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  1. Hello, At the beginning of the month I was happily munching my way through a tasty packet of crisps when I bit into a small stone. I emailed the manufacturer the same day with photographs. No reply; not even an acknowledgement. I forwarded the email to the shop and, after chasing them, they asked for more details, which I provided. They passed them on to the manufacturer, who asked me to send them the stone. I've refused but have contacted the food safety team at the council in which the crisp manufacturer is based. I made an appointment with the dentist the day after it h
  2. Thank you both again. I think you know the DCAs too - the first one was The Corporate Consortium followed by Capitol Commercial Collections. I thought they worked on a no result no fee basis so there wouldn't have been DCA costs and court costs. My former employer won't be aware of all the extra hours I did, only one of the five line managers I had during my five years there knew as she was copied in on some of the late night emails I was sending. (The number of line managers is down to the redundancies and restructures the company regularly goes through.)
  3. Thank you both. I feel so out of my depth. I can't see statutory demand anywhere on the letter. It has "final demand prior to the issue of legal proceedings" at the top. In a box underneath it, they claim that their client has instructed them to issue a final demand requesting payment and that it provides me with a last opportunity to contact them or pay prior to the commencement of legal proceedings for the recovery of the debt. They won't issue any further letters and that their client can progress with legal action without any further notice prior to the issuing of
  4. Hello, I left my last job nearly three years ago. I have chronic health problems and the long hours I was working were making things worse (I did around 10 hours a day - it was not unknown for my to be sending emails at midight on a Friday night, and any overtime was unpaid). When I left, I had to chase my former line manager several times for final payslips and my P45, which arrived a couple of months after I had left. Apparently he didn't know how to put them in the external post. Several months after I left, I received a letter to transfer my pension t
  5. Thanks BankFodder. I'm still slightly confused by estoppel and how it applies here. Although my former employer stops short at admitting they have made a mistake, the first letter did say "you have been overpaid". If estoppel applied, wouldn't this prevent any claim of overpayment? I really don't think I would be able to cope with being sued. The stress of the threats of the first letter last year resulted in me collapsing whilst crossing a busy road - thankfully the cars stopped. I should have gone to the hospital but just wanted to get home. Once this is resolved one wa
  6. Hello, Nearly two years after I left my last employer I received a demand for over £1000 because of an alleged overpayment. From the very first letter I have been threatened with debt collectors and phrases like "you must pay" have been used in emails. I was unaware that I had been overpaid, having chased my former line manager on numerous occasions for both my final payslip and my P45 and eventually contacted the HR director. I was happy that they had finally arrived and I was able to hand in my P45 to my new employer. I have asked for a breakdown of the calculations but have
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