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  1. This is as i thought . its a sad situation really , had they not forced an unlawfull eviction on us then we would have been more than happy to clean up etc etc . ..but it appears that when you have morals and try to be fair and upstanding then some people mistake that kindness for weakness and "try it on"...thank you for your advice unclebulgaria , it is much appreciated .x
  2. Hello I have a rather unique problem and although i'm sure that this debt is unenforcable , i would like some clarfication . My partner was recently evicted from a stable / field ,were she kept her horse this was soley due other members malicious gossip . Long story short after been givin just 7 days to remove the livestock ( by law should have been given 30 days ) and after receiving threats of physical violence and harrasment we moved the animals within 2 days , we returned any property that had been loaned to us , and also paid fully up to date . We then s
  3. thanx all for the advice. on the notice of intent theyve given me client ref no & a aic ref no but thats all. theres no account no for the bank or anything else. oh and despite telling me that il have no further warnings they still called me yesterday. im expecting a thretning home vist letter any day now .
  4. cheers bb , do you think i should just wait until the next time they send a letter ? or should i send in a cca request now ? they cant really gain much either way as i have no savings no assetts and live with my parents ,plus im sure the debt is over 6 years , and even if its not then if they could do something then lyodds would have done this themselves by now . i also had a bank overdraft with lyodds that i never paid off and even they stopped sending out the letters for that as well as the automated letters that tell you that you have missed a loan payment as well . so from my point of view
  5. thanks everyone for the advice. aic have now sent me a letter titeled final notice of intent. basically threatning the following actions if payment of the full amount is not made immediatley. 1 attachment order to my wages 2 a balliff to call at my house to sieze assets unde a warrent of execution 3 a charging order on the address they sign off the letter saying that no further warning or intimation will be given and are demanding payment in full!!!! is this illegal:confused:
  6. HELLO EVERYONE !!!! have a debt of about £13000 with lyodds tsb , have not heard from or made any payments to lyodds for a few years . now i have aic on my back ! i had my first call from the a few days ago but i refused to confirm any personal details with them . asked them to put everything in writing , about 6 months ago i went to see a finicial advioser due to a totally unrealeted matter . i mentiond a few details about lyodds and he told me that he was very suprised that i was still getting letters from dca's as the debt was that old that the bank themselves have most likley written
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