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  1. Hi, just wondered if anyone knew what you could expect to get if you sold 100 Santander shares. I know the price varies from day to day, but a ballpark figure would be okay. I've looked on the internet but can't believe that what I think would be the selling price, actually is, if you see what I mean! TIA
  2. Thanks for your replies. I'll have a look at the papers they sent me for any printers code. I'll try to get my copier working and post the papers 1st Credit sent me. Once again, thanks. canbrilla
  3. Hi, had a reply from 1st Credit the body of which is below. Further to the above and your letter of the 7th March 2010, a true copy of the agreement was posted to you on the 26th February 2010. It appears necessary to clarify the definition of a 'true copy' of an agreement. Where a creditor receives a request to supply a copy of the executed agreement, the Consumer Credit (Cancellation Notices and Copies of Documents) Regulations 1983 apply. Regulation 3(1) sets out that 'every copy of an executed agreement... shall be a true copy'. Regulation 3(2) goes on to state that there may be various information omitted from this true copy. Details which are not required to be in the agreement by law include the signature box, signature and date of signature. Therefore the effect of Regulation 3(2) is that the creditor is only obliged to send out a generic copy of the agreement the debtor has signed up to. The creditor is not obliged to make an actual photocopy of the agreement. Please find below statement of account as required by the Consumer Credit Act 1974 as amended 2006: (1) the state of the account..current outstanding balance of £ ........ (b) the amount, if any, currently payable under the agreement by the debtor to the creditor.... £....... © the amounts and due dates of any payments which, if the debtor does not draw further on the account, will later become payable under the agreement by the debtor to the creditor.... £....... Section 15 of the Consumer Credit Act 2006 repealed sections 127(3) to (5) of the 1974 Act (subsection (5) is consequential on subsection (3)), which means that a court will have the power to determine in its discretion whether agreements are enforceable in accordance with section 127(1) and (2) regardless of the breach in question. We look forward to hearing from you within 14 days of the date of this letter with your proposals for settling the debt failing which we shall have no alternative than to consider our options. Yours sincerely Audrey Shim-Quee Compliance Manager Thoughts anyone? Thanks. canbrilla
  4. Unfortunately, I can't post the agreements 1st Credit sent as my copier is not cooperating. However, I'll put on here the main points on their 'CCA'. HEADING ON BOTH 'CCA's. CREDIT CARD AGREEMENT REGULATED BY THE CONSUMER CREDIT ACT 1974. FIRST: The original creditor Associates Capital Corporation, there's my name and address, their name and address, APR, BUT NO CREDIT LIMIT, it says they will determine the credit limit and notify me direct, OR REPAYMENT AMOUNTS, just £5 or 3% of outstanding balance. SECOND: My name and address, Citifinancial name and address, APR, BUT as above no credit limit or repayment amounts, just £5 or 2.25%. It also says they will set a credit limit and keep me informed of what it is. Lots of other info about late repayments, missing payments etc. No date, no signature. Is this enforceable? I've found a Default Notice from Citi dated 15 January 2008 but no Notice of Assignment from them. Letter from 1st Credit dated 27 February 2008 indicating that Citifinancial had assigned my account to them and that the letter was a notice of assignment. It actually says: 'We write to introduce 1st Credit Ltd to you', although it's from 1st Credit themselves. Another letter from 1st Credit dated 12 March 2008 stating that they were considering taking legal action, although I had spoken to them on the phone as I wanted to make monthly payments as I had been doing to Citi. They weren't interested, just wanted full payment immediately. Then a letter from LCS Solicitors dated 26 March 2008 asking for full payment within 7 days or they will take Court action. Letter from 1st Credit dated 9 April 2008 attaching statutory demand. I had this set aside, I went to Court they didn't. Any help appreciated. canbrilla
  5. Hi diddydicky, it is legible as it looks as though it's one that's had details entered onto a blank agreement then been printed and so is not photocopied. It's not signed anywhere and there are no dates. There're also lots of pages, however, I'll see if I can post the relevant ones. Thanks for your reply. canbrilla
  6. As a follow on to my thread, had boiler installed no problem. However, the boiler bangs very loudly when it fires up, wakes us up at night, can even hear it downstairs over the sound of the television. Had someone out who said it was okay just unfortunate it banged and we could always turn it off during the night!! Has anyone else had this problem and what was the outcome? Thanks for any help.
  7. 1st Credit rang my mobile on 5 March, luckily I missed it. Sent letter recorded delivery so I know they received it. Just a waiting game now.
  8. Thank you to you all! debt4get, that's magic, I'll definitely send that letter, can't thank you enough.
  9. Hi Huff&Puff I'm not going to contact them, just wait and see what they do next. On looking through the many pages they've sent me I came across a page which states at the top '0022 - Citi & bmibaby Cards 11 01 2008. Credit Card Agreement regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974'. Don't what all that's about, I took my card out years ago, can't remember exactly how long ago, unfortunately. Is the Regulation 3(2) right?
  10. Hi I requested a copy of my credit agreement after 1st Credit apparently bought my account from Citifinancial. After 2 years of waiting I today received what they say is a 'True Copy' of the relevant agreement. Below is the wording of the letter: "We hereby enclose a 'True Copy' of the relevant agreement recently requested. Please note that 1st Credit Limited is only required to provide you with an agreement which is compliant to the Consumer Credit (Cancellation Notices and Copies of Documents) Regulations 1983. Pursuant to these Regulations, we are required to provide you with a 'true copy' of the agreement. Specifically I would refer you to Regulation 3(2) which states that the agreement is not required to be an exact replica of the original document but may omit certain information including any signature box, signature, or date of signature. We consider that this document fulfils our legal requirement and that this debt is now enforceable'. Is the above correct because if there's no signature or date this agreement could belong to anyone, all they need to do is put my name and address on it. I've no problem with paying the debt in instalments but I don't like the way 1st Credit go about their business although I know they've been told by OFT to clean up their act! I'm awaiting their next move. Thanks, any help would be welcome. canbrilla
  11. Hi, I was with AOL for ages but decided last year to go with Talktalk as AOL was forever crashing. I phoned AOL and cancelled, got the usual why are you cancelling routine, so told them I was not satisfied with their service and was going with Talktalk. When I said that the person at AOL seemed relieved as Talktalk is part of AOL I suppose. Anyway got a letter from them asking for £2.49 for McAfee security. Can't remember if I ignored this or rang them. Got another letter saying I owed them 3 months payments. I rang and said that I had cancelled and after a lot of being put on hold while they checked, I was told that, yes I had cancelled so they didn't want payment. HOWEVER, I got home from work today to find a letter from Roxburghe Debt Collectors saying that AOL had passed the debt of £63.46!! to them to recover. Rang them straight away and explained the situation. Man said did I want to pay as if not it would go to small claims court and they usually won. I said there was no way I was paying and if the case went to court and I lost, then AOL were stealing money from me. He seemed to think I should just pay up:x, how dare he!!! Said I would ring AOL but he said that they wanted minimum contact from customers once the debt had gone to Roxburghe. I'll just bet they don't. If anyone else had this problem will you please let me know what you did about it? Many, many thanks.
  12. So it seems ddd. I've read the horror stories on here. We were certainly one of the lucky ones.
  13. Hi ddd, I had heard on here that WF have been known to overcharge, but we had no extra to pay. We only had a power flush and a new boiler and thermostat so that may account for that. Just glad we didn't need cavity wall and roof insulation. Up to now we've had no problems and are satisfied with the work done. canbrilla
  14. I wouldn't give companies like this the time of day Scott. I know they're only out to make a quick profit. Are they just advising people to request copies of CCA's do you think? canbrilla
  15. Thanks Scott, I thought someone on here might already know about this. I wonder if it's cause for celebration or not. Certainly sounds too good to be true and even if it is true there are bound to be catches to it!! canbrilla
  16. Hi all. On my local radio station today there was an advert for a company, forget their name, who could get some credit card debts taken out before a date in 2007, cancelled. What's this all about then? Has anyone else heard about it? I would presume if this is correct, then you wouldn't need a company to do it, you could do it yourself? If I hear it again tomorrow, I'll try to take more notice ie name of company and date in 2007. canbrilla
  17. Just had a look at a website advertising cavity wall insulation and the cost for a 3 bedroom semi was £479, which would leave over £2000 for the heating. You can get a good boiler fitted and working and have your radiators flushed for that price, I'm sure. My nephew (Corgi registered) put in a new boiler for my son and it only cost £800 including labour. I know that the boiler we had fitted is priced at about £800, depending where it's bought from of course. I think these companies are just trying to get as much money as they can from the Government and the people the grants are meant to help. They're obviously overcharging. Or can someone tell me otherwise? canbrilla
  18. Hi castleking, so sorry to hear that you've been asked to pay so much towards the cost. Glad you've asked for a breakdown of the costs. Our radiators were powerflushed, had new gas boiler and thermostat and paid no extra. We didn't have any insulation as the walls are poured concrete and we have adequate loft insulation already. I don't know how much is charged for the cavity wall insulation but surely it can't be so much that they need to charge you £1100 extra!! I know this advice has already been given to you but do try to keep your pipes and radiators and contact your local council. Best of luck and let us know how you get on. canbrilla
  19. Thanks Kenny, you don't realise how much you rely on central heating until you haven't got it. It sounds though, reading other posts, that we were lucky in getting good installers. canbrilla
  20. Finally, the new boiler is in and working, we've got a digital thermostat in the living room and the timer is in the airing cupboard with the boiler. The fitter was a very pleasant young man, so was the electrician who came to fit the electrical bits. They cleaned up after themselves and left no mess. Just over a month from application to completion. Wonderful. We did expect to have to pay £100 as the assessor thought the grant wouldn't cover the cost, but we paid nothing extra. Can't beat it. canbrilla :)
  21. I already have a policy which will cover the boiler, but by the time the guarantee runs out on the new boiler I may be looking for a cheaper deal. thanks kenny. canbrilla
  22. Hi kenny, yes I'll post when the works done and let you know how it's gone. I can't believe it'll only be just over a month from when we first applied. I'm sure there must be many people who qualify but who don't know about it, as we didn't. If you think you may qualify then please apply. You'll be glad you did!! canbrilla
  23. Had a phone call from Iguana the other day and they're coming out to start the work on Monday, should take a couple of days. We were told we will have £100 to pay, hope that's all it is. canbrilla
  24. One of my CCA's was signed for on 28 July so it's now countdown. Had phone call from BOS today asking me to call them. No chance of that. The letter I've sent will explain all to them. canbrilla
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