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  1. ok this is what i propose sending to the landlord, I have tweaked it a bit to relate to my daughters situation and would appreciate any input. Dear MrXXXX Letter Before Action I am writing to you and Mr xxx (Landlord’s) concerning my tenancy of the premises at xxxxx I am in receipt of the letter from yourself (MR xxx) dated 14th March 2007, and a cheque for the sum of £425.00, less the amount of £475.00 for which is claimed is needed to redecorate and clean carpet of afore mentioned property after my tenancy agreement ended. I write to you t
  2. Thank you for your reply GuidoT. Can anyone direct me to where i can find a template letter to send to my daughters landlord with regards to her problem. thank you Worried Mum
  3. Scheme providers There are three government-authorised tenancy deposit schemes: There is one custodial scheme: The Deposit Protection Service Scheme administrator at: The Deposit Protection Service The Pavilions Bridgwater Road Bristol BS99 6AA Web Site: www.depositprotection.com T: 0870 7071 707 F: E: [email protected] and two insurance-based schemes: Tenancy Deposit Solutions Ltd Tenancy Deposit Solutions Ltd 3rd Floor, Kingmaker House Station Road New Barnet Hertfordshire EN5 1NZ
  4. Thank you for the advice Planner. Just one question, as the deposit was paid by my partner by cheque and the landlord was aware of this, should he write the letter or should my daughther send the letter from herself? Should also mention that he did send a cheque for the balance of the deposit less items mention as he sees it, in my daughters name, which she has not banked yet, should we return this cheque with the letter? or keep a hold of it? thank you Worried Mum:)
  5. Hello My daughter started her Assured Shorthold Tenancy with a private landlord on 15th July 2006, renewed after 6 months, with the latest one signed for 6 mth on 17th July 2007. The orginal tenancy agreement called for a £900 deposit paid for by my partner by cheque. She has recently terminated her tenancy agreement and the landlord has only returned £425.oo of the deposit. The landlord has written to explain that the monies he deducted are for the following: 1, Carpet cleaning ie stains in carpets £125.00 2, Decoration: Replace ripped / stripped areas of wallpaper
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