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  1. Thanks for the info. I had already given them a deadline after several false promises. I advised them that I had borrowed a phone from a friend but it had to go back and said they should either provide the phone they keep promising or deliver to me a loan phone. They wont deliver me a loan phone as they expect me to go and get it but they know I cant due to work. I also have to collect the new phone from store as they wont have it delivered to me directly. Their promise of Thursday at the latest was because I told them that I had to give the phone back. I'll give it another go but I dont feel too helpful
  2. Yes, a few but I have one by email which says the following. "I have spoken to the relevent departments and I have been assured the replacement phone will be at the store wednesday or thursday, I have a loan phone arriving at the branch tomorrow morning incase it arrives on thursday, I do apologise that it has taken us longer than expected but we wasn't able to order your phone from our usual supplier as it is gold in colour. The branch will call me first thing after the delivery has been to see if its arrived, either way I will call you and let you know. I was unable ton answer your calls at the time as I was busy running a branch." They didn't call me or anything I am left having to chase all the time. I did manage to get hold of the local store today and they confirmed it hasn't arrived and simply said it should be here tomorrow. All I get is it should be which doesn't help.
  3. Hi, I sent my mobile phone to be repaired on a shop as I broke the screen. They did this but the home button then didn't work properly so I sent it back as they gave a 12 month guarantee. Whilst they had it they completely broke it and said the home button will never work again. They sent me to another local store to if they could do anything but they couldn't. They then said they would order me a new phone. This was now over a week ago and it still hasn't arrived. They keep telling me it should be on certain days but it never arrives. I know for a fact I could buy a new phone and have it delivered next day as this is standard practice. Also I would be able to track the order in this day and age. They have offered me a loan phone which is just a cheap thing that only makes and receive calls and nothing else. I cannot even collect this as I work all day until late. I am 8 months pregnant and really need a phone. I cannot ever get hold of the regional manager that is meant to be dealing with it as he never answers his phone and only replies to emails with his false promises. Can you someone please advise on the best way forward. Can I just order my own new replacement and charge this back to them on the basis that they just keep providing false promises and I only have their word that one has been ordered. Also I am tempted to seek compensation for my out of pocket expenses for the travelling and waiting around that they initially made me do plus all the time I have to spend trying to get hold of the manager and emails I've sent. Any help and advise would be great. Thank you
  4. Hi, Thanks for the reply however I don't think that's actually correct. A registered keeper is no necessarily the owner of a vehicle and I can clearly prove that the payment for said vehicle was made via my limited company business account. Whilst I agree they can look into the past, I wanted to make sure that they cannot remove anything from a limited company despite me being sole director and shareholder. In fact the correct route they would surely have to take is to wind up the limited company.
  5. Hi, I am about to be served with a bankruptcy petition and really need to know something. the bankruptcy relates to a personal guarantee that I signed a few years ago for a company which then ran up a debt after I left. I do not have the money to pay for this debt and even if it did I wouldn't. I have a car which is registered in my name but purchased by my existing company of which I am a director. Because I knew I was going to be bankrupt my wife started a new company in her name of which she is sole director. can I get my wife to buy the car from the company I am a director of so it cannot be touched. Technically I don't own it so think it should be ok and hen it gets registered in my wifes company name instead of mine or hers? Many thanks
  6. Thanks for your reply. What would happen if it kept breaking and then surely the item clearly wouldn't be considered fit for purpose or would it just keep getting repaired until the guarantee run out?
  7. Hi, I bought a surround sound/DVD in December 2013 and at the of January it broken as no sound worked through the digital output. We took it back and they sent it for a repair which took two weeks. I was fine with this. The same has now happened again so I need to take it back. Clearly this is the second time in just over six months. Can I therefore insist on a refund or a replacement to the equivalent model? I don't want it repaired again as I can only assume it will happen again in a couple of months. Thanks
  8. Hi, As previously stated, this years council tax was PAID IN FULL the day before it even got to court and they knew it so there is nothing to pay and no bailiff fees would be due. Infact it was all paid including the £50 for applying for the liability order so everything from my end is correct. As it is a different address I paid it under the correct account number as my previous bills have a different one. It is my belief that you would have a case if they state section 93 because if you pay the council direct there is no charge but if you pay the bailiff then there is a charge for the card payment. As we all no there is a set tariff of charges that the bailiff can make and card payment fees are not one of them so surely they are unlawful????
  9. Hi, Many thanks, that is useful information. I am off to the council on Monday to make complaints about there general conduct (both council and bailiffs). I will asking for a list of what has been added etc for charges because I am sure they would have put all the charges on a few years back so it is pointless a bailiff coming round now. I have had them levy on two vehicles that I know of in the past but they werent my vehicles. Bailiffs are simply liars as we all know. I do have two vehicles that I recently purchased for whilst registered in mine and my wifes name, they are both owned by my limited company. They are both also parked on the road so its simply pot luck on what they try and levy. Any suggestions about the liability for this year as mentioned above and the best way to tackle this. My main aim is to get the bailiffs of my back so I can just pay back the council per month. Also I will never pay the bailiffs because they charge a fee for taking the card payment and will not accept cash (not that I would pay cash anyway). Actually whilst I think of it, are the bailiffs allowed to charge a fee per card transaction as they are not within the tariff of what can be charged? Many thanks
  10. Ok cool, got you on the first bit. I misunderstood something that someone mentioned in that case. As for the second again I agree but the liability order was for the full balance and not costs. I called the council and confirmed payment has been made. They then despite this wrote to me and said they had a liability order so again I called and they said sorry an error was made but yet they have sent it to bailiff and for that one no 14 days statutory notice was sent. How many cock ups can the councils get away with here!!
  11. Agreed but what about where it states in the regs that the notice must be sent to the persons current address. Ok I got a notice 2 years plus ago to my previous address but the bailiffs would surely have returned the case back to the council. Therefore to reissue back to a bailiff they would have to re-notify. Also what about the fact they are chasing this years council tax for a liability order illegally obtained due to the fact I paid the day before the hearing and I called them to confirm??
  12. Hi, I have just had a bailiff but several notices for some old liability orders relating back a few years for an old property I lived at. I admit I owe the money and this dates back to when I was in serious financial difficulty which led to the loss of my home. The amount claimed which I assume is correct due to their age is £4k. Other than the bailiff turning up today, I have not heard anything from the council since moving. Due to the amount, I would like to buy some time as I guess the bailiff wont accept an offer of £500 a month until it is cleared. Should the council have written to me with a formal demand again at my new property before instructing the bailiffs again?? The notices received were the usual threats of removing items even in my absence (well it said may). Many thanks
  13. Hi, The parking ticket states "Stopped where prohibited (On a red route or clearway). I get the point about the end of zone on a one way now but I still get the point of my bay being marked exactly the same as the other normal parking bays and then the red route bay being marked completely differently with red lines. The sign stated red route and no stopping between certain times from memory but again I took it mean for the red bays in front not for my one single bay which was marked the same as the other? Yes all four wheels where within the bay I believe but I would need to double check with photos I took at the time.
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