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  1. Thank you for your reply. He got the letter from them this morning. He will be getting dla. The doctor filled in a form ds1500 or something like that.
  2. Hi, Just wondered if anyone can help, not had much hekp from McMillian. My Dad was dianogised with terminal cancer a few months back and hasn't been long left, hes 53. He has been battling this for 4 years before. He hasn't been able to work and has been claim incapacity benefit at £94.25 per week. But thats all. My Mum is about to cut her hours to 15 hours a week to help care for him. She will be getting about £90 per week. They live in a housing association house. My dad recieved a letter today saying he will get the higher DLA and Help getting around whi
  3. Hi All, Hope you can help! My dad had kidney cancer Jume last year and as a result is unable to work. He was made reduntant at the end of March. He had a loan with Llyods with insurance who have now paid the balance under critical illness(Great). He also had a income protection policy, he had a 6 month deffer period which has now passed and is trying to claim. They have send him loads of form which he has always sent back promptly. But coz lloyds paid he loan they say hes not entitled to the full amount. Is that right? Also i read they would pay for 2 years, but his
  4. Hi all, I have CTC people chasing me for £2100 which I am disputing. My partner and myself have a child and was living as a couple, evertything was fine. In August I had a wobbly and asked him to move out for a while. Everything stayed the same apart from he didn't sleep here, saying that, i fell with our second child! He would come everyday and stay until our daughter went to bed. Financially, nothing changed. I'm sure I phone CTC and told them he moved out, but nothing changed. He was living back here by December the same year. When I had to do my renewal i noticed it never had o
  5. No i didn't get an HPI check., stupid I now no. The problem with the seat belt was that if the car rolled the drivers seat belt wouldn't release. The garage somehow think the cartridge on the twin roofs being replaced will solve the water leak (we'll have to wait and see).
  6. It started with a call 3 weeks ago, we told the sales lady what the local garage had stated was wrong with the car and he also printed of the list with the faults he found, he new we had no intention of having the work done at his garage and knew we would take back to buyer as it was under warranty and because we had only had car for 3 weeks. The sales lady said bring car back and they would sort it (wasn't in writing just verbal). 3 weeks later they phone and say that they are not doing most of the work coz their garage doesn't see fault. They now want to pick the car up tomorrow and I don
  7. The car had a MOT on 26th Feb this year. We have given the car back to the sellers garage 3 weekes ago, they are now wanting us to pick the car up and are saying they have had the checked and to them they are ok and doesn't require a repair. How come the garages differ on what seems a big thing!
  8. I brought a used car at the end of Feb, noticed first problem on way home as the car smelt funny, presumed to be cheap air freshener so threw it away. Then noticed water in rear storage area (megane scenic), boot carpet soaking wet and water dripping through light. Then on a really cold day noticed the heating didn't work, fan did but no heat. Took car to local garage who gave us a list of problems including a few which would fail an MOT like rear bushes, bulbs, tyres and seat belt stalk, other things like head gasket, drive shaft and coil springs were also flagged up. 3 weeks later we retur
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