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  1. The lady I spoke to at Bank of Scotland claimed that as my account is overdrawn and passed to their Collections Dept they cannot supply copy invoices.


    I've called back since and asked to speak to 'someone in charge' and I am now getting all statements sent to me.


    Can't wait to add all those charges up ;-) .

    Yet another case of lies (sorry, 'staff training issues') designed to scare you off - I wonder if they get brownie points for putting customers off claiming...? :mad:
  2. I assume that the jurisdiction that you come under depends on where you live, but it may be subject to the Ts&Cs of your contract (usually they say at the bottom that the contract is subject to English/Scottish Law) - I don't know if this has any effect. If Scottish, you have a couple of restrictions - max size of claim for small claims court (£750?), and 5 years on statute of limitations.


    If you are claiming under Scottish Law then you might have a problem by already claiming the full amount from them - it might make it harder to go for a smaller amount when it comes to Moneyclaim - but I'm not an expert in Scottish Law. Hopefully someone will have a fuller/more accurate answer for you soon.

  3. I've just been going over a few things and realised I haven't included any interest on the charges i'm claiming for.

    Now since the clain is for £188 only,is it worth while?

    Do i have to re-send the LBA and amended amount claiming for?



    Just make sure you include the full amount at the Moneyclaim stage and have the figures to back it up.
  4. Just going down the bank to make Data Protection Act request for my bank and credit card account. Sick of getting bloody charges and not being notified of them. See how it goes, Ill keep posting n let you all know how I get on.
    Well done - keep reading the threads here, especially all those marked 'PAID IN FULL' for all the encouragement you need! :p
  5. sent letter to clydesdale on 7th june got letter 16th june saying i understand you are unhappy with there charges and i feel they are unacceptable and as a result i have decided to close my account.i never said i wanted to close my account should i send a court action letter.
    Sorry but this is a bit confused. I assume that you are looking for guidance after being told that they think the charges are fair and THEY have closed you account. What letters have you sent them so far? Are you sticking to the step by step guide in the FAQs on this site?
  6. Card fraud is falling slowly, banks liability for said card fraud has fallen sharply.


    More 'champagne for the shareholders meeting'.

    And interest rates that 'are high to cover the cost of fraud' are still not coming down...:mad:

  7. cool right will do that then on Monday


    are the Halifax usually pretty good at handing this information over?


    also on say a £39 charge for failed DD am i right in thinking that £12 is classed as a fair charge?


    im only just starting to understand this sorry if these questions have been asked before

    You will get the information, but the time they take is variable.


    See this thread - http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=11227

  8. I have found the interest calculator!


    Do I include the interest amount on my pre-lim letter or not, is this only done when filing the N1 CC form?


    Thanks for your help.

    Use the second (enhanced) spreadsheet to calculate the interest that was deducted from your account due to these charges - this is claimable from the beginning. It will also calculate the 8% interest (due to loss of access to the moneys claimed), but this doesn't get claimed until you file your N1/Moneyclaim.

  9. hi, just to say most people get all their statements in one big envelope, not like yours separately1

    I think Halif*x send them in batches of 4 or 5 sheets per envelope as there is a risk of a bulk package coming apart in the post - I've seen mention of this happening in early claims on here. That would create a massive ID fraud risk. My Halif*x statements came in about 28 envelopes, whereas my wife's HFX VISA statements came in one large envelope.

  10. Right money claim filled in requesting £1800 in charges and interest, lets wait and see their response....

    Don't expect much of a direct response - I filed about a week ago and haven't heard anything yet. On another thread someone who filed the same day as me has had their claim settled by HFX today, so each one is different. It's coming, got to be patient... :(.......:p

  11. I am have just downloaded the NI claim form and hope to deliver it tomorrow. On this form (which is different from the moneyclaim) it has a section for Brief details of Claim, also particulars of claim. There is no mention of Brief details of Claim on the hard copy template. What should go in there? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    I put a summary of the claim in here and put the full text on the back of the form and attached a printout of the charges.

  12. The only problem with that is that I cannot then use it as a cashpoint card...

    I thought I'd read somewhere that ATMs used the stripe still - I might be wrong though.

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