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  1. Great stuff, you're a star Indeed. 25th March, he signs up with Experian Credit Report thing, checks credit score - perfect record, 999/1000 internal Experian credit score. Surprised, but happy for him. Yesterday, 9th April, we check the credit record again and notice the additional entry at the bottom - the big fat [8] and Default from nearly 6 years ago. Not checked the internal credit score again (it costs £5.99) but I'm sure it won't still be 999! The only conclusion can be that actually signing up with Experian a few weeks ago and confirming previous addresses, bir
  2. Another quick question - what about getting him to get his record taken off the electoral roll for the time being? Would that help keep Thames Credit away from the current address for a while? With that Default I'm sure he won't be getting any credit any time soon anyway and to be honest I can't see him wanting to vote in the local elections! Just an idea...
  3. Thank you so much for your reply Fuzzybobble That sounds like great advice. Just chatted again to my cousin and he hasn't received any correspondence at his current address from Thames Credit. I'm sure they're bombarding his first London address with letters at the moment and can only assume the current tenants are just disposing of them or returning them if they don't have his current address. Like I said up there he's on the electoral register now, in the same London borough as the first address in fact, so it won't be long I'm sure before Thames Credit get the new address.
  4. Sorry, first post - this place seems to be pretty good for debt issues. Just trying to straighten out the financial affairs of a wayward cousin... OK, he was at uni from Sep 2000 to May 2004, graduated and now lives in London. When he lived at an address whilst attending uni he ran up a credit card debt of around £1000 with Halifax. The account was opened sometime late 2001 and, essentially, it seems, ignored once the credit limit had been reached i.e. no payments made. From June 2002 - August 2003, as part of the uni course, he lived in Germany. On return he lived at a differen
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