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  1. Hi Guys... quick update for you... Today Barclays has finally responded to my SAR. They were "unable to locate the account from the details provided", which don't exactly fill you with much hope really. Still not heard a whisper from the parasites at Moorcroft... Looks like your predictions were correct Adamski and PGH. I will now get this further info sent back to Barclays.
  2. God I really hope you're right... I'm sure you are though !! Seriously, thanks so much guys for all your support
  3. SAR sent off to barclays, letter sent off to Moorcroft... guess the rest is up to fate now...
  4. Thank you so much for the swiftness of your responses guys! Right so the first thing to do is to send off the S.A.R. to Barclays... in the process of doing so right now. I'm feeling rather overwhelmed by all the information that is available, and have a question or two, if you would be so kind... When I write to Moorcroft asking them to explain the situation, would it be in my best interests to request a CCA ? Or am I getting my wires crossed ? I think I need to do more research about this twisted company so I have as much information at my disposal before I write to them. So... much... information... Thanks again 42man & Spotnot
  5. Hi and thanks for your welcome Lula. Just to let you know, I am very new to the whole concept of forums and discussions, but I can plainly tell that you all have helped out a lot of people. After a fair while looking through previous threads, I really can’t find one that exactly fits my circumstances, so I will go through them now. I’ve just started to be chased by debt collectors (Moorcroft). I have no idea how they found out how to get hold of me, but it started at the weekend. I’ve only spoken to them once. Fortunately I was on the train to work so I could barely hear them. They asked me for my date of birth but I told them to call back later, and they said to call the number back which came up on the phone, so I did. And all I got was an answer machine talking complete nonsense. Barclays bank has passed along the debt I owe for my overdraft as a student. One I have tried to pay back – I went in to the bank and attempted to begin repaying, but they said I no longer owed them and to ring a number. Which I subsequently did, only to discover that it passed to another company. So I called this new company and they had no idea of who I was or what I was talking about. As the 9 or 10 calls I made attempting to chase them up completely used all of my phone credit, I sort of gave up and then eventually forgot all about it. Until this weekend. Now from the bits of research I’ve been doing, I am incredibly dubious about dealing with debt collectors as they appear to be devoid of any humanity at all and are quite content to utterly destroy people’s lives. However, I do wish to pay back my debt, after all it is my debt. I just really do not know how to go about it. One thing that I am sure of however, is that I am not dealing with these reprobates over the phone. I would be very grateful for any and all advice you guys could offer. I also do not want to end up like my mother who got herself into a hundred grand of debt through mail order and catalogues, and the only way she got out of it was to sell the right to buy council flat she paid for over 25 years and so ended up with nothing (albeit all her own fault). I really am at a total loss and if I’m honest, completely terrified by all this and the possible repercussions. One of the main issues of this whole mess is that the original debt was from a few years ago while I was still a student. I was forced to leave uni for medical reasons, then I was forced to leave my home and was of no fixed address for about 18 months. As such, I have not received any of the reams of letters I’m positive they have been sending. Anyway, thank you for taking time to read this and any help you could give, I would be most grateful for.
  6. Reading the advice posted here over the last few hours has already proven invaluable. I never realised just how many people get shafted by banks and debt collection agencies. At the moment I'm still trying to gather as much information as possible, but once I know where I'm at I will probably be asking for tailored advice ! So this is a big hello and howdy to everyone !!
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