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  1. Still waiting for one from about 7 months ago. It would seem that they are trying to say the accounts were opened using electronic signatures in a number of cases, which is rather curious. Egg were not doing this in 2000.
  2. Thanks Slick, I am away for a few weeks, and going to think about my exact wording and will post up here when I have a draft.
  3. Is there a template letter for formal complaints, or can you give me a pointer of key requirements?
  4. Thanks for your help with this Slick, I think it is worth making the request as part of the paper trail. It will only give an idea of whether or not they currently hold and agreement, no guarantee of that not changing in the future though. For them, sending me a credit agreement would solve a big problem for them, and clarify the situation for myself. No guarantee that they will reply, but that will also be notice, should it be the case.
  5. When is it appropriate to issue a CPUTR request? Will it achieve anything?
  6. Are there any regulations / legislation that I should quote in the correspondence?
  7. Ahhh, thank you for that excellent piece of advice. Does this apply to solicitors too?
  8. Is there a formal means of demanding this? Or can they just ignore this? Would an incorrect bit of information like this jeopardise any court action they might take?
  9. The last acknowledgement was a payment, and that is quite some time from being SB. Now, this is another question. Their claim of most recent payment is not even in the same year. Does this suggest that they don't actually know when it was? How do I find this out? Is there a formal means of requesting statements?
  10. Thanks Brigadier: so can they attempt to enforce through the courts without this? It was 2003 (I think).
  11. If not in possession of an actual signed credit agreement can the debt be enforced through the courts? There are claims of a payment made to the account which I can prove - without doubt- were not made anywhere near the dates claimed. Where is this going? If it is going to court, how strong will my position be?
  12. Something really doesn't make sense here...
  13. If you haven't made a payment or acknowledgement (or court action), for 6 years (5 in Scotland), then - in my understanding - it will be statue barred. Outside Scotland, this means that they can carry on collection activities, but not legally enforce. In Scotland it means the debt is extinguished. If I am incorrect, then someone more knowledgeable will correct me here.
  14. Could someone help mike00 with this? I'd be interested in how this is viewed. I know far too many people who are suffering from mental illness and having their lives made a misery.
  15. OK, I am in a similar position with a different company. What I don;t know is how to find out if they do have a CCA or not. Others on here will be able to help though.
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