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  1. Thanks Mrs R - things that that happen all the time but TFL persist in seeing it as the customer's fault not theirs. I don't mind Oysters from the convenience point of view as a commuter but the bureaucracy is insane - I have now tried 3 times to put mine on auto top-up by direct debit to avoid all this, but every time it founders on my having forgotten the answer to my security question set up ages ago when they first came out - it's like they don't want my money! All best Anne-W PS I'm an ex-Leicesterite myself!
  2. Thanks Lilp - sorry to hear about your experience. Am pursuing it through TFL complaints process and then through transport ombudsman. I think it is an outrageous scandal that first time offenders are given a criminal record especially since there is no way that TFL can know whether the individual is a serial fare dodger or whether it was accidental, it is utterly reliant on the inspector making a dodgy social judgement, in which case they should give them the benefit of the doubt and fine them. I am just refusing to go away on it at the moment. Boris J did actually say he would look into
  3. Sorry to hear that. We are still pursuing a complaint through TFL and the regulatory authority. Hope you get it sorted.
  4. Many thanks for your reply. Unfortunately according to TFL, the Citizens' Advice Bureau and the solicitors we spoke to, once you are taken to court and prosecuted, even though the charge is only being without a valid ticket, if found guilty you receive a criminal record. It is only if you are just issued with a penalty fare notice that this doesn't happen. My daughter in her Kafka-esque correspondance with TFL pointed out that according to one of their leaflets intent is part of the reason that someone is taken to court. Their response is that intent only comes into it when the inspector m
  5. OYSTER CARD HELL HELL HELL HELL HELL! One day in September 2007 my daughter got on a No.38 bendy bus and found when she beeped her Oyster Card that it had run out. However by that point the bus had moved off from the stop. Inspectors got on at the very next stop, refused to let her get off to top up her card or to buy a ticket, and took her details. Nearly three months later she was issued with a court summons without having been offered the possibility of paying a penalty fare. This resulted in her being given a criminal record which will last for six years - for one 90p fare. She h
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