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  1. Not sure I understand what this is meaning. I read the whole article but still didn't get it. I earn much less than £15,000 a year, but still have student loan deducted from my salary each month. Is it about that, or something else?
  2. Thanks. I did check if the Council had given me any information on how to make a complaint and who to, in their letter to me, or maybe enclosed a leaflet, but there is nothing. My first thoughts were local councillor or CAB but it's not easy to get contact with either of them. Bazooka Boo: not sure what you mean by a final letter. The latest one from the Council has been the one admitting they made a mistake, and no information as to what happens next and what procedures to follow to find out why this has happened and how to make sure they don't do it a third time to me furthe
  3. Moved from benefits into a job. Paid around £150 each month for both council tax for current year, and arrears. The council threatened to take me to court for unpaid council tax. I explained my payments covered the whole of the current month's installment, plus agreed arrears at an amount I'd agreed with them. Everything I had paid had been agreed between them and me. The council admitted their mistake and said that - as I thought - they'd just been taking my payment and paying it on this year's bill, meaning nothing was coming off the arrears, but my current year's council tax was paid way
  4. The full story was that I was going to the railway station to pick up one of my daughters because her train was late into the station so she'd missed her connection. Didn't want her hanging around in a deserted railway station for two hours to wait for the next train. Although in hindsight, it would have been probably cheaper to send a taxi to pick her up. Or a bl**dy chauffeured limo...
  5. I'd be grateful if anyone has any advice. I got a police "Notice of Intended Prosecution" this morning, for driving through an "average speed check" camera on the M1. At no place on the route does it say anything other than an "average speed check". There are dozens of cameras on that stretch, and all are clearly labelled as "average speed cameras" which are claimed to be only there to regulate traffic flow by monitoring the average speed of the traffic. I admit I probably could have been doing the 67mph on the M1, in a 50mph zone, as they claim. However, in my somewhat li
  6. Thanks for that. Not really what I was hoping to hear though. My daughter feels misled because the only reason she took out a contract with 3 was because they stated they had coverage in the area she was moving to, and it still claims that even now on the website even though there clearly isn't coverage. You'd have thought a major city centre would have had better coverage! The Citizens Advice Bureau booklet we got says "If you think the contract was mis-sold to you on the promise of good network coverage, you should complain." which is what my daughter spent 9 months doing. I
  7. I'm asking this on behalf of my daughter. It's quite a long history, so you might need to sit down with a cuppa if you can get through it all. We really need some help and advice on this matter because we're banging our heads against a brick wall. My daughter got 3 mobile and mobile broadband in August 2011. She gave 3 my home phone number until her phone connection was up and running, everything was fine. She gave them my phone number and address as she was moving away to university shortly. Then she moved away from the area in September 2011 to start her second year at univer
  8. According to a lot of sites about nuisance calls, they are ringing a lot of people, with nuisance calls going back to 2010. When people pick up the phone, there is a recorded message asking to speak to someone they've have never heard of and asking them to press 1 or 0 to be connected - which apparently turns out to be an 0844 number. In my case, the calls have been for someone called Paul Robinson, although sometimes asks for someone called David something-or-other or Graham something-or-other. All wanting me to call them back over someone I've never heard of. Total nuisance.
  9. It could be partly because the Royal Mail are hopeless? I run my own online business, and between 20% and 40% of items go missing every single week - whether items sent to me, or sent by me. I get proof of postings for them all, but it doesn't stop the massive percentage of items disappearing without a trace. It is something that is often complained about on online sites like Ebay in their forums. If you use the Royal Mail, then a lot of your stuff is, unfortunately, going to disappear into a big, black hole and never be seen again. Of course, it could be that yes, the payday loan
  10. Nah, they charge self-employed a fortune too. I went from unemployed to self-employed, social, domestic and pleasure only, and my car insurance doubled.
  11. Unfortunately, you'll probably not have a leg to stand on where gender/sexual discrimination is concerned. A friend of mine has a friend's child staying over with her weeknights, because youngster's lone parent dad works away Monday-Friday. Dad gets the child benefit, my friend doesn't, so in theory, my friend will probably have her housing benefit cut despite this arrangement. She gets no money for the child's keep from lone parent dad because he was happy to leave the 13 year old home-alone all week while he went to work 180 miles away, Monday to Friday. Short of social services and cou
  12. I just found these Q&As on the local housing association website: Sorry, I can't give the link, the forums won't let me with me being a newbie. *** We look at a few examples of how the changes could affect different households. I have lived in the same two bedroom house for 30 years. I am 75 and don’t think that I could cope with moving house. What will happen to me? Kenneth, York The Advisor says: Kenneth, you don’t have any reason to worry. The under occupation penalty only affects people of working age, so anyone between the ages of 16 and 61, meaning the c
  13. Thanks for that info. It doesn't appear in any of the rules and regulations that are being sent out. I'll definitely make sure my kids pass it round anyone whose parents are in the same situation. Is there any information yet about absent parents having children stay over for contact? It's not relevant to me, but it is to a lot of absent parents I know who are worried they could lose overnight stays, weekend visits or school holiday stays from their children if the child doesn't have their own bedroom if they stay over.
  14. Same problems as I have brought up about this matter. By April, I'll have two kids away at university term-time, meaning I'll only be allowed a one-bedroomed house or lose almost all housing benefit. I can't afford to move to somewhere else and if I did, my kids would have to sleep on the floor of a one-bedroomed house over Christmas, Easter, and between June and October. Does that mean when my eldest finishes uni in June 2013, we then have to go on the 10-year+ long waiting list to get a 2 bedroomed house so we can both have a bedroom to live in? Councils or housing associations often won't
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