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  1. Hi everyone, well I've received the 'enter into payment plan & claim will be stayed' letter. Enclosed in the bundle that was sent is; Payment plan letter, 20-07-12 8 statements (Nov 08-June 09) Letter of Assignment from Sigma 10-01-12 Investigate of circumstances letter, 23-01-12 Full & Final settlement offer (no figures given), 6-05-12 Letter requesting I settle account within 7 days. 29-02-12 Nowhere within the bundle is a default notice, credit card agreement or statements from June 09 on wards, not even a 6 monthly statement which correct me if I'm wrong y
  2. Both claim have different so called account numbers. In 2009 I was doing a lot of letter writing (had a lot of time on my hands due not not working) disputing various loans & credit cards. The biggest problem was the bank was unable to provide much in the way of agreements & when they did signatures had been altered, nothing to say what was what. I sent the normal dispute letters & heard no more. I even went has far as requesting information under data protection. Again hardly any information. Now two claims from Sigma:mad2:. The 1st I've defended, I requested
  3. :-xOMG are these people for really!!! I've just received another claim worded in exactly the same way, part monies etc etc. This one not sure again but if I'm right it was for a loan with PPI attached & in dispute (2009). Never been paid/refunded. Just seen MarshMallows post happy days!!!
  4. Hi MM many thanks for your reply I'm going to keep an eye on your thread as the same as mine along with many others. Have filed defence now just waiting for the next lot of c**p I'm going to get!!! I've used this site many times before in the past & the wealth of information is brillant along with the help & support. I hope everthing goes well for you. Bambinaia
  5. Thank you so much will get it sorted out now. From what I am reading looking forward to the repayment proposal letter:roll:
  6. Thank you for replying. The POC reads; part monies due under regulated Credi agreement number xxxxx between HSBC bank and the defendant the benefit of which was assigned to the claiment on the 21/12/2011 The agreement terminated upon the Defendant(s) failure to comply with the terms of the agreement and/or the statutory Notice of default served by HSBC served by HSBC Bank PLC. The claimant seeks interest pursuant to section 69 of the county court act 1984 at the rate of 8% per annum from the date of issue continuing at the daily rate of 0.07 Any payments or queries should be dire
  7. I know I'm being a little impatient but I really need some sort of help. This is not actually my debit but my other half who when he dies is going to have on his head stone 'Ill do that later'. Well later is here & I'm trying to sort it out again:-x. I think I understand the spilt claim & abuse of process part & the CPR31 request which they have not replied to. I need to know how to put in writing as soon as poss because the response needs to be in by 9th July. Any help what so ever will be grately appreciated.
  8. I've received a claim from Sigma worded like everyone else;-part monies, interest to be charged etc, etc. I replied with my intentions to defend on the 13th June via internet courts received it on the 14th June. I sent a CPR 31 request on the 20 June the solicitors received & signed for on the 22nd June. No response to date. The debit I think was for a credit card which I went through the letter writing stage with the help of to name just a couple, Johnneymitch & Vint1954 under thread HSBC; Helped needed back in 2009. I've read through all the other Sigma threads
  9. Thank you for your replies, however can they put 2 overpayments together & demand repayment of both debts in one payment. Would it be better if I offer a payment plan for the 1st & say I want to appeal the other. Many thanks in advance for any help.
  10. I appealed a tax credit overpayment & won by it being reduced than received another demand for a 2nd overpayment. Haven't started paying back 1st overpayment so the two have been lump together is this right + the second is due to HMRC continuing to pay even after we returned our renewal notice which meant we wouldn't of been entittled to anything. So confused as to what I need to do. When I phone helpline all they want is their money back. Could someone please advise what I need to do.
  11. Hi Bookworm, Conglads. It's funny (not in a funny way if you get my meaning:rolleyes:) but when I read through your post it was deja vu but not with the DLA people but more so with the SS, LEA & LGO. My daughter has a dx of aspergers along with god knows what else. She does get DLA but the lower & middle rate. At the moment & given the hell we've been through plus she is at a residential school we're happy with that for the time being. However I think until parents start to have hard proof of what they endure will things ever start to get better. Sadly I have lost the f
  12. Hi Mina2974 Nice to see u're hanging in!!! For us that have already been through this process we know how it goes My daughter is nearly 18 & it started when she was 7 1/2. Believe me the problems don't ever go away they just change & you become (or try) wiser. Me personally I have become quite good at social care law & educational law It will be nice if that day ever comes that ASD is fully acknowledged & the difficulties that parents face on a day in day out bases are recognized. Hang in there x
  13. Hi If you have put in a written request for an assessment the LA must reply within a given time frame. If they fell to respond you need to go down the complaints root or phone NAS they can be quite helpful. Everything you send to the LA make sure it is sent recorded or special delivery so you have proof that way they (LA) can say they never had a request. You must cover your back all the way. Try not to request too much in a verbal manner because what proof do you have that you've asked!!! The golden rule is to document. Sorry I keep going on but our experience was one I would nev
  14. Hi Mina2974, What you are describing is sadly too familiar to parents with child of dx of ASD or behavioural problems. One very important thing you must learn to do & start to do it now is to be the parent from hell!!! Noone else is going to fight for you & the bottom line is money because everything your child including the stepson cost. My encounter with SS was a nightmare if you have any involvement with this oh not so helpful bunch of Muppet's make sure you always have a wittiness plus document everything eg dates times person name phone calls & conversations becaus
  15. Ok... Well I'll put something together for the FOS but I'll post it here first just in case I've missed something OR added something that's best left out!! Then I'll just sit & wait & wait & wait. Perhaps I'll have a quite Xmas:D
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