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  1. No the shops have never lied, but the card industry is a bit economical with the truth and how the sPIN it.


    When a retailer is presented with a Chip & Signature card they can't tell if it's Chip & PIN or Chip & Signature until the chip is read, and either a prompt to enter a PIN appears OR a transaction slip is produced for the cardholder to sign in the normal manner.


    Blame the Chip & PIN people, not the retailers.

    The quick way to get a C&S card - enter your PIN incorrectly three times. The card will be PIN blocked and only work with a signature. This happened to me (admittedly prior to 14th Feb) when I forgot the PIN. I'm not certain if it is the case now though.

  2. the right forum i suppose :???::roll:


    Right OH is over her limit due to charges and i am due to finailse the dpa letter. We are continuing to pay the min balance for now - even though we know that she will get charge £25 overlimit fee and interest next month.


    Is it quicker and easier to directly phone Halifax CC up to ask for all current charges within the last 3-6 months or so to be refunded and to not charge ANY more otherwise i will be claiming ALL charges on the account, or shall i go the whole hog and send a letter asking for all the statements since the account was open - as OH cant rem when she opened the account [in dpa letter you have to specify a date].?


    i have read the faqs ect and have the templates read and waiting; - one quick question though:


    The prem letter for charges - do i just edit out the bank references and put in the CC details etc?



    anyother info will add if needed nad when i remember it :rolleyes:



    I would ask for full statements and go through them to build up the full picture. I'm currently doing this with my wife's HFX CC. Don't worry about the dates, just ask for all data related to the card account. Once you have this then do the Prelim with the relevant account details. Just check the wording refers to the CC account once you have made your changes to the letter.

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  3. they may have refunded you a £30 as a goodwill gesture at some point and are taking this into account with your offer ? Otherwise its a bit odd for them just to leave this out.


    Personally I would accept but ask for the reasoning behind the missing £30.....


    :) Congratulations on getting most of it back though :-D

    I would also have a look at what conditions they are trying to impose on the settlement - they are tending to say that you give up the right to reclaim charges 'on any other account with us'. Just be careful you don't agree to anything without seeing the terms & conditions FIRST! :wink:

  4. I've just written to my MP to ask why he hasn't signed it yet and to fill him in on the details of the problem. Perhaps we should all be doing this where our MP isn't on the list. :mad:

  5. OK LBA sent (13/06/06) so now I wait for a response (ha ha) then I issue the court summons yes?


    I want to prepare the paperwork in advance, what is the easiest method I'm thinking Money claim, is that easiest?

    Hi Pete,


    Sorry for the delay - been offline over the weekend (at least most of the time)! If no response to the LBA then it's moneyclaim time. If they haven't made an offer to you so far they may contact you and offer 10% of what you are looking for, and they might up it to 25% or so if you refuse. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to decide if you want the small sum they propose or if you want all of your money back. The recommended route at this point is to accept their offer as a partial settlement whilst you carry on and sue for the remaining amount. Try not to accept anything over the phone anyway, get them to write their offer to you so that you can see what strings they have attached. Don't worry if they withdraw the offer - you will still get the full amount in the end.


    In the meantime, have another look through the FAQs, especially with respect to moneyclaim and court. Personally I took the Form N1 route as I wanted to attach the spreadsheet of charges and put more into the write-up than the on-line form allows - people have done it both ways and it works whichever way you choose. You'll also need the funds to pay for the claim. Make sure you have all of the costs incurred (Data Protection Act fee - if paid, 8% interest, daily rate of interest (in pence), postage costs, etc.). Don't be put off by the court stage - it probably won't come to it, but you should still be prepared! :)

  6. And this is the whole last paragraph on the manual intervention so bear with me


    "As regards to your mention of "manual intervention", the DPA does not oblige the bank to comment about internal policiies and procedures. Furthermore, in the context of managing day to day transactions arising from out of order accounts, the bank does not hold the information you have requested in a form that would be covered by theDPA. Whilst aggregated information is retained for statistical purposes, this would not constitute "personal data" under the DPA and therfore would not be covered by a s.7 DPA subject access request. For the avoidance of doubt, the fact that we do not generally record information in a way that is caught by the provisions of the DPA,is in no way an admisssion that there was no such intervention"


    can anyone shed some light please

    Thak you

    They are trying to find a wording that allows them to maintain the 'manual intervention' argument without providing information. However, if a bank employee makes any kind of adjustment or intervention on your account (I think that this will even include just looking at the account) the bank will record it along with the employee who accessed it. They have to do this for fraud, DPA, privacy and other reasons and it is how they know who leaked a celebrities bank balance details to the media, etc. This information is recorded against your account number so it IS personally linked and should be subject the DPA request (IMO).
  7. Have just re-read your post, and I agree, this really does seem a classic case of not just shooting yourself in the foot, but blowing your own leg off with both barrels!


    They clearly don't explain what the £12 is for, other than just an arbitrary figure-out-of-the-air, in addition to their reasonable costs, which they would be entitled to recover.

    Would it be worth sending a copy of these Ts & Cs to the FSO and OFT for their comments?


    Priceless!!! :grin:

  8. How do i work out interest on bank charges, filled out excel spreadsheet just not sure how to work out interest ect....

    Have you used the excellent spreadsheet provided by Vampiress http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=182 ? Use the second version and follow the instructions in Sheet1. This will calculate the interest that you have paid the bank for being overdrawn due to charges. This is part of the basic claim. It will also work out the statutory interest that you can add to your MoneyClaim when it reaches that stage to compensate you for the loss of interest on the monies owed to you.

  9. how do i start trying to clam back all my bank charges from the halifax i know there is some where over £600!!!!


    help please who do i contact?

    Hi Hayley - welcome to the group!


    You need to find the FAQs http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=5 and have a thorough read through them, as well as reading a number of threads relating to claims against Halifax. Look through the longer ones, especially where there are marked 'Settled' to get an idea of what has to be done and how the bank will lie and stall to put you off. Get aquainted with as much information as possible and start your own claim process when you are ready. Post here again once you are ready and we will help you.

  10. Is that so..........


    Have a look at the Litigation Concluded section at the top of the BAG. Strange, I just checked it out and there seem to be quite a few Halifax cases concluded!!!!!

    Stuartlin, if you do speak or write to the bank again it might be worth asking why they deliberately lied to you about this. Yet more proof of how untrustworthy they are! :o

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