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  1. hi i am a taxi driver and today i got a parking ticket for parking on double yellow lines a police officer came past at 8.10 and issued me the ticket at 8.11 even thourgh i moved the car before he had written the ticket out ? he took the reg number of the vechile and came in the office and gave me the ticket to my face as i was the driver of the car ? is this allowed ??? and what can i do about it please help me thanks chris
  2. hi please find a copy of the ticket at the link below thanks http://i282.photobucket.com/albums/kk268/chris251273/SWScan00004.jpg
  3. hi can you send me your email address so i can send it to you as i dont know how to get it on here thanks
  4. hi can you please help me should i pay this or not ? i parked in a carpark at 12.30 on the 12/04/2008 went to get a ticket and didnt have enough change on me so went to get some from a shop which is ajecent to the car park ( which i think the shop owns ) they said they couldnt give me any unless i bought something so i did i then retured back to my car to get my parking ticket by this time it was now 12.38 and upon returning to my car i found thhat i had got a parking ticket witch i think is total out of order as the ticket was issued at 12.31 which ment i would of only got round the corner to
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