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  1. im entitled to housing benefit, i was wanting to know if it also pays deposits? iv just viewed a private house to rent and really want it, only thing is i have to pay a month and a half's rent in deposit and a months rent in advance, plus agency fee's , all in all im talking about 1,400 pounds to pay upfront before i even move in, my grandads offered to lend me the money considering i get it back to him. so even if he lent me the money, would housing benefits or some other grant or scheme pay it back in backpayments? also do i get a grant for furniture when i move in? thanks in advance.
  2. i recently applied for a budget loan, what are the circumstances that they refuse one, maybe im paranoid but could they refuse one because im not on income support, JS's or incapacity, but i am on maternity allowance( is that applicable?) I explained i needed the money for household items, cloths for me and my daughter and enough to clear the credit card debt iv had for a while. theres about 600-700 left to pay on it so i asked for 1500, i know ill not get that amount but i am at least hoping for 1000. what do you all think?
  3. i did that calculation, it said shes entitled to jobseekers and income support, so what should they do now? i told her she shouldnt have put my bro down as her partner because they havnt been together long enough, like she should have just said she was a lodger in our house hold, could she ring the jobcenter and tell them they split and shes jus living here or would they still object to it? i know its slightly sly to do that but like i said they havnt been together long enough so he should not have to pay for her at all like that.meanwhile i will tell her to get a job asap or there will be trouble, but i am also understanding enough that with the recent credit crunch, employers arnt taking on many people at the moment.
  4. Hi there, my brothers girlfriend recently moved in with us all in my parents house, she was on jobseekers allowance. she came from another part of the country and went to the jobcentre to apply to have her jobseekers based in our town. She put my brother down as her partner on the application form. They decided to fully stop her claim for jobseekers as my brother should have to look after her financially. im annoyd because they have only been a couple for about 6 months and my brother still lives with my mum and dad and only has a job part time in he TA, he barely earns £300 a month, but if he does a bit extra shifts hell earn a little more than that, but my point is that his earnings are unpredictable.he trying to save for a car and a deposit on a house aswell as forking out for her! what can he do to get out of this mess, shes struggling to find a job, and doesnt seem to be getting any job offeres. they both dont want to spit up but their money worries is starting to upset the entire household.what can be done, and why would the jobcentre refuse JS's when my bro dont earn enough to support her?
  5. how do i go about a stat demand then? what is one iv never herd of it?
  6. thanx goldlady, if it came to that do i have to pay the bailiffs?
  7. hi there, right i won my tribunal and my former employer has to pay me only £2,119. He had till 10/7/08 to pay up and hasnt now this has collected intrest and im not sure how to go about getting the money, iv herd that some employers actually get away with paying up! is this true? thanks in advance.
  8. Hello there, ill start from the beginning, i wont keep it too long. I was dismissed unfairly last year, ended up in a tribunal and i won. Id signed onto incapacity benefit only a month or so after dismissal as i was told i shouldnt go straight back into work yet. Also to note i am also pregnant. So the decision i was due compensation came very recently which isnt alot but is still in the region of 2,000. I applied for incapacity benefit back in oct/nov last year. (which a pay back to incapacity was also ruled, but still leaves me about 2,000) I then applied for maternity allowance around the 2nd april, which shouldve started on the 12th april, but i will get back payment when i do recieve the allownace.apparantly the systems been a little slow in dealing with new claims. I am aware that as soon as maternity allowance starts then the incapacity will be stopped. I have also been told that im entitled to (after the birth) child benefit,child tax credits, a sure start grant of £500, income support as well as the mat allowance iv already applied for. So the big question--will any monies i have in savings affect these claims benefit? thanks in advance for any help and replies.x
  9. Hi all, i have recently come into into a small inheritance and would like to clear my debt. My statement says as follows: Credit limit: £900.00 Opening Balance: £1,208.41 New transactions and interest: £47.44 Closing Balance: £1,255.85 Now because iv herd all this pollarva about wrongful bank charges, i was wondering if theres a way that i can make an offer of payment in full if my bank agrees to take off some/or most(would be better) of the interest charges applied to my debt, so that i can therefore cancel the account totally and be debt free.Iv had this debt and struggled with it (because of the charges) for the past three years, so does anyone know if they would accept my offer, and if they might, how do i go about it? Who do i contact-a manager at the bank or just a regular cashier or clerk?
  10. Does the premisis your daughter worked in have cctv??? If they do im sure it wouldnt hurt to ask to see it from the time your daughter took something, and then they would see your daughter putting money on the till to pay for the item she took.
  11. Ok, thankyou both for your advice, your right i have been a little emotional over all this lol. well, ill take your advice and perservere this, the tribunals next week so theres no chance theyll get their way and have me back out, i have nothing to hide. so sorry to sound a pain in the backside but one more piece of advice i would appreciate is, any tips for when im in the tribunal? Obviously because i have been a little stressed i dont want to mess this up so any tips thatll help id be grateful x
  12. And for the record, i did not confide in the respondant like hes made out i have, far from it.
  13. I actually managed to get hold of my lawyer today (the first time in nearly 3 weeks) they said that i shouldnt worry about what my ex employer has stated about my brother abusing me, they said that at tribunal, the chairman wouldnt see this as a necessity to my case so would not allow this to be brought into the cross examinations against me. I still feel uneasy about that though because even though the tribunal can disagree that my brother be brought into all this, im not happy that he was ever mentioned in the first place! My brother has not been called as a witness, here is the exact quote written in this response iv had, check this out:- "respondent is surprised to note that the claimants life at work was made intolerable.The respondent is aware that claimant had problems in home life as brother was abusive towards her, she often confided in these problems so she must of found the respondant to be approachable, but claimant did not say anything about dispute with manager" Like i said, id hardly class an argument as any form of abuse, and hes denied ever knowing about my manager taunting me for almost a full year when id asked twice for him to sort this out.hes picking at straws but still surely this is a very wrong thing to put into a response, i would of thought his solicitor wouldve advised him not to use such words or slander.
  14. I do have representation, through legal aid. Although as good as my rep is it can be hard to contact them for advice, hense me asking on this site.Also i think third party perpective is worth asking for at this stage. Right, to cut a long story short, i was dismissed from my job under the allegation of ignoring a customer, which i didnt, after two days under two years service, without notice or pay in leiu of notice. whilst there though id suffered depression before and after i was sacked as my doctors confirmed in a letter for my bundle of documents, due to unfair discrimination from my manager. this guy was a nightmare and discriminated against me for sex and sexual orientaion, which our boss knew about but did nothing about it even after id asked him to twice. i was going to leave but then id got sacked whilst id just found out i was pregnant and had i found out while still working there i wouldve stayed on for maternity pay reasons, had i not been dismissed.I did an NVQ whilst working which wasnt supported by my employer and have a witness statement from nvq assessor to prove it.also have a witness to the sexual orientaion discrimination, being branded a slag etc. His response has worked in my favour as i have said i have more on him so now hes picked at straws and exaggdurated this about a petty argument with my brother in saying he was abusing me, it makes it sound like my bro hit me or something, i think hes said it to make out that i found him approachable, so i shouldve told him about the dispute with my manager, because hes denied ever knowing about it, which isnt true, i informed him at least twice asking for help and he never did. my managers an evil man who went to punch me on a staff night out, accused me of giving him an STD (which escalated into a rumour started by him) which isnt at all true, and general name calling, he was paying other members of staff for their nvq's and not because he said "he didnt f***ing like me". so yeah quite a complex case but still this about my brother is the last straw, iv had enough now its been one hurdle after the other, im about to give birth in less than 7 weeks and this has effected me so much now, please help me get some decent perspective over this, as i cant just go to a proper lawyer i cant afford to being pregnant and on incapacity benefit. thanks for any replies guys much appreciated.
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