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  1. I'd appreciate any help I'm really quite worried and scared at the prospect of going to the court and I've no idea what to put or say
  2. I'll try that - thank you so much for all your help
  3. I am going to the court tomorrow, a bit last minute I know. I was using the fact that they had not supplied me with a copy of the credit agreement as the main reason for asking for the SD to be set aside. Will the fact that they have sent these statements etc challenge this. I'm really concerned about this. I have negative equity in my home and no savings, so I'm not sure what they would achieve by making me bankrupt. I also have other creditors who have accepted my offers of reduced payments. 1st Credit rang my home on Monday and asked me to ring them to discuss my account. I haven't done this as yet, do you think I should call them?
  4. I don't have access to a scanner, but no were on any of the documents they have supplied is there any of my handwriting. You can actually go online to the Goldfish website and get the exact same wording. I thought they had to supply a credit agreement signed by me, obviusly I could be mistaken.
  5. When I arrived home yesterday there was a letter from 1st Credit. In it was a bundle of statements with balances and the £50 credits I have been paying to both Moorcroft & 1st Credit and at the back there was a "Goldfish Your Credit Card Terms & Conditions" hand written on it was my surname the 1st credit reference number and a further number 5578438700122305. My goldfish account number started with a 5578, but it is nothing like the number they have quoted. My signature does not appear anywhere on what they have sent. Is this 1st Credit trying to pull a fast one by using this to fulfill their obligation after I sent them a CCA request or does this mean they have in fact supplied me with what I requested. Once again the figures do not stack up, there are payments I know were sent that are not included on these statements I have bank statements showing these payments. Any help you can give is gratefully appreciated
  6. When I arrived home from work yesterday there was a letter from 1st Credit regarding my CCA request the letter informs me that the document requested is retained by their clients and they will advise them of my request and arrange for the document to be sent as soon as possible. The letter is from their administration department - I sent the request to the Litigation Department. Does this now mean they can take as long as they want to send the agreement? Incidently this letter bears exactly the same signature as the Statutory Demand!
  7. Hi I was not going to ignore the SD. After reading other postings I thought I would just apply to have it set aside without contacting 1st Credit. I'm not sure if they sent it correctly and if the information on it is correct. I know the amount they are demanding is incorrect, and they do not quote any court details just a phone number (I'm not sure if this is wrong or not). In the "Particulars of Debt" section they give no details of intermediary assignees - not sure if they should have mentioned Moorcroft there,and not details of any charges which have been added, there obviously are some as the debt increased. All it says in this section is "The debt relates to sums due under account number xxxxxx with Goldfish Bank Ltd. The debt was assiged to the Creditor on 13/03/2008. The amount due at the date of this demand is xxxxxx" Do you think I should contact 1st Credit again and tell them I intend to apply to have this set aside, and the reasons why? That way I suppose they would know I was not just ignoring them
  8. Many thanks for the advice When I go to the court with these forms do I need to take all the letters etc I have received from both Moorcroft and 1st Credit. I have copies of all sent and anything I have received including the letter from Moorcroft accepting the offer of £50 per month. I've also noticed in the links you attached that some people have asked for costs from the DCA is this normal practice I would not have thought that the court would look favourably on paying costs to someone who owes such a lot of money. There are not court details on the SD sent by 1st Credit just a phone number. I am loathed to ring and ask for this information as this would prove I had received the SD
  9. I have received a statutory demand from 1st Credit dated 27th September, posted 29th September (2nd Class) received 1st October. This is a debt owing to Goldfish, it was originally sold to Moorcroft Debt Collections who agreed to accept £50 per month via standing order. The debt was for just over £12,000. I paid Moorcroft on time each month and then in January this year I received a letter from 1st Credit saying the debt had been assigned by Goldfish to them, no communication from either Goldfish of Moorcroft, and the payments continued to Moorcroft. The debt had increased by over £1000 and there was no mention of any payments made against the account. In a nutshell I have since written 1st Credit some 8 times asking for a breakdown of the additional charges and were the payments since September last year have gone. They have never responded - the majority of my letters were sent recorded delivery - They did send me a standing order mandate for £150 per month - an amount I cannot afford - I set this up changing the amount to the original agreed amount of £50, I also wrote and asked them if they would agree to this with a provision of increasing the payments in line with my salary increments, they again did not respond, until sending the SD. I am now at my wits end with these people. I have no equity in my home and nothing of any value that could be sold. I sent them a postal order and CCA request via recorded delivery after I received the SD, I have not acknowledged receipt of the SD. I have all the correspondence sent and the correspondence received both from Moorcroft and 1st Credit My questions now are: Did I send the CCA too late - i.e. after the SD had been sent. Have I admitted the debt by paying these people £50 per month, therefore blowing any chance of having the debt set aside What options are open to me now Any help would be most appreciated.
  10. The original debt is owing to Goldfish sold (I think) to Moorcroft then 1st Credit reckon that the debt was assigned to them by Moorcroft - they (Moorcroft) never informed me of this, and continued to collect the agreed standing order payments from my bank account. When I asked 1st Credit for bank details they sent a standing order mandate for me to complete for £150 in favour of 1st Credit. I used the mandate details (1st Credits) and set up a standing order on line for £50 (as I could not afford £150), and cancelled the standing order in favour of Moorcroft. Most of my letters to 1st Credit have been sent recorded delivery, and in the last one which I did sent recorded delivery I enclosed copies of the 4 previous letters I had sent. Within these letters were requests for a breakdown of all the charges on the account as the debt had increased by nearly £1000 from the original amount. I also asked what had happend to the money I paid since September last year, I got not response. The only letters I have had is one from Moorcroft in June this year - one line saying they are no longer dealing with the account, one from 1st Credit saying about me disputing the amount owing and that they would answer within 6 weeks - they never did - and I did ask again in subsequent letters when they intended to provide me with this information, a letter telling me I had defaulted on the payment arrangement - they have never had a payment arrangement with me, and the two threatening letters - one about obtaining a charging order dated 11 August and one about obtaining a statutory demand dated 14 August. I still have copies of all the communication I have received from both Moorcroft and 1st Credit. They just will not respond to my letters and I've read on this website that these people really do mean business - I just do not know what to do anymore.
  11. I really am at my wits end with these people. I have admitted to owing this large debt, mine is a stupid tale of trust and betrayel. I met my partner some 8 years ago he moved in but was not on the electoral roll foolishly - with hindsite - I took out a number of credit cards. He left 2 years ago reducing the household income by some £1300.00 per month. I wrote to my creditors, offering I suppose meagre amounts, three accepted. One debt - Goldfish - had been sold to Moorcroft Debt collection and they agreed to accept £50 per month, a standing order was set up and payments made on time. Then last April I received a demand from 1st Credit, they have sent letters with varying amounts of money owing to them - so they say. I have written 5 times without success they sent me a standing order mandate but it was for £150 three times what I had originally agreed, and I just could not afford it. I did set the standing order up for the original amount of £50 which I have and still are paying. They will not tell me what happend to the money paid to Moorcroft as the amount First Credit asked for had increased quite substantially to what the original debt was. I have asked for statements showing the charges assigned to the account I get not response. About 3 weeks ago they said they were going for a final charging order against my property which would be sold to pay them back. I pointed out that by doing this they would not get their money back as there is insufficient equity in the property to pay back the mortgagee and other creditors. They again did not respond until Saturday when they sent notification that they intended going for a Statutory demand. These people are really wearing me down - I can understand how some people are driven to really drastic measures. I have sent them details of all my outgoings, pointed out that my other creditors have accepted the small payments I have offered even though it will take a great many years to pay things off. I accept I owe this money and want to pay it back - can anyone help me with these people?
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