my account. They declined to take the payment in the end, but it is best to give them clear instructions for taking payment in your DPA letter to avoid them using it as a delaying tactic.


    Best of luck!;)

    Or include a cheque or postal order.

  5. Thanks mate, will stick to the proven track and congrats!! One thing, did you send a cheque with first DPA? I do not have a cheque book so can i just say i am willing to accept £10 charge and charge me appropriatly??


    I advised them to deduct the £10 charge from my account. They declined to take the payment in the end, but it is best to give them clear instructions for taking payment in your DPA letter to avoid them using it as a delaying tactic.


    Best of luck!;)

  6. Including interest and costs, i'm claiming £1836.36 so fingers crossed! To be honest, as I clicked the submit button on the money claim website I felt really sick, no idea why but hey. I felt a little better however when i paid the court fees with my Halifax Visa Debit card he-he!


    Wish me luck,




    Good Luck Leigh - I'm a few days behind you, first MCOL on 8th, with another one a week later (in different valid names to avoid them being combined)! :D

  7. Yeah that kind of confirms what I was thinking Michael, thanks :)


    I'm going to send the letter before action off today. I've actually been charged again this morning, considering it's not got to court yet would it be ok to add it to the total and put something in the letter along the lines of:


    since our last correspondance I have been subjected to another (illegal/unreasonable/unnaceptable??) charge and I am therefore adding this to the total, which now stands at £**** ??


    Or is it too late now? I can't think why it should be really..

    Put the latest charge in (by the way it's 'unlawful'). :)

  8. I pledge to pay my 5% as and when I get my settlements - this site has been so useful and I have learned so much from it. I also hope that my contributions have been helpful to others as well.


    I'm EMPOWERED!!! :p:D:p:D

  9. Had calls today from Customer Relations. All very polite and business-like. Offered £300 on £1.5K charges and nothing on £3.5K charges. Excuse on the second lot was that I had accepted a part refund of charges some months ago where I had queried specific charges. I'm not stopping at that though and will press ahead with MoneyClaims once confirmation letters received.


    Looks like there will be a couple of donations coming your way soon!

  10. RESULT!!

    The Hellifax have agreed today to repay £1,756.22 that i was claiming for.

    I got a letter from court saying that they were going to defend the claim against them. Then 2 days later (today) i get a letter offering me the amount in full!

    They made a point of informing me that they weren't admitting liability and that the reason to settle was "on a purely commercial basis, it will cost Halifax money to defend the claim in terms of the legal costs that will be incurred." I dont think it would cost any where nere £1,700 to defend, so i AM takeing that as an admission of liability!


    How long are the banks going to use this excuse? They must have paid out well over £1M by now - £566K declared on this site alone. Surely if their case was valid it would have cost them far less to defend one of the larger cases to stop the tidal flow that is now engulfing them! :D:D:D

  11. Have a look at this on the OfCom site: http://www.ofcom.org.uk/media/news/2006/03/nr_20060301


    I intend to ask all callers whose calls start off as silent calls for their company name and then hang up. I will log their call date and time and write to the company informing them that in future I will not stay on the line to wait for the call to be connected to an operator. If they wish to phone me they will have to do so by getting the agent to dial the number themselves when they are free to make the call. I've worked in the call centre systems industry and I know exactly how these things work.


    Silent calls are nuisance calls and should be reported as such to OfCom. Let them know the dates and times and the company involved. You can also report it to your telephone company.


    There are also a number of other regulations concerned with harrassment that are worth looking at.

  12. Hello & welcome!


    If you check your online transactions you can see how much has been charged since your last statement, so you might as well include that as well.


    The interest is harder to work out, and if it is only from a small amount of charges and only for a couple of months it may not be worth the effort. If the bank charged you for your DPA (they didn't in my case) then that charge should be included in your preliminary letter (as I understand it).


    Go for it! :p

  13. Big pile of statements arrived this morning - over 20 envelopes 2nd Class with 6 years worth of statements. I asked for the full history back to when the account opened, but no mention of that from them so far. Identified a couple of hundred more in charges due to missing statements when calculating my estimate, so I'm up to around £3.5K. I'll just have to estimate the previous charges and add it to the total.


    I should get myself some shares in Royal Mail - RM profits must be set to shoot through the roof with all the extra postage plus recorded / special delivery charges that our actions are adding to their turnover! :-D

  14. I got one from Tesco recently for the same reason. It cross-cuts and although it doesn't say so it makes easy work of plastic cards - the best way to destroy them!

  15. I would be wary of using waiting for a bank to pay up as an explanation for why you haven't paid another bank! Northern Rock is no doubt facing plenty of claims itself and is unlkely to view your reasoning favourably. In fact they may take a very harsh view of it indeed.


    NR can't take legal action until they have defaulted you. I would suggest making a payment of whatever you can afford and trying to negotiate a payment plan to reduce the arrears. They are unlikely to want to go down the legal path unless they have tried to resolve matters first.


    It went into the post box about 45 minutes ago. :sad:


    I see what you're saying that they might take a harsh view, but surely they can't hold my action to recover my own money from another bank as a reason to treat me badly - that would be most unfair. I wanted to explain to them that the reason for non-payment was due to the bank's actions and not down to negligence on my part. I will give them a call and offer to pay 10% now, as that makes a lot of sense and I can probably slip that in before my balance falls too far.

  16. I've just written to them to explain my position with regard to reclaiming my charges and asking for a bit of leeway, especially in the light of not being behind before. I have also asked them to explain the reasoning behind the threat to 'go legal'.


    Are they being unreasonable or just posturing?

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