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  1. Hi nufsaid Many thanks for the informative reply. The consumer credit act which you outlined in blue at least does give me some slight peace of mind. The car has MOT, the vin's match up and I have the handbook and such so it is just the outstanding HP which worrys me. I've read storys of similars where innocent purchasers like myself have come out to find the vehicle in question being loaded up onto a lorry. I was really starting to panic.
  2. good afternoon. I recently bought a car froma private seller only to find out (after I handed over cash for it and sent of the V5) that it has outstanding finance on it. I've read all sorts of scare stories of similair scenarios and people having their car repossesed from the finance company because the original purchaser didn't keep up repayments or whatever. I cant sleep at night now for worry... I'm scared the car is going to be taken away and I'll be left without the car AND the cash I paid for it. Please can anyone help:? kind regards
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