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  1. I recently found out - through my Bank (with whom I generally have an excellent relationship) - that although their own records indicated high credit worthiness, there was something on a CRA preventing them from allowing me a modest overdraft facility on a household expenses account. (Joint account with my wife, whose CRA rating is unblemished). Having checked with the suggested CRA (Experian), and double checked with Equifax, I find there is a default notice against me for a Credit or Store Card listed against Lowell Portfolio. Obviously I have heard of these jokers and their various alter egos - and believe that this can only pertain to a Capital One CC taken out by my (now) ex-wife in my name (we were married at the time). Any ideas how and if I can get this notice removed from my credit record? I'm thinking along the lines of demanding copy of signed CA from Lowell, and if this is not provided demanding of the CRAs that since there is no CA there can be no default. Is this the correct approach? Will it work? Any pointers much appreciated - and I will of course continue to do my own research on this brilliant site.
  2. Hello. Only found the CAG today while searching for information on people called MacKenzie Hall. I look forward to reading up, and taking action to recover bank charges - but meantime I would be most gratful for a summary of the steps I should take w.r.t. the following.... Old credit card debt - Capital One - dating from early 2003. Stopped card etc, as I became unemployed, but owed a bit shy of £1000. I have now received a letter from Mackenzie Hall, purporting to act on behalf of Lowell Portfolio 1 Ltd - both of whom get a deservedly hostile rap on these forums - with a "reduced settlement offer" - on a considerably larger principal sum! Am I right in thinking writing them for CCA copy is my first step to managing the situation? Is there a step by step guide? Just outline - I'm quite prepared to do the legwork of trawling for the details. Basically I just want to find a fair and affordable means of settling the matter without having to deal with these people. Cheers Bert
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