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  1. Ohhh Myyy Woorrrrdddd They really have no idea what they're doing ... do they!!! There's nothing you can do Figgy until you can get through to them tomorrow but give 'em hell
  2. Go for it Wilkins Got everything crossed for you X
  3. Thanks Guys, Couldn't have done it without all the members support
  4. Ok, sent off non compliance letter, so let's see what happens next
  5. Thanks Tanz, I've sent off letter 4, adapted it a little ... so we'll wait and see what Mr Udy has to say next What a busy man he must be 'eh
  6. DONATION MADE & SURVEY TAKEN Keep up the good work guys,
  7. Cheers Guys, Will do Rooster ... Couldn't have managed it without CAG
  8. Charges and interest paid into account yesterday !!!! Sorry for making this a new thread, perhaps someone could merge it into my orginal for me ... can't edit the heading !!! Donation will be made today Thanks Guys, couldn't have done it without you all
  9. I WONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Total charges and interest paid into account this morning !!!!!! YIPPPEEEEE NO COURT APPEARANCE Thank God Donation will be winging it's way ..... today, Thank you so much guys, couldn't have done it without you
  10. Yeah good luck, I have a return date of 22nd March for a summary cause raised against the Halifax, I'll keep an eye on your thread
  11. Wow .... perseverance wins the day Thank God for CAG
  12. Exactly Good luck wilkins, hope it all works out X
  13. Hi Guys, Another update .... still nothing Get to call the court a week today, see if they have entered a defence, Will keep you posted,
  14. It's from the date of your letter DIY13 Good luck
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